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they come to a tea shop. The tea shop looks small. Laksh sit down on the chair. Ragini looks at the chair before sit. She sit down and puts her bag on another chair. “all the tea shops here looks like this but the is really good. You like tea. Don’t you? Want one? I’ll order it for you.” Laksh says. Ragini listens. “you still remember what I like?” ragini nodded. “brother. Two teas. Please.” Laksh orders. “so ragini, are you doing well?” laksh asked. “that is none of your business. I want my money!” ragini repeated. “damn. I want my money! You’re like a broken record. What do you want? Your money, right?” Laksh annoyed. “what else have I been asking for all this time? Ragini asked. “do you definitely need it? Or we can negotiate…” ragini glares at him. “fine, fine. Why are you glaring at me? It’s so easy to get you angry these days” laksh says. “it’s 5,000 ringgit…convert into Myanmar kyat…oh my god! That’s almost 1.2 million kyats.” Laksh surprised. ”who’ll give me that much money? No one. That’s for sure.” Laksh thinks. “I’ll have to split and collect it from 10 people. That’s why I’m asking you for two days. I’ll collect it and call you once I’ve got the money.” Laksh hatches a plan. “no such thing. O can’t be looking for you again.I don’t care how it long takes, I’m staying with you till you pay me back.”” Ragini says. “I’ve no other choice then. Lend me your phone. I don’t have any credit points in my phone” Laksh asked. “you still haven’t changed? Have you?” ragini scolded him. “just give it to me.” Laksh asked again, ragini takes out her pone and gives it to laksh. “damn. Iphone 5. That’s really something.” Laksh surprised. “hey, you do know there’s no international roaming here, right? Laksh says. “hello, normal people research all that before entering a country.” Ragini says. laksh calls a man. “hello? Bro, where is the car? Hurry, I’m at the tea shop.” Laksh says, ragini looks at him. Ragini winds herself. “hey, I have to go many places and many people. Are you willing tag along? Why are you troubling yourself?”Laksh asked. “such concern! I’ll be in trouble only if I let you out of my sight. I’ll follow you wherever you’re going. I’m not letting you get away this time.” Ragini says. “damn. You used to wear those horribly thick glasses in university. Now, you’ve got Ray-Ban’s! how do I look!” laksh wears the glasses. “and you’ve started using make-up, too! You looking beautiful now.” Laksh compliments. “did you perm your hair, too?” laksh touches her hair. Ragini jerked away. “all right. Why are you getting angry?” laksh takes his hand back.

The jip comes. Te gets out and raglak comes to him. “sorry for the delay!” the man says. “its alright. Come” laksh says to the man and ragini. They gets into the jip. Laksh drives it to a temple and get out. He goes back to a nearby white colour car. The man ges out and they speaks for a while. Laksh comes to ragini and ragini sees him. “ragini, I’m asking you one last time’ so think it through before answering. Do you really need the money? Can’t give it some other time?” laksh asked. “don’t piss me off. You said you’d return the money by today, didn’t you?” ragini glares. “fine. Fine.” Laksh goes infront of the car. “where should we go?” he says to himself and takes out a coin. He makes the coin roam.


