raglak ek pyaar ki kahanii (family tym) chapter 10


@ wedding hall
aftr dinner rag is going to drink water.laksh holds her hand and drags her to corner
rag: what r u doing sir?
if anyone c us?
lash: every one is busy there.v r frnds nw nd our families r very close to each other.so call me laksh
rag: but sir
laksh: call me laksh otherwise I will not leave u dr
rag:lak……… sir
laksh cm more close to her nd says: call me laksh
he cm more close nw she can hear his heart beat nd he can feels her breething
both stares @ ech other nd shares a eyelock.
ragini calls him laksh nd pushes him and runs frm there.
bth d family bides good night nd goes their hm respectively

both swan reaches hm .in GH every one is happy to c swara nd swara gives gifts to everyone rags inform her that maheshawaries r very close to their baba nd they invited gagodia family for dinner.
same tym inMM everyone is happy to c sansakar back.he gives them good news that they got d deal.he takes the blessings of ap nd dp.laksh nd sanskar share a tight hug .uttara informs him abt gogodias nd their dinner plan

@ night
gagodias cm to MM
Ap nd dp r happy c them nd welcm them
shekhar: durga this is swara my eldest daughter. she takes blessings of ap nd dp.pari nd utthara hugs her.
dp: this is sankar my son
he also takes blessing of everyone.
laksh is memorized to c ragini nd signs her gorgeous. she blushes nd looks down pari whispers to laksh: deverjii
plz stop [email protected] her.she is getting very much shy.
laksh looks surprisingly at pari she wink @ him nd goes
dp:sanskar, lakah show our hm to both swara nd ragini go
swara goes with sanskar while rag hesitantly goes with laksh
pari winks @laksh nd he feel little awkward.
swara nd sankar in his room
swara: I have to say ur room is cleanly arranged. as a girl I can’t even manage my things so neatly
sans: thank u

he shows his childhood nd clg picks to her
they then went to garden
laksh showed entire house to rag nd they enters to his room
rag: hw can anyone keep his own room like this??? she is shocked to c his room .it is verymuch messed she began to arrange things.laksh looks at her with love any says in his mind:don’t wry dr when u step down to my lyf u can manage me along with my room. ragini slipps due to d water in floor nd laksh holds her but in vain
both falls down on bed.laksh is on her nd both share an eyelock.
uttara calls them nd they get up nd goes down nd both are avoiding eye contact.
laksh sits next to pari nd he smiles thinging abt their (raglak) sweet moments.
pari: dever ji kaham kohagaye hoo???
thinking abt her naaaa
laksh: hw do u know bhabhii?
pari: first tym am seeing that u r eying a girl with love. u r not flirting with her as always do.i noticed both of u frm karvachouth day.
do u confess ur feelings to her???

laksh:not yet bhabhii
pari:don’t waste tym go nd cofess her
don’t wait for tym nd chance
laksh:but hw
pari:like ……..
laksh: like adarsh bai proposed u in the clg naa bhabhi
pari gets shy
laksh:by the way it was my idea
pari: u r bhai is not at all romatic. he took his brother advice to propose a girl.he don’t even to know hw to romance
laksh: then what is this? pointing at her cute hump in stomach
pari gets shy nd says: nautanki
laksh winks @ her nd huggs her
he smiles @ rags who is busy in talking with utthara.screen freezeson d smiling faces of raglak.

precap: sm goons hits laksh with stone nd rags shouts

Credit to: arshi

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