raglak ek pyaar ki kahanii (destiny played another move) chapter 4


swara cm to ragini and says ladoo yar a problem hai. sanskar sir told me to accompany him to london for a project wht to do that help me to make dadi agree
swara notices that rag is not listening ro her nd shakes ragini
ragini: whe u cm dr
swara in a teasing tone while ur thinking abt ur prince charm
rag (in shy tone):stop it iodiot and tell me
swara:yaar I need ur help 2 days aftr I have to go for a London trip with sanskar sir for our nw prjct
but actual prob is dadi will not allow me
rags: don’t worry yaar I will make her agree
swara: sure????

sanskar cm to laksh
san: what happened today my bro is blushing too much
laksh hides the chain nd says nthng bhai
cm on let’s have dinner
@ GH
Rag: swara dadi agreed for ur trip
swara hugged her tightly nd says u r best siser in d world nd both dozed off
in the mng
rag cm to Temple nd pandit ji ask her to sing a bajan
laksh also cm with ap
laksh: ma app javooo mein abi ayaa ekk call karkee
ap steps in d temple and she heard the bhajan sung by ragini nd memerized by the melodious voice of rags
ap cm to her and says u sung well betta u have a beautiful voice
rag: thanks aunty and takes blessing frm ap and take a leave
when she cm near to road she is saw a old couple struggling to cross d road
she help them

they thanks her
when she is abt to cross a truck is cm near to her nd abt to hit suddenly lakhs pulls her towards him both of them fall down nd rolled away
rags tightly hug laksh when she is open her eyes she is surprised find her on laksh arms.winds bloms sm hair falls on her face
laksh removes it gently and both share an eylock
screen freezes on the faces of raglak

precap:swasan @ airport
ragini cm to maheshwari mansion to give a file to laksh

Credit to: arshi

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