Lash flipped the coin. Laksh and his friend , sunny is shown in the college campus “what did I say? Tails you sing, heads you dance” laksh rags the juniors. “I’ve got tails, so who’s first to sing” laksh says. There are 5 girls including ragini. Ragini looks scared. She wears a spectacles. “bro, call her” sunny says to laksh pointing at ragini. They calls her and ragini comes infront. “ such a big eyes. What is your name?” laksh makes fun of her. Ragini looks at him. “ragini.” Ragii says. “just ragini! What’s your father’s name?” laksh asked. “shekar gadodia” ragini says. “why are you disrespecting your father?say Mr. shekar gadodia” laksh asked. “my father’s name is Mr.shekar gadodia.” Ragini says. “good. Wher are you from?” laksh asked. “from KL” ragini says. “is her name ragini or regina? Hindi, speak in hish hindi.” Laks says. Ragini sighed. “I’ve comes from KL” ragini says. “ I wanted it. Why are you retending? You thik low classes only speak hindi?” laksh asked. “no,senior” ragini says. “okay, do you know the spell of ‘kuala lumpur’ in hindi?” laksh asked. Ragini dances her head in a no. “ok, you ve home work. You have to tell what ‘kuala lumpur’ means in hindi by tomorrow..” laksh says. “we have to come back tomorrow also?” ragini asked. “yes and you have to wish us good morning every day in this entire month” laksh orders. “ok, senior” ragini gets irritated. “what do you say?” laksh asked. “good morning” ragini says. “I’ll say it if I want to. You have to say it in hindi, understood.” Laksh says. Ragini nodded and turns. “ where are you off to?” laksh stopps her. “I flipped tails. So, you have to sing.” Laksh says. “but I don’t know how to sing” ragini says. “don’t pretend. You spend all the day gawking in music video on tv. But you can’t sing? What is this bro? laksh says. “if my friend ask you to sing…” sunny gets up inrage to ragini. Laksh grabs him and makes him sit. “why, bro? relax” laksh says. “look, I’m not hot-temperd. But my friend here’ll bite you if come close to you” laksh scared her. “You got me? Sing” laksh says. Ragini sigs a song. “hey, what is this” laksh annoyed. “sing me a Malaysian song” laksh says. Guys, they know tamil. “I don’t know” ragini syas. Sunny gets to her again. Ragini backs and laksh grabs him. “they are kids. We have to teach them.you teach them” Laksh says. Sunny nodded.he cals the juniors there. “I’ll sing first and you’ll follow me, chorously. Okay?” sunny says. Sunny and laksh sings and they follow them in singing. Ragini didn’t like it.


Laksh drives the jip with ragini. “how are you” laksh asked. “why do you want to know?” ragini says. “you don’t no respect for me these days”? laksh say. “why do I want to respect you? You are not an elder to me” ragini yells. “thanks. At least you admit that I’m young” laksh say. “girls these days are calling me ‘uncle’ instead ‘brother’. Do I look old to you?” laksh asked. “as if that important. Wher are we going?” ragini says. “who knows” laksh says. Ragini looks on. “no. no. give me your phone.” Laksh asked. “this has become my job.” Ragini gives him the phone.”who ‘d to call. This girl..no..i’ve already borrowed money.” Laks says. “oh, sangeetha” laksh cals the girl. Ragini looks at him. Laksh didn’t get the call and scolded. He again calls a woman and asked her place and say that he coming. He gives the phone to ragini. “who did you just called?” ragini asked. “my friend.” Laksh says. “oh, you have friends here too” ragini says. “yes. Myanmar is my second home. Where are you workin?” laksh says. “why? So, you can bug me at my office” ragini asked. “you still think me as villain.” Laksh says.


