RagLak FF Analysis

RagLak episode analysis.

Hi guys Neha here. I’m very inactive in the ff world. Im a die hard fan of RagLak so I thought of giving some reviews on not all but few ff which I read on RagLak as lead pairs. In whole RagLak rock and not to forget their onscreen aur offscreen bonding…I’m so happy to see the same bonding on ff. I’m sorry if I hurt anyone this is just my personal thoughts so the writers who I don’t mention over here don’t break down each writer is unique and writing is a hard task..This is only my taste and I would like to share.

Pyaar tune kiya kya by Riya Kapoor – Hatsoff to that ff…It was really sad that it ended though it was tragic end it really was so good and beautiful. Must say she is a great writer. Im waiting for her new ff. Riya di if you are reading this analysis let me says that Im giving a bone crushing hus. Love you and your ff in loads I would realky rate 10/10

Her director His designer by Sindhu rm – She is one of the oldest writer. Her stories are simply superb and one of her best works are “All alone Ragini” and ” Family bonding” miss her currently hope she comes back soon. Indeed she is fabulous writer her story is simply awesom.

Ajnabee by Shazi – It is a inspired story yet she is doing a great work on it. Hopefully she is the admin of the fb page of Raglak. Her story line, the way she is taking the story and character sketch everything is just perfect. It is one of my favourite ff. It is a must to read that ff if you have not read it. Do you agree with me or not? She has shown a different type of Laksh.

Rahul : Papa… Lavanya : Mama by Dafsi – She is such cute writer. Her story is simple awesome. The story always has suspenses. She has put up past amd present in a really good way. It is both a family and romance drama. Though there is less intense romance still she clearly show how much they love each other. Agree or not that is one of the best ff I have ever read. Must say it is must to read thw story. Not only her this work is nice also another two stories of RagLak where I forgot the name indeed it was really nice and miss it

Teri Yaadein by Nisha – Her story is really cute.Even she has something todo with both past and present. Her story is just so lovely. It is all about Love and Hatred. She is an amazing writer who writes in a way that any oerson could read. Her stories are also a must read stories.

That nyt changed my life by raglak – Even this story is realky nice. A hate to love story indeed it was really nice. The way she took up the story is really awesom. Currently she is having exams but hope she comes back soon. Keep rocking raglak.

Swaragini (love connection) by chaitali – She is also one of the sweetest writer I have ever met. Her story is based on both RagLak and SwaSan but I live her both scenes but mostly RagLak. Her story line is simply superb.

Is pyaar ko kya naam doon by nitu – This is a continuation story of Swaragini, she made me wish that her story could have continued. She is far far far better than the CVs. I really love the way she has put up the story keep going nitu. A big round applause to her.

Love all the RagLak writer if anybody is hurt Im sorry I didnt mean to hurt it is just that these are my taste.

All the RagLak writers who have started recently please dont stop in the middle or dont end it fast. Keep writing dont break yourself keep going as every writer is unique as well as every reader is unique so keep smiling and continue all the very best.

We people think writing is just easy, trust me it is not easy as we think. Each wrter strain their brain to get idea, they sacrifice their time and energy. They write hours and hours not to just get bashed. So first thing I would ask is to stop bashing writers. I started writing this analysis and OMG it just took ours to end it and then just imagine what a writer would go through everyday?

Okay than you so much for reading my analysis. This is for alk the reader please tell me whether do you agree with me or not? If any ff which I have not mentioned and you feel good please do comment I’ll try reading 🙂

Also give your reviews on these particular ff which I have mentioned.

With Love Neha

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  1. Nice analysis 🙂 Yes indeed it is difficult task to write a ff

  2. i read each and every raglak ff u mentioned here..seems like we’ve got the same choices 😀

  3. Wow. First of all a very big thanks to you. I always thought why there isn’t any raglak ff analysis. I too love all the ffs that you have mentioned. Every one are fabulous writers. But I would like to include one more ff
    Raglak – second love by Sri harini. It’s an amazing writer though I don’t know when it will get uploaded. ☺

    1. Yeah I will try reading it I think I missed as Im not always active over here but surely I will read and give my views on it 🙂

  4. I’m not a raglak fan.. but i like them..the most beautiful raglak ff is it started with a hate request by kavya.. i love this ff so much.. if you don’t read it you should read it..it is wonderful.. no words to describe it

  5. Hey I hardly read any raglak ff bt about sindhu , i must say it that she is superb writer nd from her ff i guess she is raglak specially ragini’s fan nd doesn’t like swasan that much nd i’ve heard about sree’s second love, its the best . I haven’t read her this ff as i like to read mostly swasan ff but her work is superb as Acceptance

  6. Shazi Rajpoot

    Thanks a lot for liking my ff Ajnabee 🙂 yes i am the admin of RagLak page n I thought to post my ff here too n m glad u guys are appreciating it! Means a lot to me… More twists and turns to come 😀

    1. ypur ff. is really nice Shazi i generally don’t read many Raglak FF.but yours is so nice so just can’t control myself its nice story now raglak part is starting in your story i am waiting for it 🙂 i love swasan and raglak they just look perfect.

      1. Shazi Rajpoot

        Aww that’s so nice of u… yup RagLak part is starting soon I am posting it today hope u enjoy the new twist 🙂

  7. can u able to analyze Meri pyarri behan

    1. Balaji I’m regular reader of ur ff…ur ff s awesome especially ragini’s character….raglak character s portrayed v nicely….believe me u r gud writer….btw waiting fr ur nxt update

  8. can u able to analyze meri pyarri behan? its my first ff.

