raglak ek pyaar ki kahanii (conflicts in d mind) chapter 7


ragini crying in d corner.she says am feeling happy nd d same tym sad
what is happening with me.
suddenly laksh holds her
lakh: what happened why u suddenly cm frm there
rag: in a sruprise u r asking me what happened
only husbands can breake d fast of d girl.
laksh: but I was helping uuu
plz don’t cry for a simple thing
rag: but it matters for me she louts leve me alone nd goes frm there
laksh get sad says I hurt her very much
@ ragini’s room
she is making painting for a relife but she is shocked to see what she just drawn. it’s laksh in d canvas
she get in to d bed unable to sleep she thinks abt laksh nd their moments
@laksh room he is sitting in d couch with ragini’s chain
laksh: I know I hurt her today I will apologise to her he tries to sleep but he can’t.
in d mng
swara is bit nervous about her presentation. sanskar comes to her place his hands on her shoulder. says
san: just close ur eyes nd think abt ur patents nd ur dream u will be confident she did d same
swara’s presentation goes well every one claps for her nd she is super happy
she cm to sanskar and huggs him tights
he is surprised and hugs her back and smiles
rags avoids eye contact when laksh tries to talk with her.laksh gets angry
aftr sm tym she cm to his cabin inoder to place a file on table
when she turns she sees lakh at d door nd tries to go out.he gets angry nd pins her against d wall
laksh: why r u avoiding me.last nyt I just helped u .frm d mng I want to say sry to u
but u r avoding me
what is ur problems

tears rolls down on d rag’s cheeks nd laksh feels pain in his heart
rag: sry sir yesterday I shouldn’t shout at u
it’s my mistake that’s why I can’t make eye contact with u.sry sir
he feels happy and impressed with her innocent thinking
she suddenly hugs him he hugs her back. he wipes her tears nd kisses on both of her eyes. she is shocked by his action
she gets shy and goes frm there
@ nyt
both laksh nd ragini were working at office on imp files suddenly laksh gets a call and he goes out.light goes aftr smtime ragini get scared
she sees smone is cming to her she moves back
a lighting flashes she sees laksh and she runs and huggs laksh
laksh huggs her back screen freezes on d face of raglak
precap: both laksh nd ragini @temple

Credit to: arshi

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