“I only look like a villain. I’m not a hero, either. I’m a pure comedian. So, why do you always run away from me?” laksh talks to ragini in the canteen. “is it fair? Tell me.” Laksh says. “you said you wanted to talk about something important?” ragini looks scared. They murmurs about her to each other. “how do I say? Bro, please tell her for me.” Laksh says to sunny. He nodded. Ragini looks confused and worried. “I’ll get to straight point, ragini. My friend loves you.” Sunny says. Ragini gets shocked. “senior!” ragini stops drinking milo. “it’s not a joke. He’s seriously in love with you.” Sunny says. “what is this, senior? What could I answer for it?” ragini worried. “you’ve got to give me a good answer” laksh says. “I know that you loving me by seeing the way you see and speaking to me. So, why deny it?” laksh says. “senior, I think you misunderstood me. I am not that kind of girl.” ragini says. “I know that you love me more than I think you do. I know.” Laksh smiles.”senior, my father has so much faith on me. Dn’t do this.” Ragini begged. “why are you talking like crazy person, ragini? You father shekar…your father shekar, right? He is going to you marry off to somebody. so, why not me? What’s wrong with me?” laksh says. “doesn’t have my friend respect, strength and affectin?” sunny claps on the tables. Raglak looks at him. Laksh stops him from saying anything. “senior, I’ve came with so many dreams of studying hard. I really can’t do this. Please leav me be.” Ragini begs him. “how can I leave you?” laksh looks at her. “do you know what is love” do you know what is pain?” laksh stands on sunny’s foot. Sunny winced in pain. “look. It hurts. That’s pain.” Laksh sit down again. “hey, I’m not your lab rat.” Sunny says. Laksh says sorry to im. “I don’t care. I expect to see you tomorrow at 10:30 a.m. at the hockey stadium. If you don’t come. I’ll phone your father and repeat everything all that I’ve just said here ” Laksh says.”don’t do that, senior” ragini tells. “are you afraid, rght? Then beat the place I’ve just said by tomorrow. And make sure you wear yellow t-shirt.” Laksh says. “senior..” ragini says. “don’t say anything. See you.” Laksh and sunny goes. Before going sunny gives her warning that you must come. Ragini looks scared.
Ragini walks into the stadium in yellow t-shirt. There ae so many girls n yellow. Ragini looks at them and realizes that laksh was pranked on those girls. She looks irritated. Laksh and sunny walks in. the girls including ragini. “look here. It’s a sea of yellow. Hey, everyone gather around. come” laksh makes fun. The girls are gather around except ragini. “yes, you too. ‘kidle tv’ laksh calls them. Why is your braid like that. Is this yellow? Why are you wearing orange?” laksh asked a girl. “look.she’s got extra teeth. Fangs.” Laksh says. “hi, darling. Why are you all looking angry? Don’t make me smack you” laksh scared them. “hey, why are you wearing yellow today? Are you going to carry a milk pot for thaipusam?(a tamilian tradisional on jnuary month at batu cave)” laksh comes to ragini and laughed on her. “exactly! What are they ding in stadium? Maybe they are going to build a temple here.” laksh’s friend says. “look here. You made such a fussy yesterday. ‘my father has trusts on me. I have to study’ and this and that. But here you are now? Aren’t you ashamed?” laksh asked. Laksh and all dance around her saying bug eye. Ragini looks want to cry and cry in herself. Laksh and is friends goes from there



EPI 4====

Laksh puts the break all suddenly. “hey, is this how you use your brakes?” ragini scolded. “no. I couldn’t bend and use my hands, so I used my foot instead. I’ll be right back.” Laksh answers and ges out of jip. He goes beind, ragini looks him by seeing the side mirror.laksh speaks to a Myanmar girl and comes to jip with her. Ragini sit straight from looking at him. The girl comes to her. “hi, ragini. Nice t meet you.” The girl greeted and ragini greeted back. “laksh told me everything about you. I feel really bad after hearing your story. I feel so sorry for you. I only have 10,000 kyats with me right now.” Ragini looks on at laksh. “just take it, ragini.i can’t help you much because it’s the end of month.”the girl says. “she said, she heard your story and feels bad. It’s the end of month. So she’s only got 10,000 kyats only. Take it.” Laksh translates and the girl takes out the money. She handed over to ragini. “please take the money. You think me as your sister.” The grls says. Ragini takes it. “she said that you’re like sister to her.” Laksh says. ”now you’ve to be strong. Don’t give up and don’t worry. God is there to guide you.” The girl says. “your fiancée looks superb.” The girl says. “what?” ragini asked. The girl repeated herself. “oh god. I’ll make a move first, I’ll call you later, bye.” Laksh says to the girl. The girls goes from there.

Ragini and laksh drives from there. Ragini looks at him. “what are you? A cousin I can marry?” ragini asked. “really? Since When? Father’s side or mother’s side?” laksh asked surprisingly. “you think your joke is funny?” ragini asked. “as if you’ll laugh at any joke” why are you so temperamental? You weren’t like this before?” laksh says.”what am I do? Peoples like you taught me valuable lesson. What did you tell that girl about me? Why did she says those things?” ragini says.”what did I tell her? I didn’t tell her anything.” Laksh tries to hide it. “lies! You owe me 5,000 ringgit. So why do I have so much money now?” ragini asked. “hey, 10,000 kyats isn’t a lot of money. A rigggit is worth of 250 kyats.so 10,000 kyats only is about 40 riggit. So 5.00 ringgit minus 40 ringgit…I still owe you 4,960 riggit. I may have failed in maths but I’m the king of calculation.” Laksh says general knowledge. “you’re too much! Out of 5,000 ringgit you’ve only iven me 40 ringit. What about the balance?” raini asked. “I wil give it to you.relax, what’s your hurry?” laksh says. “this is’t Malaysia to get 100 ringgit. 200 riggit is just like that. It’s Myanmar. It’s like this here. We’ll go see the next person. Let’s see which fool we can con.” Laksh drives.