    1. I will upload an analysis on you ff I read it and I don’t know how I missed may be due to my busy schedules but I will surely add yours on my next week Analysis

  9. It’s my pleasure dear that u put my ff on ur analysis lots of luv from me and yah a very very big hug 4 doing raglak analysis u nailed it lov u !!!

  10. Awwwww thank you soo much for liking my ff ?? it really means a lot ?? o thought no one will like it but I was wrong ?? And I am coming with a new ff for RagLak ??? Thanks for the sweet words

  11. and one one ff which i am looking farword is Dark before the dawn i just want her to make story realistic and make her character more vibrant i just love her character right now. she should not change her to any lovey dovey girl to make her positive just so how a person changes in real life

  12. All dese ffs are awesome .being a ragini fan ..i read all dese ffs sree’s second love,dat nyt changed my life,hate to love musical emotion,Our love is beyond this world,ekk cup coffee,for a change,vampires diary,d3…n many moreeee.. n my fav .. r second love,dat nyt changed my life,for a change….. :)….

    1. Yes I will try readin all you ff what you have mentioned for sure and thanks alot for mentioning the ff which I have not mentuoned so I would try reading

  13. raglak (fouz arshi)

    thank u neha for liking nd mentioning my syory here.i will try to uplod my epi in between my exam.i was just checking telly updates inbetween my study period.ur words made my day.thank u so much .I felt honoured.

  14. Yeh kaisi kahaani is also a wonderful ff ….. And jeene ki vajahvajah !! I thought its a routine plotplot but my god there is a huuugeee shocking twist in one of the recent episode which attracts us strongly !!!!!! And yeah all the above ffs which you mentioned above are simply superb…..

    1. Ill try reading them and thanks for mentioning ff’s name’s and yeah I’m so grateful that youagreed 🙂

  15. Thank you so much neha for liking my ff…Hahaha you have really studied about me yeah intense romance me have no connection at all..Thanks alot for mentuoning my name in you analysis with all the great write of the ff site…Love you alot and yeah it really means alot to me see my ff on the analysis page of RagLak thank you so much keep reading and supporting and Im.on cloud ten:D : D

  16. Hey dear I’m a swasan fan and I rarely read raglak ff…. And thanx for dis analysis b’coz in telly most of the ffs related to swasan and ragsan .. I feel bad for Laksh.. B’coz he’s getting less preference bt now I’m happy b’coz he’s getting importance

  17. OMG.. All ffs you mentare my fvryts.. And second love is simply awesome.. M flattered that my ff is included in this list.. I don’t have words to say… Love YU all..

  18. The analysis was superb. I would suggest you to include these also
    1. We happened suddenly by blue- It had a promising starting but I don’t know why she is not continuing .
    2.Doshti & Dil & ek cup coffee by asheeyana
    3.It started with a hate request by kriya.
    4. Ragini & Raghvi sisters forever by Dafsi.
    5.Swaragini a modern tale of love by mandy- This is a swaragini ff but raglak love story was portrayed perfectly along with Swasan.

    1. I will try reading them and yeah thanks for liking and suggestions

  19. it’s nice to see raglak’s ff analysis……now a days there r many new raglak’s ff’s coming ………I agree with all of the ff’s that u mentioned but i think u missed one…RAGLAK’s SECOND LOVE..written by SREE…………..and the nyt that changed my life hatred to love is one of my interests……..n…. shazi di’s (admin of raglak page) ff ajnabee is out of world,awesome…………….and guys there r many more ff’s ,OS in raglak’s fb page..especially ff’s written by admins n editors(Shazi,ruhi.rooh,tooba n sirisha,RUP&SID)…….I suggest u to read them.Each one is of their own kind….this suggestion is for those people who r interested in reading raglak’s ff..Others plz don’t bother

    1. Thanks for the suggestions I will just try reading thanks alot for suggesting ff’s

  20. First of all thanks fr raglak ff analysis…I read almost all raglak nd ragsan ff(I’m ragini’s fan)….ter r many ff’s u hve missed (I knw u haven’t read tat)….even u haven’t mentioned ff ‘s of some writers who commented here…trust me writers each one s unique in ur own way like neha said….so don’t think urself as bad writers…once again thanks neha dr

  21. All these ff”s r super and awesome. I suggest to read Raglak second love by see harini,hate request by kavya, u & I will never be one, True love will thaw by pink chocolate.

    1. i’ll try reading it 🙂 thanks for the suggestions

  22. Sooperb & include raglak second love & true love will thaw & it just started with a hate request & ek cup coffee & u & i will never become one

    1. I will just try reading the ff you have mentioned dear and thanks alot for the suggestions

  23. We happened suddenly must not be missed yrr…. But the writer is a very busy girl so we face lots of gaps but you will go crazy once you read her stories.

    1. Yes I read it and yeah it was just awesome thank you so much for suggesting it I’m so grateful for you for suggesting

  24. Wow…..thank u so much for liking my ff…it was really an amazing feeling finding own name in any analysis…

  25. Am following.. Chaitali And shazi.’s ajnabi….they r amazing.. Loved these two..
    Ys I want to read kavya hate request…

    1. Yeah Ill just try readin the ff you have mentioned and thanks alot commenting

  26. Finally… u know what neha… every day we see analysis on Swasan ragini swara… for the first time there is an analysis of Raglak thanks alot…
    all the ffs u have mentioned are superb…
    I suggest TRUE LOVE WILL THAW by pink chocolate… She is not posting nowadays but I hope she ll continue…

    1. And For A Change by Pavani

    2. Thanks for you suggestions I will just try reading thank you for liking 🙂

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