raglak ek pyaar ki kahanii chapter 54


hey guys am back

recap: sanlak at GH

next day mng
@raglak room

both are sleeping peacefully in each others embrace.

rags slowly wakes up nd eyes laksh lovingly and cares his hair.laksh smiles in sleep . she places a kiss on his forehead nd goes to get ready

aftr sm tym she cm back wearing white and pink mixed sari nd she dries her her.she looks @laksh who was sleeping .she goes near him and leans over his chest.she moves her wet hair in his face.
he wake up.he is memorized to c her

rag: gud mng hubby.get ready fast.
laksh: gd mng wifey
nd hugs her tight

rags: leave me laksh.do not u remember u have meeting @ 9:45 am
laksh:its just 7: am
rag: u have to freshen up nd do ur breakfast na

laksh looks @ pink lips nd takes a turn
now he is on her he slowly moves his fingers on her face.rags feels butterflies in her stomach.he slowly touched her lips then he grabs her waist nd drags her more closer nd kisses on her lips.first it was a small kiss which latter turned as passionate one.

aftr sm tym they broke the kisss.nd she pushes him away nd get out of bed.she takes d towel nd keeps it on d bed
rag: get ready fast

laksh takes d towel nd goes to washroom.rags smiles

@swasan room

swara is arranging her room.sanskar hugss her frm back.he is just cm frm d washroom. he turns her towards him
he shakes his head.and water on his wet hair falls on swara.it was all in her eye lids , shoulder, lips etc

he wipes d water on shoulder by kissing her shoulder.then eyes cheeks at last he kissess on her lips
swara huggs him tightly.swara smells him.it makes him feel so good.he takes her in bed and leans over her.
but a phone call disturb before it
sanky (smiles): wrong tym
swara smile shyly
sanky: don’t wry I will make it out in d nyt
he takes phone nd talks

@ raglak room

ragini is arranging her cupboard .sheis keeping laksh’s shirt

laksh cm frm washroom by wearing d towel.
he cm to her
rags:have sm shame patidev
laksh: why? am in frint of my wife.u already saw me in my all attire .he smiles with naughty face

he drags her holding her waist.
she shyes
laksh: why always ur heart beat rises when am close to u.why u always feel my every touch as it is as my first touh
rags: its a girl quality u will never understand man
laksh: so I will show u boy’s quality.
rag: chiii
she pushes him nd turns to go.he holds her pallu nd drags her closer.he takes off her pallu nd kisses on her bare belley.he takes her in his hand nd places her in bed.he kissess alover herbody while she clutches him tighly.he slowly make it out with her

aftr sm tym laksh and rags are on d bed.both r wrapped in d bedsheet.she is in his arms and she is resting her head on his chest
laksh:so hw was it
rag: laksh ap bhi na

rags looks at the clock.and gets up
laksh: its 9:am
get ready fast
oh god hw I will face all
she pushes him nd goes

both get ready and goes down.

@dining table

swara: rags cm have ur breakfast
rags nd laksh sit down
utts giggles @ them
sanky: laksh what happened why ur eyes r swollen don’t u get nice sleep
utt: bhayya he was awake all nyt na thats why?
bhabhi why u both r late.???

utts nd sanky gives hifi
swara: rags I think u looks so tired aftr d longgggg nyt
she too joins sanky nd utts

rags: swara plz
laksh: bhai I think u too had gooooood mng
sanky looks confused and laksh points at d lipstick mark on his neck

utt: god plz save me frm this lovers

suddenly smone knocks d door.swara opens d door nd is happy to c shekhar back.rags nd utts too hug him.sanlak takes blessing .

sumi: shekhar thum? u said u will cm aftr two days ( who were just came back frm temple with sid)

shekhar:my heart was restless to c my love lyf.i just thought to give u a surprise my dr.
shekhar hugs her.

swasan, raglak, sidutt: hw romaticcccccc

sumi: have sm shame.alteast not infront ur ur jamaiiiis
utts: shekhar pa.romancing that too in this age

shekhar: hey beautiful lady am not that much old .if u people can romace then why don’t I? she is my legally wedded wife

sumi shies nd hides her face in shekher’s chest.he huggd her
shekhar: oh.my darling is blushinggg

everyone smile nd screen freezes on d happy family tym

precap: raglak in laksh ‘s bestiees get together

Credit to: arshi

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