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the taxi stops aside. “we’re here. this is bojo. bojo aung san.” the man introduce. ragini looks on. “he got independence for Myanmar’s nationalist.” the mans says. “no. no,” ragini says. “his daughter’s Nobel peace laureate Aung San Suu Kyi.” the man says history. “no. no. not this bojo. bojo road.” ragini says and sighed. the man did not listen and salute. the man stubbornly says again. “no! no. I’ll show you.” ragini shows the photo to him. the man understood and nodded. “okay. oh. okay.” the man says. they get into the car and drives.

some man talks. ragini comes there. she get down from taxi and give some money to taxi man. there are some men, talking. she goes to their side. “bro, are you hindi?” she asked very naive. “yes. i’m hindi.” the man replies. “i’m looking for guy named lakshya.” ragini tells. “lakshya. who’s lakshya?” they thinks. “yes. he’s malaysian.i heard he is here. can i show you a photo i have of him?” ragini looks at them. “yeah. sure let me see’,” the man nodded. ragini takes out her mobile. she shows them the pic if him. “this is him.” ragini says. the mens sees the photo. “i’ve seen this guy before but u don’t remember where.” the man thinks. “fatha land!” another man says. “oh. fatha land. i know! i know!” the man says. “okay, why are you looking for him?” a man in the group asked. “it is about something.” ragini says. ” and what is the important matter! how do you know him?” the man asked. “i’ve come, all the way from malaysia. can you tell me where he is?” ragini asked. the man asked same question again. ragini looks what to say. “hey, its her business what she does. what do you want?” the previous man says. “i know him. i’ll take you to him.” the man says. ragini thanks him. the man gets up and scolded the other man. he takes her with him. they drive in a bike.

laksh is in the cock fight again. he looks at the cock fight. ragini comes there. “there the man you are looking for” the man points at laksh from far. “yes. he is. how much you want?” ragini asked. the man didn’t take it. ragini thanks him and goes. laksh sees the cock fight and looks up. he sees ragini standing there. ragini glares at him. “hey. ragini. what are you doing here?” he looks surprised. ” i want my money back.” ragini says. “money? what, money?” laksh thinks. “don’t play dumb. i want my money you cheated me off.” she yells. laksh stand up and comes to her. “why are you talking like this? think about my feelings.” laksh make a drama. “do you have even feeling?” ragini asked. “fine. not infront of my friend. why you need the money suddenly?” laksh asked. “that’s none of your business. i just want my money back.” ragini says. “fine. tell me which hotel you are staying. i’ll come after this game.” laksh says. “look. i’m not came here for vacation. i want my money back. i’ve to leave soon” ragini yells. “why are you repeating. it’s 4,000 ringgit. its not a small amount. since you are here, why don’t you go sightseeing?” laksh tries to distract her. “its 5,000 ringgit. i’ve kept my track. i want my money! i want! i want! i want!” ragini screams. the peoples stop their own work and sees them both. “why are you embarrassing me like this? come, come,” laksh takes her from there.

they walks from there. “fine. you gave me 5,000 ringgit. but what do you expect me to do now?” laksh asked. ragini repeated herself. laksh gets annoyed. “don’t repeat yourself. here. i have 500 kyats. take it” laksh gives. ragini takes it. ” if you want me to write a guarantee letter saying i”ll return money in a month or two. isn’t it so” laksh says. “what?” ragini takes out a letter. she shows him and yells. “look at this. this what you wrote two years back. i’ve been looking for you with this stupid letter.” ragini yells. “you’ve been looking for me for two years. don’t get angry. this isn’t the right place to talk. let’s talk with some tea. come” laksh takes her from there.


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