raglak ek pyaar ki kahanii chapter 52

recap: rags forgive laksh nd raglak mmnts

same [email protected] swara’s room

swara was sleeping on her bed nd she turns to a side find smone lying near her

swara (with out opening her nd hugging): rags when u cm?
sanky: rags nahi sanky dr
swara gets up nd finds sanskar on her bed

swara: what r u doing her room? hw did u u cm?

sanskar pulls her towards him nd hugs her

sanky: don’t wry dr .by d way I cm by window
swara: u go now .if anyone c gooo (she pushes him)
but he drags her closser nd kissess on her lips hardly.she tries to push him but in vain.but slowly she keeps kissing. its last for sm min.

sanky: so wifey .I yold u na don’t mess with me
swara: ohooo

she takes d pillow nd hits him.he also takes a pillow.both starts to fight with pillows.aftr sm tym.both lay down.he drags her closer nd wrappes both of them in a blanket.they both get intimate.

in d [email protected] raglak room

both raglak shown sleeping peacefully in each other’s arm.there is knock on d door. both get up

rags: what will we do now?
laksh: u r asking me
rags: u go by window.no noo all will notice u
laksh: I will hide sm where
rags: kkkk

rags open door.she finds utt holding tea for her
utt: gd mng bhabhii ur tea
rag: gd mng dr
thank u uttara
u woke up so early
utt: bhabhi its 9 in d mng

rags: o no I will get redy in few min.oh no god ma did not had anything.
utt: don’t wry bhabhi.i made breakfast nd I already feeded her
rags: thank u utts
I will be there in 5
utt: bhabhii .plz tell bhayya to go to hm soon.he have a meating in d aftrnoon

rags shocked:thumem kaise pata hai?

utt: I saw my bhai’s car near d gate
ohhh nw I got it.bhai didn’t allow u to sleep in d nyt naa.so u got late
rags: ha utt
utt laughs nd rags understand what she told.rags get shy nd laksh cm nd holds utt’srear

laksh: utt ki bachi.u r teasingg my wife
utt: bhayya leave me its paining
rags: laksh leave my nanad
laksh: oho bhabhi nanad in a team.
lakah leaves her nd goes frm there

utt: plz take sanky bhai along with u. trio smiles

screen freezes on their face

precap: new twist.any guess

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  1. Aww that’s so cute n wait what twist?

  2. Awesome Dr……love ur ff so much…utts and rags bond so nice yaar ..

  3. Awesome part… Post the next part soon dear…

  4. waiting 4 twist. very nice episode and plz make it long

  5. Awesome

  6. What twist

  7. Super episode…

  8. What new twist ohooi

  9. superb plz update soon

  10. Awesome…….waiting for the twist but please don’t make any separation?

  11. Hi!! I am new 2 tis ff. i read the whole ff today. Arshi great writing.I love teju alot.In the serial they always separate raglak and they give more importence for swasan but u give equal importence.Great writing.And waiting for the new twist.

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