raglak fate around us – Episode 2

i heard it was conffusing im sry let me know do u want me 2 continue nd this 1 will little long
and guys the boy is manik


Ragini was relived 2 see the name flashing on her phn immediatly she took it that was non other than her sis swara

ragini:hello swara wat happened
swara:wat happened u left me at home
ragini:sry but u hav 1hr 2 reach the college
swar:i know that so cum and pick me
ragini:sry swara my scooty was damaged
swara:u damagede the scooty thn hw could i cum
ragini:thats up 2 u bye dii
swara:this is not fair
saying this she cut the call but swara was tensed hw 2 reach the college suddenly she saw a car cuming in full speed towards her
she closed her eyes in fear the car stopped ri8 in front of her a handsome boy got off the car and started laughing suddenly swara opened her eye and saw snaky
laughing at her (the boy is sanky)
swara:idiot wat is this if i had died
suddenly sanskar closed her mouth and said dont dare 2 leave me swara was stunned by his action they hav a cute eyelock
sankar:say smthing swar hit him by her elbow he shouted wat hav u done
swara:u telling say by closing my mouth
sanky:holding his ears sry swara was mesmerised by seeing his cute action
swara:y u came here
sanky;2 pick u up
swara(mind):i told him in the phn that im not cuming then hw
sanky:i know afterall ur are my BFF ri8
saying this he opende the door 4 her shw sat quitely remebering their movements

the screen shifts 2 the college swasan reached the college and entered their class
nd ragini also reached and found the class 2 b empty suddenly a hand touched her shoulder she jerked and looked back
it was non orther than our hers laksh
ragini:wat the hell r u doin here
laksh:dont forget its my class 2
ragini:fine she sat on her seat and saw laksh sitting next 2 her
ragini:wats ur problem
laksh:know wat i just sat down
ragini:y nxt 2 me
laksh leaned 2 her and said bcoz i dont want any1 to sit beside u other than me
he was 2 close that ragini can feel his hot breath and his perfume is just making her crazy
he placed his hand on her waist brought her more closer he saw her lips she closed her eyes suddenly all stared cuimg in2 the class
they composed them self and looked at each other a boy placed his hand on ragini she turned it was that boy who helped rags
laksh was about 2 beat him
ragini:u r here wat a suprise u BTW ur name
boy:manik malhothra
rags:that so sweet
manik:shall v go nd hav some coffee
rags look at lucky he was fumming in anger
rags:oh sure but its time 4 class v go in break
rags:pakka promise
they sat on the bench 2gether nd talking random things
manik was mesmerized by seeing her laksk cannot see this he rushed 2 his seat
after 5mins the teacher entered
teac:good morning students
students:good morning sir
teac:there is a gud news nd bad news 4 u wat u want 1st
students:gud 1
teac:there will be a tour 4 u for 1 week the class is divided into 2 as gals nd boys v already selected the grp mand leaders
students:who r they
teac:thats the bad news it laksh nd ragini students where hell shocked bcoz there r the tom and jery of the class nd they know about them
student:sir plz nooooooooooooo
ragini:dont worry gals v rock them
laksh:boyz v r not less than them
teac:r u both ready 4 this
raglak:yes sir and stared eo
rags:is every 3rd yr will b joining us
teac:no its only for 1st
rags:ok ty sir
manik:ragini r u sure
rags:cumon manik dont worry nd call me rags some 1 colse 2 me calls me rags
manik:rags that is so cute
ragini started 2 search sum1
manik:searching 4 sum1
rags:s 4 my BFF
the bell ring the teacher goes out manik stood up ang asked rags remember ur promise
shall v he extended his hand 2 rags she looks at laksh he hitted his frist aganis the bench
she was happy and extended her hand they went out
laksh:how dare he can touch my ragini wait my ragini np lucky ur not in ur sence close ur eyes then breath in and out
he closed his eyes he saw him kissing ragin on nose and theri close movement in moring b4 class he jercked nd opened his eyes

on other side swasan where in canteen (guys the college is really big with many department and 3 to 4 canteens)
swara was eating a silk nd sanky was staring at her lovinly seeing this she hides it behind her back and asked wat
sanky:i want that
swara:want wat
sanky:ur slik
swara:no its only 4 me sayin this she ate is so fast as if he is going to snach it
swara:sry its over
sanky saw a smal pice of choclate on her lower lip he slowly leaned against her cleaned it with his thumb
swara pushed him littly and said it getting late im shall v go 2 our class saying this she rushed 2 the class
sanky smiled nd brushed his hair

preview:laksh jelous and tour fun

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