raglak ek pyaar ki kahanii (feelings plays hide nd seek) chapter 5


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@ road
suddenly both of them cm to sence nd cmpose each other
rag try to stand and her leg get slipped again nd she falls on laksh again
her lips gently touches the lips of laksh
nd both blushes nd
they get up
rag: thank u sir
both of them avoids eye contact their heart beats hevily
she take aleave nd but unable to walk
he takes her in his arm and put her in the car and he bend down to lock the seat belt.he is very close to her his perfume smell makes her feel smthng special
she closes her eyes
he look at her nd smiles

ge get to the car nd calls ap
ma aftr doing d pooja plz call driver he will take u to d hm am going for urgent
work ap: its okk beta u go
I wiil manage
laksh: ragini tell me d way and I will drop u to ur hm
rag: but sir
I can’t make a leave sm important files are pending I have to cmplete it till evng as 2morrow is kaurvachouth
laksh: I will send it ur hm u just cmplete it and bring to my hm dr in 2morrow mng
he drops her at home evry one thanks lakh and happy to meet him
@ office swara is checking so many files nd she is also using the laptop nd very much stressed
sanskar cm to her and gives her pizza
she looks him surprisingly
he shows her watch it’s 2pm
she smiles at him nd began to eat
he leaves and watch her through the Window nd smiles
@ nite
swara is packing her stuff
but tears r rolling down fm eyes nd she says to ragini
hw will I manage 1 week with out u
rag: u have to u r going for ur dreams
nd for our parents so be brave my dr
they both shares a tight hug

swara went to airpot.ragini didn’t accompany her becoz she have to go to laksh
door bells ring
ap open d door happy to find ragini @d door
ap:cm in heta thum yeham kya bath hi??
rag: aunty actually am assistant of laksh sir I cm here for give this file
ap: laksh is in the room go nd give
I will send smthng for u
uski kamara upper hai u go upstairs and take left d first room is his
ragini enters d room suddenly laksh cm frm bathroom with out shirt
nd she turns and says: I didn’t see any thing
he smiles nd wear his t shirt nd say u can look at mee
rag:(avoids eye contact) sir I made sm corrections in the file nd is abt to go
he pulls her and pins to the wall
and says I must say u look gorgeous
she breath heavily nd both share an eye lock both stares at each other with immense feeling but they can’t understand it
she pushes him and rush out cm to hall nd thinks abt what happend her heart beats fast she say why I feel smthng when laksh sir is around me
why I can’t stay with out his eyes infront of me. what happened to me
ap: beta have ur drink
rag: no aunty am in hurry
my mom nd dadi is waiting for me for lunch.next tym pakkaa

both swasan sitting together nd swara closed her eyes nd prays to god
she is looking tensed
sanskar : what happened swara
swara: actually sir am afraid of heights nd it’s my first tym
sanskar holds her hand tightly nthng will happen when am with u both share a eyelock.screen freezes on smiling faces of raglak nd swasan

precap: both gagodia nd maheshwari family in a public venue for kaurva chouth celebration

Credit to: arshi

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