raglak ek pyaar ki kahanii (love in d air) chapter 15


@rags room

darkeness all around
rag is sitting in bed nd unable to sleep. she is thinking abt their first meet , temple incident, accidents etc
she is blushing nd smiling
suddenly smone enters her room through d window
she saw a shadow nd abt to shout.sm one covers her mouth with hand kissess on her lips .she is shocked and pushes him away nd turns d light on
she is suprised to c laksh on her bed nd she gives her hand to him.he holds her hand pulls her towards him
she falls on him nd their lips meets again.hair falls on her faces nd he gently removes it .he spreads his fingers on her cheak nd tunrs
nw he is on her.and again kissess on her forehead nd lips.he is abt to kiss her neck. She closes her eyes.

he moves nd sits on bed.nd makes ragini sits on d bed.
laksh: for now am leaving u. aftr mrgg
nd he makes naughty face nd winks @ her
she gets shy nd huggs him he huggs her back
@swara’s room
she is walking her nd there
she gets a call frm sanky
san: cm dwn dr am waiting
swara: no I will not
san: okk I will cm to ur room
swara:wait I will cm nd goes to met him

@rag room both r sitting near to bed rags head rests on his shoulder they r talking abt their future ,children
laksh: rags I want to say u smthng
I had affair with a girl who were studied with me clg.i love her frm d core. one day I cm to knw she is just aftr my mny.i totally got broken.pari bhabhi helped me to recover.atr 2 yrs I met u.i feel an magical bond with u always.plz be with me for my rest of my life.
his eyees r full of tears.rags cups his face nd kissess on his eyes
they both lay dwn on d bed nd huggs each other nd dozes off

@gate swara cm to sanskar
but she didn’t c any one @ door step
he pulls her by her waist nd takes her to garden which is fully decorated
swara is super happy san goes on his knees
san: will u b my better half by forwarding his hand
swara: she holds his nd says yes nd huggs him.he gifts her a diamond ring
he: by dr am going
she holds his hand nd sys: u want to go??
sanky: ya it’s 12’o clock
if mam find that am outside d hm then am gone
she makes face
he cm closer to her nd kissess on her lips
its lats fr few min. then he takes a leave.
in the [email protected] rags room
sunlight falls on rag face nd she wake up
she is happy to c her in laksh’s arms
nd cares his hairs.

she kissess on herfore head nd smiles
suddenly sumi knoks d door
sumi: ladooo cm dr, open d dr
rag try to wake up laksh nd manages to hide him behind curtain.
she opens d door sumi gets in
sumi: thum ethani der kyo lagadi ladooo
get ready we have go to our kuldeki’s temple.
it’s our tradition to do pooja for new bride before d engagement
nd why r u looking worried

rag: nthng ma .u go na I will get ready
sumi turns to leave says : ladoo ask laksh to cm out
rag is super shocked
sumi: don’t wry beta all this is allowed in love nd mrg
rag gets shy nd laksh cms nd take d blessing
sumi: laksh don’t u give ur mom a mng hug
laksh hugs her.rags says: oh u forgot me aftr seeing ur jamai
sumi: he is my prince nd u r my princes widens her hands rag huggs her. screen freezes on smiling faces raglak nd sumi

precap: rag is abt to fall in river .laksh drags her.both raglak nd swasan moments

so sorry guys for lengthy update

Credit to: arshi

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