RagLak: Is Everything really so Perfect as it seems to be? – Epilogue – by Ria

Epilogue: Mémoire

Hey Guys, Ria is back!

Ugh, I’m late again, but I had lost the plot of this epilogue – basically, I had no idea of how to begin with. But I’d like to thank each of you for being there with me throughout, even the silent readers (if any). It has been a splendid journey with all the love and support I’ve received from your end. This story started with two different individuals Ragini and Lakshya who, without your love and acceptance, wouldn’t have united and become what they are now: RagLak. Thank you so much everyone for accepting this story of mine and supporting me throughout!

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This epilogue is just a mémoire amongst the years that I hadn’t jotted down before. Just a small, sweet memory.

• • • •

I clasped the bracelet around my wrist and glanced at the mirror. I was probably ready for the evening. Sparing another glance I was ready to walk away when he clasped my shoulders and held me rooted to the spot.

My brows arched and through the mirror I attempted to talk to him. His hands encircled around my waist and resting his face on my shoulder, he wiggled his brows. I laughed at him. The way his eyebrows wiggled was certainly funny. He knew it would make me laugh in a moment of spur and he would do it anywhere and everywhere.

“What is it Mr. Husband?”

He smiled again and stared at the mirror, directly in the eye. If only Lord had been a little considerate, he would not have made those black eyes so mesmerizing. I could feel myself drifting to another world of pure fantasy as his cologne slowly started clouding over me. I wanted to fantasize, as much as I could before I stepped into another stage of life, but today was probably just not the day.

“Lakshya, what are you staring at?”

“Ms. Wifey, do not disturb me when I wish to stare at my wife. Have I made myself clear?”

“Absolutely. But today is just not the day.”

Stepping out of the fantasy, I wriggled out of his hold and made my way towards the door. Today evening was going to be certainly special. With Di and Bhai around, we could spend some time worth fantasising over. If only Maa was here, the time spent would have been even more special.

I jolted out of my thoughts as a soft wave of pleasure surged through me at the warm contact. The warmth spread through me as his hands travelled over my bare back and I just realised … I had forgotten to zip my dress.

I could not fathom upon the way he had decided to zip my dress. He could just enact to zip my dress and do so many things to me, I could not think of. His hands slowly travelled upwards and he lowered the sleeve of my dress. I knew he would not do what he had to do. Instead, he would a million of those things which he did not have to. At least, not in this particular moment.

I hit his palm softly and said, “Mr. Maheshwari, get your hands off me immediately, or else you’re going to sleep on the couch today.”

His hands were immediately removed from my shoulder and I turned around towards him. My hands travelled upwards and I made a vague attempt to zip my dress. His hands clasped my shoulders again and he turned me around, making me face the white plastered wall.

Smoothly, he zipped the dress and moving closer to me, slowly whispered, “Mrs. Maheshwari, you’re good – ahuh, perfect – to go.”

The way the words rolled out of his mouth and the confessions were made directly, I sometimes could not fathom upon him. Everytime his cologne clouded me, I knew he would make a confession spreading warmth throughout me and my cheeks would flush crimson.

I turned around to thank him but he pulled me close and in a very seductive and taunting tone said, “My God Ragini, you’re blushing.”

I grimaced at his words and instantly pushed him away. Furrowing my brows, I said, “Shut up Lakshya. You’re doing it deliberately now. You’re going to literally sleep on the couch today.”

I scoffed at him and turned around to walk out of the room. He was –

“Tujhse faasle rakhenge kaise? Aayenge toh daur tere hi paas kyun ki tere saanson mein hamari jaan fanaa hai.”

Immediately, I could feel the surroundings around me warming up. An apology excellently blended with a confession. His words and thoughts were unimaginable. They were so beautifully blended and outspoken that anyone who hated Lakshya would fall for –

The bell rung and instantly, the evening plans came forth in my mind. With Lakshya, I was always drifted to another fantastic world, unimaginably beautiful. I ran towards the door, hurrying up for the waiting guests.

“Ragini -”

“Maafi qubool hai!”


Di and Bhai alongwith the small infant in Di’s arms entered inside and settled down in the hall. I smiled gleefully and softly, pressed a finger against the child’s cheek. He instantly looked at me befuddled. Blinking my eyes, I looked back at him and a slow, soft smile adorned his lips. His fingers entwined and with one small yawn, he was fast asleep in his mother’s embrace, safely protected.

“Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen!”

“Good evening Mr. Maheshwari,” Bhai greeted back, standing up as Lakshya climbed down the stairs.

Smiling happily, they hugged each other. It was perhaps a long time since we had met. After Shaurya was born, Di and Bhai had gotten no time to themselves, let alone for us. But today, after innumerable requests, they agreed to come to our house and spend the evening.

Di looked around the house and smiled happily. Nothing much had changed ever since she had left us. Maa had tried to maintain everything like it had been to make Di feel homely when she came here and moreover, relaxed.

Lakshya settled down beside Di and hugged her sideways. Lakshya had probably missed Di more than I did, and of course, she was, after all his own sister.

The swarming thoughts in my mind were abruptly interrupted when Bhai patted my head lightly and asked, “How are you?”

“I am fine. How are you doing? Has parenting Shaurya been really so difficult that you’ve forgotten me?”

