Hello everyone!!!

It’s kinda the first time that I’m writing a story on a public platform so m tensed. But l do hope to keep u guys entertained…

So here is the intro…


‘They were born rivals but they were also destined to be together’

What happens when your life messes up big time and in order to mend it you have to become stone hearted and deal with those people whom you despise the most?

What happens when you are shoved by your fate to marry that person whom you hate the most?

How will their lives and those of their near and dear ones change by their single decision?

Will they ever learn to love each other unconditionally or will they separate…separate in such a manner so as to never meet each other again?

Wanna know their story? Then join them in order to unravel the mystery yourself…



The ROY’S:

Janki Roy: A single mother who has raised her two lovely daughters in the best way possible. In addition to that she is also the MD of Roy Group of Industries which she had set up single handedly with much efforts. Strict but caring at the same time.

Ragini Roy: Elder daughter of Janki Roy. A fierce feminist. A complete workalcoholic. Her world revolves around her dear sister and mother only. Always saves her naughty little sister from getting any punishment. Strict, follows the rule book to the T and intelligent too. CEO of Roy Group of Industries and it was only because of her dedication that it has reached the pinnacles of succes…

Swara Roy: Younger daughter of Janki. Sweet, cute, bubbly and mischievous. Always gets into some trouble but not to worry as her her elder sis is always there to protect her. Because of this reason she calls her ‘Mother India’ or ‘MI’. Isn’t interested in joining her family business of Jewellery designing and hence currently studying Law to become an Advocate. Lives life to the fullest and doesn’t think much about what’s gonna happen tomorrow.


Durgaprasad Maheshswari: The patriarch of the Maheshwari clan. Strict, disciplined and punctual. The head of Maheshwari Group of Industries which deals with Jewellery designing too. Loves his sons and daughter the most but tries to act strict with them so as to keep them on right track.

Annapurna Maheshwari: Wife of Durgaprasad. A lovely and kind lady. A sweet homemaker who loves her children unconditionally but yes she does have a soft corner for Laksh more as his birth had severe complications and it was anticipated that he might die in her womb. Hence a little bit over protective towards him. Sanskar is the apple of her eyes as he was the one who made her feel proud as a mother for the first time. Uttara is her darling and she loves to pamper a lot.

Sanskar Maheshswari: Eldest son of Durgaprasad and Annapurna. MD of Maheshwari Group of Industries. Ruthless and menacing in the business world and his only motto is to make his rivals rot. Has a tough exterior and only harbours feelings for his family. Doesn’t have much of a personal life.

Laksh Maheshwari: Younger son of Durgaprasad and Annapurna. A chilled out and carefree guy. Recently joined his family business. Has an impeccable sense of humour and loves to make people smile. Loves his mother the most but a little bit scared of his father. In an on and off relationship with Kavya Sen. Although he loves her wholeheartedly but she has some ulterior motives of being with him.

Uttara Maheshwari: Youngest child of Durgaprasad and Annapurna. A pampered daughter and loved the most by everyone. A college going, fun loving and happy-go-lucky girl.

Nihal Khanna: Childhood friend of Ragini. Has a secret crush on her but has never confessed his feelings as he fears he might lose his friendship with her. An expert advice guru and indulges in fun banters with Swara. Son of Mr. & Mrs. Khanna who expertises in the construction business.

The Roy’s and the Maheshwari’s are bitter rivals of each other because of a past altercation which is hidden from the younger generation. Both Janki and Durgaprasad had fed poison in the minds of their children to hate each other forever but due to their this action a storm will surely come to disrupt and engulf their children’s lives in the most harsh possible way.


So at last done with the intro. Howz it guys? Did you like it? I’ll continue it only after reading ur comments, so don’t forget to drop in your views and suggestions regarding it.

And coming to the pairs, l haven’t decided it because before the pairs comes up there are a lot of clarifications about the plot to be made after which only the pairs will be clearer…But yes both Sanskar and Laksh are elder than SwaRagini, hence you can tell me which pairs you want but m NOT doing any kind of voting. As l have said earlier pairs ll be decided during the flow of the story…

Thank you?

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  1. TU…it is a new ff not the one u have mentioned in the title…please change it to what l have submitted…
    ‘FF: Entangled’ and l have also mentioned pairs aren’t decided…please change it asap

  2. according intro I think ragsan is pair,their characters seems interesting

  3. If possible then please change the name of the ff entirely inorder to avoid confusion…
    Please change it to-
    FF: Intertwined Fate

    please please it’s a request…

  4. Dafsi

    Lovely intro keep going

  5. Akshata

    i would love to see ragsan as a pair. i am ok with raglak also. awsome intro.

  6. Keep ragsan and swalak as pair!!!

  7. Piya

    Nice intro.. according to personality ragsan is better in pair

  8. Superb yr..

  9. Interesting dear and plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz continue

  10. Ragsan . Want to see how they chng with each other. I hv no prob wth raglak too

  11. ragini and sankar

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