Laksh parked the jip in aside. “you’ll wait here. I’ll be back soon.” Laksh says and gets out. “don’t take so much time. It’s late.” Ragini says. Laksh looks at her. “you’re late? Why didn’t you say so? I’d have borrowed time for you! If I ask they will loan that to me. Too!” laksh says. Ragini smiles. “ what was that?” laksh sees her. Ragini sees him. “nothing. I thought you smiled” laksh says and goes. Raini sees him going and smiles.


Laksh is in the college cmpus with sunny and his friend and a malay man. The malay man sings a malay song. They sings a tamil song when ragini comes. They sings it eventually. Ragini crosses them in afraid. Laksh sees haer and goes to her. “ hey, ragini. Wait up. Do you know you walk fast? Like a lizard. What is happened to you, ragini?.” laksh stops her. “ why? What wrong?” ragini asked. “I can see it. Can’t you see it?” laksh asked. Ragini looks at herself. “ what do you see?” ragini asked. “what’s this? Haven’t your parents said anything about it?” laksh asked. “I don’t understand.” ragini says. “oh my god! Look at your leg” ragini sees her leg. “what’s wrong with my leg?” ragini asked. “what is this, ragini? Go to a good massage centre get them massaged.” Laksh adviced. “why do I have to get my legs massaged?” ragii asked. “how do I explain to you” laksh thinks. “just walk.further. come to this side.” Laksh says. Raini walks. “did you notice how stepped when you walked? Got you” laksh pranks on her and runs away to his friends. Ragini looks at him and goes.

“why are you staring at me? Get your hands out of your pockets! No respect for your senior?” laksh says to two girls. “walk.o walk. This way.” Laksh says and ragini turns and sees him. Ragini smiles seeing him and goes from there.


Ragini waited for him and sees her watch. She waited and then she takes her bag. She goes into the shop. There are so many shops. She walks in and sees laksh. “ragini, come. Ove here.” He alls her. Laksh is standing in the flower shop. “she is ragini” laksh introduces. “are you well child?” a tamilian woman asked. “greetings aunty. I’m well.” Ragini says. “ my husband not at home at the moment. I only have this.” Woman says. Woman handed over the money. Ragini looks at laksh. Laksh signed her to take it. “is it enough.” Woman asked. “thanks, aunty” ragini takes it. “e’s a good guy. He helped my family a lot. Even now he is not here for him. But for you.” Ragini looks at laksh. “ok vellaiamma. Take care.” laksh says. ?hey laksh. Your girl is looking beautiful. You are one lucky guy. Take good care for her” woman says. Laksh nodded and smiles. He goes from there with ragini.
They crossing the road. “we have a 100,000 kyats now. Earlier we have 10,000 kyats. So now we have a total of 110,000 kyats.that is 440 ringgit, 440 ringgit minus…I still owe you 4,560 ringgit” Laksh says. “what on earth are you thinking?” ragini yells. “my back is itching so I thought to scratching it” laksh joke. “enough of your joke. First that girl said she pitied me. and now the aunty pitied me. what have you been telling them?” Ragini crossed the road with laksh. “what’s there to say about you.” Laksh says. “don’t lie. How does she know my name?” ragini takes out her glass and cleans it. “she asked it, so I told them.” Laksh says. “if I’m pretty, how does it make you a lucky person.” Ragini asked. “they owe me money, maybe that’s why they said those things. Why are you asking me why they said such things. Don’t ask me. ask them” Laksh says. “don’t lie” ragini says. “when have you trusted a word I’ve said.” Laksh says. “you’ve given me 440 ringgit so far. When will you give me the remainder.” Ragini says. “relax. I’ll pay you. This isn’t Malaysia. I can’t pay you so quickly. It’s Myanmar.” Laksh says.


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