“Acha ji?” He asked narrowing his stare and then poked me. I laughed heartily and nodded my head. He poked me again and we continued until Shaurya started crying because of the noises around. I picked him up immediately and slowly roamed around while singing a lullaby for him to sleep.

Shushing down, he stared at me unwarily and smiled. He desperately moved his fingers in air as I moved my finger closer to his hand. Clasping my finger in between, he gleefully looked at me and smiled satisfactorily. As I continued to sing the lullaby, his features calmed down and slowly, he fell asleep. Removing my finger gently, I let Di brace him in her lap again.

“I’ll start serving the dinner now. You all might just want to proceed towards the dining table now.”

“Sure Madame,” Bhai replied sarcastically.

Shaking my head, I walked towards the kitchen and ensured the food was still hot, ready to be eaten.

“Ragini, tell me what should I do.”

“Nothing di. I just need to pour the water or soft drinks, whatever you all want, and everything would be done.”

“I’ll pour the soft drinks. Tell me where are the glasses.”

“Um, okay. The second shelf from the left. The bottommost rack has all the glasses lined up.”

Nodding her head, Di took out the glasses from the shelf and cautiously placed them on the slab. She opened the refrigerator and instantly cried out.

“Di, what’s wrong?”

“Ragini, we both had brought you guys these bottles about two months back. You guys still have them stored; Why?”

“Arey Di, none of us drink these aerated drinks much, so they are still stored. Plus, it is safer right no-”

I quietened immediately realising the words I had spoken. I was sure I had spilled the beans. Sparing a glance at Di, I noticed how she gleefully stared at me and her eyes beamed with happiness.

“Which month is it Ragini?”

Smiling sheepishly, I replied, “Second. On the verge of starting the third month.”

“Why did you not tell us before? I, alongwith Shaurya, would have permanently relocated here for the entire period.”

“Relax Di. I wanted to surprise you both, but I had to just spill the beans. I did not -”

“Shush Ragini, we’ll go tell your brother.”

I held her hand firmly as she decided to walk out of the kitchen. “No Di. I want to surprise him. Even Lakshya wants to. Just pour the drink, we’ll inform him as soon as we sit to eat.”

Nodding her head, she poured the drinks into the glass and a faint tint of crimson adorned my cheeks. It was finally the time!


As I removed the lids from the bouls, Bhai recited the recipes alongwith.

“Lasagna – filled right till the brim, garnished with garlic bread and hot chips. A plate full of burritos garnished with salad and poblano sauce. Another plate full of tacos served with lemon spiked salad, and brownies topped with chocolate sauce for desert. Wow, Ragini has learned to cook really yummy dishes, just unlike -”

“I’m so sure Swara Di is going to beat you up once you’re back home today Bhai.”

“I would, but not just today. After all, today we have -”

“Dii,” I almost cried out. “Sit please. Let’s start eating together.”

Everyone nodded and settled down: I and Lakshya beside each other, opposite to Di and Bhai. Bhai picked up a taco with the salad and seasoning it, cut a piece of it and put it into his mouth.

“Ladies and Gentlemen! While you have decisively chosen to fill up yourselves with all the cooked food, We – Ragini and Lakshya Maheshwari – have decided to let you all know that soon we are going to have someone new amongst us, bringing in all the little happiness we are devoid of.”

Bhai’s mouth hung open at the words and he glanced between me and Lakshya. Biting onto the piece of taco quickly, he said, “Ragini?”

I smiled back assuringly and looked down. This was certainly a priceless moment. The chair was pushed back immediately and in not time, I was braced tightly. I hugged him back and smiled satisfactorily. Today, after all, we had spent some moments we all could cherish forever. It was just as perfect as it seemed!

He pulled away and kissed my forehead gently. Patting my cheek lightly, he said, “So, my little princess is going to have her own princess now?”

I smiled sheepishly at his words. All of this, since the last two years, had been a fraction of the surrealism I often dreamt of. But today, I was gifted with all of it. I could not wait for the day when I could hold the little bundle of joy in my arms, and together, I and Lakshya would parent the child.

“It could be a prince either. But hopefully, it’d be a princess.”

“Hopefully,” Bhai repeated and walked back to his place. This house was soon going to be enlightened with the soft screams and cries, wakeful nights and fondlings day and night. I could just fathom upon the moments we would live during this stage of life.

“Mrs. Maheshwari”

I turned beside to look at Lakshya who held my palm between his and gently kissed it. Resting his forehead against mine, he said, “I love you!”

Smiling broadly, I tightened my hold over his palms and confessed for the umpteenth time, “I love you too, Mr. Maheshwari!”

• • • •

And thus, this story ends on a good note, as wished. I hope you all enjoyed this apparently horror story. I’m sorry for being so irregular with the posts throughout and thank you so much for bearing me till the end.

For anyone and everyone, who still wishes to bear me, can do so by checking out my next story on RagLak. I’d be really happy if you all would do so.

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For everyone already reading this story, I’ll be updating you all really soon, regardless of I’ve been telling this for a long time now. Please bear me with the irregular updates. School just becomes a little annoying.

Today, for the last time, I shall wait to hear up from you all, whatever your opinion might be. It would be a mémoire (?) I could cherish forever. The love and support extended would be unforgettable, always! Thank you again!

– Ria

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