RagLak FF-A Perfect Bodyguard (Part 8) By Anaz

Perfect body guard ???

Part -8

Recap 🙁 laksh admitted raginii in hospital …laksh lost himself on ragu…sanskar appointed as a body guard of ragu…laksh turns to angry ??)

In office :

Laksh talking with higher officer….but they replied…we cant do anything in it everything officially confirmed.mr.laksh

Sir there is no scope to reject him ?? Laksh if we gave pressure to higher officers thats will give black mark in sanskar service ( you knew na may thats considered as disqualified )

Sir plz dont do like that laksh plead to him……

but laksh we can allow him to take half day duty that was the only favour from my side …

Lak : but sir he is an highly trained officer…

Off : but mr.laksh i told u na…its impossible….in this case we get pressure from higher officer..so i am helpless in it…

Lak : he left angrily ???

He moved to his room….there he saw sanskar who was packing his luggages….

Laksh gets angry ??wt the hell r u doing ? sansky

He turned back nothing lucky i am just packing my stuffs …

Lak :Laksh asked to him while folding his hand near to chest…wr r u going now ??

San : do u forget man ?? I am going to protect ur lover… He said in teasing way

Lak throw pillow on him…idiot dont ever said she is my lover…she is my enemy ?? ….

Bcz of her i am gonna miss u

San smiled ☺☺ lucky plz listen to me once …in this matter she is not responsibility for my appointment…its all done by her dad yrr whats her mistakes in it to shower ur angry on her ….

Lak : mmm i knew but i cant able to controll my anger… But she is the soul reason na sansky he pout…

San : lucky leave it yrr… ok laksh y dont u come with me

Lak : where ??

San : to raginii home ??…there u will get some time to romance with her na lucky …sanskar laughed by holding his stomach

Lak : sansky ?? i hate u…

San : he starts to laugh ???? but i love u lucky ?….

Lak : he melt nd hugged sansky…i am sry i just said that in anger i cant able to hate u in my dream too…

San : i knew bro both hugged each other little bit of tear skipped from their eyes … my packing is over lucky lets go …

Lak : he starts to laugh ? …

San : y r u laughing ??? like an idiot

Lak : there is no need to pack ur luggage….ur wrkng hours till 8 pm..so u can stay here asusual….atleast i can do this only for u

San : wt ?? Then who will give security to her…

He thinked while and said… Omg is this true laksh ??

Wt ??

Laksh i got it….

Wt do u mean sanskar ??

oh i see laksh…r u going to protect her in night time…not bad ?

Lak : u stupid….stop this useless talk…i dont have any intrest on her did u get that …

San : oh really ? okkk…jokes apart ….who will stay there instead of me…

Lak : i already arranged that…u dont worry about that…there is shift…

San : ok…

On the another side in mehera home :

Raginii who was on her bed..in sitting position….her friends came to met her…she was speaking with them in half mind….

Bcz her mind fully filled with laksh memories ???

She remaind how he tensed while that goon placed knife on her neck….

She saw that care in his eyes…

How he followed that car faster to save her….

How he placed her head on his laps…and pick her to hospital….

His care and his touch makes her crazyly fell in love on laksh ?????

Her friends noticed her face reaction and starts to tease her….raginii blushed hardly ….

They starts to doing masthi…like singing dancing to make raginii laugh… but she still lost in her memories…

On the another side…

There is an camp fired….all officers spending time happily with drinks ….

Laksh who was sat near that camp fire and thinking about sanskar….

Suddenly one guitar sound makes him turns…

(Sanskar who was an amazing musician…he wished to bcm a singer…but his parents opposed so he choose this proffession for lucky ( i already mention it in previous parts…again i remebering this )

He picks his favourite guittar in his hand and starts to sing for laksh….

?Bheegi bheegi sadkon pe main
Tera intezaar karun
Dheerw dheere dil ki zameen ko
Tere hi naam karun

Laksh smiled ☺☺☺ sanskar sat opposite to him…and starts to play his guitaar while singing….laksh melt in his music….

?Khudko main yoon kho doon
Ke phir na kabhi paaun
Haule haule zindagi ko
Ab tere hawaale karun

On the another side….raginii remaind how laksh placed his hand on her waist…that beautifull eyelocks ??….at the same time laksh too remaind this…both gently touched by breeze

?Sanam re sanam re
Tu mera sanam hua re
Karam re karam re
Tere mujhpe karam hua re

Both fell into there beautifull memory

?Sanam re sanam re
Tu mera sanam hua re
Karam re karam re
Tere mujhpe karam hua re

That night passed calmly

Next day morning :

Sanskar and laksh getting ready to move to raginii home….

There raginii eagerly waiting for them….she thought laksh who gonna protect her….her happiness having no bounds

Sanlak reached there ….they met mehera….and discussing something abt security process …

Laksh asked him to show everyplace to them to check …..

Meh : for what ??

Lak : hello sir its very important in security process ..bcz we must knew each and every corner of this house ..thats will help to get alert from every side of attack….

Meh : okk…

He asked servant to show all place to them …laksh looked him strangely…..both sanlak moved….raginii heared laksh voice…so she starts to ran near to him….

Unfortunatelly she saw sanskar instead of him…

San : hii raginii

Raginii said hii while searching laksh…

Sanskar fold his hand near to his chest and smiled little ☺☺☺ …he is not here raginii

Raginii bites her lips and turns towards him..then asked innocently…wr is him

San : he gets call suddenly so just nw only he left from here ….

Raginii ran to balcony…to saw laksh….

Sanskar smiled ☺☺☺ such a innocent girl…perfect match for my idiot friend…

She saw laksh from balcony…he was speaking in phone and standing near car….

She kept looking him with beautifull smile…sanskar too stand besides her…he asked to her…

Do u love my laksh raginii ????

Raginii jerks…and held her head down with blush ….if u loved him means…i am the one person who over enjoyed this than lucky he winked ….

Raginii blusing hardly

Say na ragini do u loving this idiot ??

She smiled nd nodd yes while looking laksh …

?Sanam re sanam re
Tu mera sanam hua re
Karam re karam re
Tere mujhpe karam hua re…

Thank u so much ragini …. I knew u r the best partner to him ….

Ragini blushing…. But he seems to be less intrest in my matter na sanskar

Not like that ragini… He is unique type tough to understand… He will do anything for his close to heart person… He needs times to accept ur love…

Ragini nod sadly…

Dont worry he will accept u soon….. Mein vadha karoom….

Rag : tq u sanskar… Ok where were he going sanskar ??

Sank : he was in duty …so he is moving back to office

Rag : but his duty is here na

San : oh raginii i thought u misunderstooded…he is my higer officer so he cant do this …so i am going to protect u…dont wry i will take care of u my sis…

Rag : she smiled fakely …bcz she wished laksh to protect her…sanskar excuse her…..so she looked laksh with little bit of teary eyes ?….from balcony

Some unknown feelings makes laksh to turns towards raginii side

Both fell into there eyelocks ??

?Sanam re sanam re
Tu mera sanam hua re
Karam re karam re
Tere mujhpe karam hua re …..???

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