raglak ek pyaar ki kahanii chapter 51

thank u guyys for ur cmmnts nd ur warmed wish.am overwhelmed with ur wishes.

recap: laksh shouts at rags nd tries to patch up with her. swasan romance.swaragini in GM to take care of sumi.

@ sumi’s room

rags (with teary eyes): ma why r u beeing so careless.just look at u r so weak.

sumi: meri ladoo am fine dr.do not take tension my dr.look I can even walk.she is abt to get up

swara: (in anger tone) just lay down. not make excuse to work.

utts: ji sumi ma.we all here na.we will take care of all work.

rags: I will make kada (medicinal drink) for u

sumi: I don’t like it.its very bitter

utt: no ma u have to drink it.bhabhi I will help u.swara bhabhi u takes care of sumi ma.

both rags nd utts leaves to kitchen.utts turns : sumi ma don’t dare to get up

sumi (make cute face):ji dadi maa

rags nd utts c sid cm frm clg.
rags hugs him nd ask him to go nd get fresh up.


rags nd utts make kada and tea.
rags: utts will u give tea to sid bhayya
I will make ma have this kada

utts: ji bhabhi

@sid room

utts entrs nd she doesn’t find him nd she keeps tea near his dressing table.
she is abt to leave but collides with sid who just cm frm washroom.she is abt to fall but he holds her by waist.both share a eyelock.aftr sm tym both cmpose themself.

utts is shocked c him shirtless.she closes her eyes nd turns
utts: I didn’t see anything

she runs frm there.sid smiles at her
he goes to change.

as utts want to sleep with sumi.both swaragini goes to sleep in their respective room

@rags room
she is unable to sleep . she is countinuesly changing her position.she sees sm shadow cmng to her.
she is abt to shout.but smone cups her mouth.

lights cm .it was lakah.

rags: laksh ap
laksh: yup

she is abt to say but he kissess on her lips gently.she clutches his shirt
he takes her in arms nd takes her to terrace


rags is teary eyed to c d view.thousands of srry is hanging on.lots of ballons on which sorry written on d floor.a big teddy is placed in d middle who holds a love shaded card in which AM SRY MY JAAN.PLZ FORGIVE ME. I LOVE UUUU MY RAGS.WILL U FORGIVE ME written on it

she looks back nd finds laksh on his knees

laksh: sry rags.i know I hurt u.sry my dr.i splashed out my frustration on u.u was worried abt me .u just want to keep me healthy.i know u always cared abt me.when u steped as a wife in my lyf.u always lived for me.u alwsys thinks abt me .sry rags u always proved u as gud wife, lover.but am very bad hubby .plz forgive me my jaan.i can’t live without ur smiling face.

rags holds his nd make him stand nd hugs him tightly. he too hugs her back

rags:who said u that u r s bad hubby.u r world’s best hubby.u love me morethan ureself.
sry lsksh.i pretend to be angry with u.i just want that u just patch up with me.just hug me nd kiss me . That’s enough for me.i was hurt laksh becoz my laksh shouted on me for d first tym.but I know that u r just tensed abt d project.i forgive u when u huged meystrday nyt. if I am angry with then I should not have wish u all d best in d mng. u r my lyf laksh.i can not imagine my lyf without u.u know I spend this day like hell.i just want to hug u laksh.

she kissess on his forehead

they break d hug
rags: what abt d deal
laksh: we got it
rags:I knew it my hubby is d best. kk .nw u go
I will cm day aftr tommorrow.
laksh: no ways .aj mein apni sasural mein soungi
rags: par laksh
laksh: no par var.am going to spend my nyt with u here only.nd that’s final

laksh takes her in his arm nd goes to rags room.
he places her on d bed.he thein kissess on her forehead then lips

laksh: may I? he winks @her
she hugs him shyly.laksh smiles nd turns of d switch

episode ends

precap: raglak nd swasan romance.sid begins to fall for utts

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