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Ragini and Swara caught up with Rani in Ragini’s new bedroom.

“I didn’t suppose you’d want your late aunt’s old room so I thought I would prepare your mother’s old room.”

“No, that’s awesome. It’s absolutely gorgeous!” Ragini looked around the lavishly decorated room. It was so delicately furnished and decorated with rich cherry wood and white lace. The bed was on a platform to elevate it from the floor and there were high bedposts at each corner draped by a beautiful white lace canopy.

“We took great care in cleaning up your room, Miss Gadodia. I hope you find it satisfactory,” Swara said. “This room hasn’t been occupied since your mother left in 1971.”

“It’s very classic. Timeless beauty. I love it.”

“Wonderful. Are you hungry, ma’am? I know it’s late but I could prepare you something.”

“No, that won’t be necessary. I’m not hungry,” Ragini said as she opened the closet door scoping it out.

“What time shall I wake you tomorrow?”

“Oh, please don’t. I’d really like to sleep in tomorrow.”

“As you wish. Do you need any other assistance this evening?”

“No, thank you very much,” she replied. She really just wanted to be alone.

“Come along, Victoria,” Swara said to the young girl.

Ragini knew she should get some rest but she wasn’t sleepy. She had a meeting tomorrow afternoon with the lawyers. Among other matters of the estate she was going to find out exactly how much of her grandparents inheritance money was left.

She took a bath in the beautiful porcelain claw foot tub in the bathroom connected to her bedroom then she crawled into the huge bed to try to get some sleep. She lay restless, however. Nervous, perhaps. It was such a strange and different environment.

After laying there sleeplessly for over an hour she decided to go to the kitchen for a glass of milk-if she could find it.

Ragini donned her robe and made way quietly down the hall. It was very dark; everyone must have gone to bed. Gratefully, it wasn’t as difficult as she thought to find the kitchen.

After quietly finding the cabinet with the glasses in it, she poured her milk and drank it down. As she rinsed the glass out in the sink she noticed a light coming from under a doorway down the hall.

That isn’t where the servants’ quarters are, she thought curiously. Part of her wanted to go see who was up but another part felt like it was disrespectful to snoop. Well, it’s almost my house now. And they are almost my employees so I shouldn’t feel guilty about it, right? Ragini rationalized.

She tip-toed down the short hallway and peeked through the crack in the door. She saw Laksh. He was undressing for bed.

He sure doesn’t look like a Laksh, Ragini thought. He was built like a god from working outside all day every day.

Laksh reached over and turned on the lamp to scour his dresser for bed clothes. When he turned toward the door she was shocked at what she saw. He was a handsome young man, maybe 25, with dirty, medium length dirty blond hair. And then she saw them, but only for a brief moment before he put his clean shirt on. They looked like small round burn marks, possibly self-inflicted. When she saw them she gasped slightly. She couldn’t tell if he had heard her or not. He put on his shirt and turned and shut the door.

PRECAP:Ragini-sharmistha convo

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