raglak fans a happy news


hi guys i have some imformations about raglak which raglak fans r waiting forRaglakians Good News:
Lakshya to stop Ragini s marriage
Colors’ show Swaragini is ready to take viewers on a high emotional ride again as Lakshya (Namish Taneja) will finally realize his real love for Ragini (Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar) and will gear up to get her back in his life.
The upcoming episode will feature Kavya trapping Lakshya in her fake suicide attempt.
Kavya will blame Lakshya in her suicide note and Lakshya will get arrested.
Lakshya has realized that Kavya was hypnotizing him all along to trouble and harass Maheshwari family.

Ragini will come to know about Lakshya’s arrest and will hurriedly reach to rescue Lakshya.
Lakshya will be astonished to see Ragini helping him and will feel guilty.
Lakshya will realize that he is in love with Ragini.
However, Ragini will break the news of getting married soon.
Lakshya will realize that Kartik is Kavya’s brother and has evil plan for Ragini.
Lakshya will now gear up to save Ragini from evil Kartik

guys i wanted to share something
those who write ff plz try something new with the pair
nowadays it is boring to read swasan swasan swasan and raglakplz try with someother pairs
like in many ff like true friendship , mayanta vs ragini,would it be better for ragini , heart connections, are played by parth like that try with someother actor

Credit to: raglak

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  1. I hope that it’s true

  2. great news….time for double celebration….as my exams r over n now everything is going to be fine in raglak n swasan….

  3. hope raglak will be soon together

  4. Waiting to see them together again…

  5. Great news really nowadays only that kavya track is going on its gonna finish I’m really happy thx a lot?

  6. Sharon shrivatsav

    Thanks raglak…..and very happy that raglak are going to be back again…..????????????????and don’t want that karthik to create any misunderstandings b/w them……

  7. Raglak seriously? Now they really look odd together…tbh they r not made for each other….Ragini deserves way better than Laksh…

  8. Joy time???????❤❤❤❤❤

  9. Great news… :)*

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