raglak fate around us – Episode 6


Hiiii long time no see guys missed u all sry for not updating wat can I do my hitler father did not allowed me to touch my pc another sry this is a short one bcoz I hav my sci xam 2morrow

They all reached the destination raglaktin woke up and saw their position raglak were sleepin on each other nd tina wasc sleeping on manik
Tina:sry manik
Manik:itz ok tina(but he was happy inside)
Tina:shall we move
Manik:yup ladies 1st
They got down off the bus

Raglak side
Rag:wat the hell
Lak:wat money
Rag:don’t dare 2 call me like tad
Lak:monkey monkey
Rag:arrgh get lost
Saying this she got down lucky was sitting there nd recalling their movements (awww lucky)

Inside ragtin room
Tina:ragini v r going out r u cumming with us
Rag:no dr im not feeling well
Tina:wat ok let me be wid u
Rag:no tina u go noting serious
Tina:r u sure
Tina called manik nd told him tad ragini is not cumming

Lakman room
Mani:Lucky rgini is not cumming
Lak:y wat happened
Manik:dono yaar u r cumming or not
Lucky(thinking):I think this is the best chance
Lucky:no man
Manik:ok be carefull
Mantin went out raglak stayed back

Ragini room
Ragini was standing near th window sum1 closed her mouth frm
back and dragged her to the washroom…………


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