raglak fate around us – Episode 5


sry i was 2late lets start

a fresh mrg all r getting ready
rags room
ragini called sum1
caller:hello rags

rags:throw ur hello in dustbin

caller:i no ur angry wid me sry

rags:r u cuming 2day or not

caller:within 5mmins

rags:k tina cum fast

(tina rags ka bbf like a sis)

rags gets ready in hot pink crop top wid white pant and high heel she had put a high poni
she was damn hot in tad she bidded bye 2 every1 nd swara dropped her

swara:k ragini bye tc call me daily

rags:uff im not a kid

swara:anyway tc bye

rags:u 2 tc bye

manik came there

manik:hi rags looking hot

rags:u 2 look gud

meanwhile tina came there

tina:hi rags whi is this pointing manik

rags:my new frnd

tina:thn me she made a sad face

rags:u 2 baba btw u dint cum on saturday u dint even picked my call i was so tensed

tina:nothing yaar jst went out

rags:ohh kk

manik:hello u forgot me

tina:oh sry btw im rags bbf

manik:k now the is going 2 start shall v

rags nd tina:yup

they entered the bus but raginis eyes was searching 4 sum1 tina noticed it

tina:dont worry he will cum


tina:the 1 u where searchin 4

rags:no…i…im..not searching 4 any1

tina:im ur frnd so u cant hide it

lucky entered the bus all gals put their lower jaws down
he was wearing a white tee with sky blue blazer and jeans

the bus starter all 4 was sitting 2gether at a coner of the bus
the order is like this ragini at window seat nxt tina nxt lucky nd manik

tina:lucky wound u mind changing ur place with mine

lucky:with pleasure

he cme and sat near ragini w\tina was with manik

lucky slided his hand in rags waist which was clearly visible

ragini:wat r u doing

lucky:r u not enjoing it

rags hide her sime:no now take ur hands

lucky:as ur wish

ragini was sad but after sometime they slept ragini was resting her head on luckys shoulder luckys head was was on rags head

tina:hey manik they r gud 2 gether na

manik:think so

tina:i no u like her

manik shockingly:how…u..no

tina:i no plz let them enjoy

manik was little bot jelous:k i will not interfear with thm


they where talking suddenly manik felt sumtthing on his shoulder he turned 2 c
tina was on him a smile appered on his lips he tucked her hais\r which was disturbing her

the screen freezes on sleeping face of raglaktin and smiling face of manik
perview:tinman cute romance raglak sizling romance

guys there will be no swasan 4 few episodes nd tina is mrunal thakur

Credit to: cutie

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