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some mans and women are walkig around. boarding names are shown. there are full of passengers name. ragini is shown sitting and waiting restless and angry. she had her tickets in her hand. she looks around because she is boring.


living the other second without any guarantees with some form of faith seems to be normal in life.(ragini is walking)this is something to everyone who have come and go in our lives will understand.(now she is standing) because, we can’t be certain that we’ll meet them again. out of many people who are come and go in our lives there are only handful people that you want to meet again.(ragini goes to the counter to check in with passport) either because we like them or they’ve made us happy. in that way someone who’s hurt us and betrayed us. we’ll hope never meet again.(ragini sits in the flight) but the one guy who i never want to see again is the one guy who i searching for. funny, isn’t it? well, it’s funny sort of story. (the flight takes off).


Ragini lands of in Myanmar. she walks out of the airport. a car comes on her way. “I’ll come over after work. hold on, I’ve got a customer.” the driver talks in phone in Myanmar language. ragini is standing aside in road. “where’d you like to go?” the man stops car. ragini mends down and looks at him. “bojo sule” ragini says. “oh sule, i know, i know, get in.” the man says. “you know?” ragini asked again. the man nodded. ragini gets into the car. the man talks in phone. ragini puts out her sun glasses and rests her head on the seat. man hangs the phone. “which country are you from?” the man talks in myanmar language. ragini looks at him. “ok. ok” ragini didn’t understand so she said it. “where’d you want to go” the man asked. ragini again says “ok”. the man turned and drives. ragini rests her head on seat.


in all my life i never imagined i’d be wasting my time in searching him. but i deserve it. for not knowing who to trust and who to not trust. i deserve it for being so stupid.


ragini gets a call. “hello” ragini said. the man looks at her thinking she is calling him and turns back after seeing she is in phone. “yes, tell me. i’ll do it too” ragini said. “i’m tellimg this for your own good, ragini.” SIL says. “i get it but none of you get me.” ragini yells. “okay. can you handle this on your own?” SIL asked. “i’m not a child. i started it so i’ll solve it! i’ll be in two days. okay?” ragini said. “all right. take care. have you seen him, yet?” SIL asked. ” i just landed. i’ll have to track him down. god known who’s he cheating right now.”

in a market side, a cock fight held on. the cocks are fighting. laksh takes a cock and then left that again in fight. laksh smiles. a man comes there. laksh and the man walks. ” hey brother, don’t you know anything other than cock fight?” laksh puts his hand on him. “you’re malaysian. it’s easy for you. for us, it’s the income.” the man smiles. “what are you saying? in our country, we have certain mountain for gambling.” laksh says. “seriously?” the man asked. “yes” laksh says. and they walked.

the taxi stops in the road side. the man comes out and opens the door of back. “please get down, goddess. it’s the sule temple in the jeart of yangon city.” the man said. the man prays. “no! no! bojo!” ragini said. “over there have herman neila churchm here yangon municipality office. trader’s hotel over there. do you want to stay there? the man asked. “no. no. wait. i’ll show you” ragini clicks on her phone. the man comes to her and sees the photo. “oh, bojo. i know. get in. i”ll make you there. come.” the man calls. “you know?” ragini asked. “yes. yes. come in. get in. bojo!” the man says. they both get in car.

laksh is with his friend. “that’s your stupidity. most people have fat bodies. but you’ve got a fat tongue. what do you expect me to do?” laksh asked. “what you expect me to do? please don’t say that, laksh” the man says. “now you want my advise? you should’ve consulted me before proposing that girl. it’s too late now” laksh says. “fine. its my fault. now, give me some idea.” friend begged. “fine hold your tension. i’ve to think first. don’t i?” laksh says. “she’s Burmese. what if problem arise. you have to think before making a move. relax! relax!” laksh patted on his friend shoulder.


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