raglak ek pyaar ki kahanii chapter 55


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Recap: raglak hot mng romance. Swasan utts teases them

Rags is d kitchen. Suddenly smone hugs her frm back.she is shocked abt to shout. suddenly he cups her mouth
Laksh: hey rags its me ur patidev

Rags; u scared me? When did u cm?
Laksh: just nw
Rags: go and frsh up.i will give tea.
Laksh: u too get ready soon.we r going out
My best frnds priya and pranav is here. They invited us for dinner
So get ready rags
Rags: u go I will inform this to ma baba

@sumishekhar room
Rags: ma me and laksh going out to meet his frnds.we will have dinner there.u both plz have ur dinner at tym.do not wait for us.plz sleep soon
Shekhar: yess princess as u say
Rags: I will inform swara also
Sumi:? Where is she and utts
Rags: both r went for mandir with sanskar jiju. Ma take ur medicines on tym
Shekhar: oh my princess donot wry abt her .i will take care abt her
Rags:ji baba
@raglak room
Laksh is combing his hair.rags is cm out frm wash room by wearing a pink and green anarkali.he is memorized to c her
Rags cm close to him.she closes laksh mouth

Rags: close it patidev.machar guss jayegaaa
She laughs.he drags her closer.laksh: u look stunning and hot
Rags blushes.he makes her stand in front of mirror
Laksh: u r killing me with ur looks. I think we should drop the dinner plan and spend sm quality tym with each others

Rags: irada badal gaye he kya patidev.we r soending quality tym with each other frm last night dr patidev.she winks @him
laksh kisses her on cheek.he fills her mag with sinddor.she makes him wear his shirt

Both get ready and went for dinner aftr infoming their ma ba
@ ABC hotel

Oth raglak enter nd notice Pranav(shiv from balika vadhu) and priya(payal frm iss pyaar ko kya naam doon)
Laksh hugs them.laksh: oh love birds atlast together.
Suddenly he notice cradle near the table in which a cute baby boys is smiling.
Laksh: oh my god.pranav u did not infom me ab tur prince

Priya: because we want to surprise u.and we kept his name laksh as we r missing our best buddy who united as inspite of warning frm both d house
Laksh: that was a nice surprise .oh I forgot
This is mrs.ragini laksh maheswari
Rags also greet them
They had their dinner and chat for a long tym.rags is too easily mingled with them.
Pranav: laksh I must say that ur choice is too gud
Lk:thank u buddy

Suddenly their baby start crying.priya tried her best to calm him down
Rags: may i
Priya: sure
Rags takes him and shows him sky and stars .aftr sm tym be becm calm.rags sing a lori for him and the baby sleeps in rag’s arm
Priya: laksh u r lucky to have rag as ur wife.she will be world’s best mom.even I can not calm down him.she did it with in sec
Laksh imagines rags with a cute bump.then she is playing with their child
Priya: I think she is ready to becm mom soon
Laksh smiles where as rags blushes
Priya nd Pranav leaves with their baby.they 4 had a great tym together
Laksh:{whispers}: u herd n What priya said?
Rags:(teasingly): what did she say
Laksh: I will make u understand aftr reaching hm
Wait fr sm tym

Rags blushes and hides her face in his chest.he hugs her nd smiles
Screen freezes at rags blushing face and laksh smiling face

Rcap: sid utt romace @ trial room

Sry guys for swasan scenes. I will add it in next part as raglak is not complete without their sibblings swasan

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