RagLak FF-A Perfect Bodyguard (Part 9) By Anaz

A Perfect body guard ??

part -9

Recap 🙁 sanlak conversation…raglak memories…sanlak visited raginii home )

After knew sanskar gonna protect her instead of laksh she turns to teary ?? something pinched her heart her all dreams shattered in sec …she wish to spend time with laksh cz she thought may this will reduced the distance between them then can able to win his heart but all went in vain

She looked laksh with teary eyes…

Some strange feelings makes him turns to her side… raginii ( who was standing in balcony nd staring laksh with teary eyes) both fell into their eyelocks ??

?Bheegi bheegi sadkon pe main
Tera intezaar karun
Dheere dheere dil ki zameen ko
Tere hi naam karun

Laksh again concentrate on his mbl conversation thats makes raginii hurt little … within sec sanskar came back towards her then starts to speak with her she too replying to him without intrest while looking towards laksh…

On the another side laksh cant concentrate on his conversation something forced him to look again raginii but his ego didnt allowed him he pretented to speak with him.but soon he fed up then cut that call ..but he kept acting speaking with someone…

Then he was staring raginii through car glass… he can clearly saw her face through that..poor raginii didnt understood his trick he well trained na ??….

He was enjoying inside her feelings towards him but ego didnt allowing him to give chance to her .. … He smiled in her cute antics

?Khudko main yoon kho doon
Ke phir na kanhi paaun
Haule haule zindagi ko
An tere hawaale karun….

Sanaram re sanam re
Tu mera sanam hua re
Karam re karam re
Tere mujhpe karam hua re

Within sec laksh moved back to his office ragini kept looking his car moving far then she rushed to her room excused sanskar………sanskar starts to checking everything was safe or not…

Few days passed like this…during this days ragsan shared good bonding eachother when ever they spend time they were discussed about lucky only ….likewise whenever sanskar met laksh he kept discuss about raginii…thats makes raglak feel each other without meeting ….

Though laksh didnt accept he had feelings for raginii…he kept shows his fake angry on her for ruin his friend from him…

Sanskar reached camp after his duty…both sanlak talking to eachother …

San : lucky where were u lost man

Luc : arrey sansky i am in cloud 9 man

San : really…i knew u will definitely accept this u r too lucky to have her …she is such a pretty girl he teased him asusual

Lucky : hello hello wt do u mean ?? Wh grl ??

San: nw only u said na u r in cloud 9…i knew when someone felt like that…

Lucky : when ?? R u mad sansky…yaah i am very happy…not for raginii…

San : then ??

Luck : for u

San : wt me ??

Lak : haan sansky tdy i talked with our senior he said everything was going well…likewise till there is no one tried to attempt to kill raginii its almost two months passed so he understood wt i am triying to say…

San : wt do u mean lucky ??

Lak : arrey sanky from tomorrow onwards there is no need to protect her..u can work with me thats y i am so happy

San : really he turns to sad ???

Lak : he noticed his expression …sansky y dont u enjoyed this news…

San : u knew lucky i am not happy for this…

Lak : he touched him then asked so she is more important to u then me

San gives angry look towards him ?? …no lucky not like that…u dont knew about that…there is something wrong i can feel it…still i am searching for that…

Lak : sansky r u joking ??

San : no lucky i am serious …

Lak : plz dont get tenstion yrr lets see…

San : but i cant be takes it free lucky…i am worrying for her…she is like my sister… she filled that position in my life i really mean it…she was so caring laksh…just like u…

Lak :ok ok….perhaps she is good…loving but we r helpless here ….tdy ramesh was appointed in night shift… tdy is the last day sansky… nothing was in our hand…

San : u cant understand anything laksh…u r so stubborn…thats y u cant able to see her love on u nd my fear too…

How much she deeply loving u…but u r showing ur angry on her instead of love…i dont knew wt sin she did in her previous birth to chose you ? By saying this sanskar left

Lak turns to speechless…he just remaind his words….

On the another side raginii was standing near window side nd looking on moon… she just remaind how laksh hiding his love towards her…she knew he too loving her sincerely…but his ego didnt allowing him to express that…

Rag : see mr.laksh…soon u gonna express ur feelings out…this is my challenge she pout…

On the another side…

Laksh said in mindvoice….how could i express my feelings raginii…u r not in my taste…i just hate rich peoples …

Though i fell in love …. i starts to feel for u raginii…. I tried alot to stay away from you..nd stop to think about you but all went in vain..you are creating some magic in me day by day…i am falling for you more nd more uncontrollably …i have certain limits i must follow that… He closed his eyes lil bit of tears left from his eyes….

both raglak were losted in their memories…

?Sanam re sanam re
Tu mera sanam hua re
Karam re karam re
Tere mujhpe karam hua re ….

Next day morning

Sanlak was getting ready for their duty…suddenly laksh gets one call…he turns to shocked mbl fell down from his hand ???

Precap : someone dead news??

Guyz leave ur cmnts…. Who died keep guess guyz….

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