raglak ek pyaar ki kahanii chapter 49

guyys thanks for d cmmnts.i know only few cmmnts but am happy that I have regular readers for my ff

recap: chiller party @water falls

scene shows ragsan

sanky: rags u know we lost our lucky aftr that incident .every one tried their best to bring him back.but couldn’t.
pari bhabhi succeded in making him normal .we even lost mom smile.dad’s scolding our siblings fight
but ur smile, love ,concern brought him back rags.
ragini: it’s was past jiju let us forget all what happend
past is passed
they smiles nd share a hug

near car
laksh takes water bottle nd swalak goes to others
swara: thank u jiju .for making my rag happy.
laksh: no her presence makes me happy
swara: u know jiju rags never shows her feeling to others.
laksh: I know
swara: thank u for being with her when payal tried to harm her.she was collapsed from inside.but ur love brought her smile back.
laksh: u know swara.she pretend to be strong infront me when that all drama occured for support me.
u r sis is my precious gift frm god.she accepted me with my all flaws nd flaults.he never asked me abt my past.she shown trust on our love nd relationship in that tym.her trust on our relationship made it more stronger.
I promise u swara I will keep ur sis happy forever

swara: oh jijuu u loves her so much
plz teach ur bro to express his love .
he always fight with me for silly things.
both laugh

@nyt everyone @ dining table

adi: papa our US client is cming tomeets us aftr 3 days.so we should go back as soon as possible.

sanky: ya sm important files r pending

shekhar: durga can we go back tomorrow naa

dp: yupp me nd shekhar will go nd handle them.u guyys plz enjoy
adi: no pa we r also cmng with u.we enjoyed a lot here
dp: then its kkk naa ap ji
ap: han jii
laksh: pa let me check abt availability of seat???

After sm tym laksh informs them that d flight is tomorrow aftrnoon nd they will reach by evng

all cmplte theire dinner.
ap: girls go nd pack ur bags
utt: ma we will spend sm tym together then we will pack.its our last nyt here.plz let us enjoy

sumi: u guyys enjoy we all r tired.we will go nd sleep
ap we can do packing in d mng na
let children spend sm tym together

apdp nd shekhsumi goes to sleep

utt sid raglak swasan nd parish sit together.

utt: can we play dumsharads
sid: what is it?
utt: let me explain.
me u nd swara bhabhi nd sanky bhayya on one side remaing on other sid.one of them call a person frm our group.and say any film name on ears.u should express it in ur gesture.u should convey it through action
one thing u can’t open ur mouth.got it

sid:okk lets starts.

utts calls pari frm d other side nd tell her name pari convey d name through her expression.raglak can’t understand it .but adi : I think meine pyaar ki ya
pari (shoutsin excitement): yupppp we won.
she hugs nd kissess him on cheek.

next swara is called adi said her film name nd she tries to convey d name nd sanky gives d answer.
sanky: I think it dilwale dulhaniya legayengeee

swara: u r right mr.hubby
sanky(shows his cheek for a kiss) : thanku
swara avoids him.nd everyone laugh.

next turn is for rag swara whispers a film name her ear

rags point towards her then to laksh nd she holds her hand together
laksh (smiles): rab ne baba di joodi

rags: u r ryt. rag goes nd sit with him.he gives her side hug

adi, pari, sanky in mind god plz keep raglak smile nd give them a happy bright future together

sanky: I told u swara.lucky will get it easily.becoz of u we lost
swara: oh then u should have told her any name
they began their fight

uttsid raglak parish together: stop it

then its utts turn lucky whispered a film name to her

utts: its cheating bhai
hw can I do it?
laksh winks @ her
parish: u have to do dr

utts tries to convey the name.but swasan are unable to understand

sanky: utts yar show it properly na
swara: don’t make her tense.she will do it

raglak starts to count 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3,

suddenly sid: mujse shaadi karrogiii.???
utt: yupp yaar

she goes nd hug him.
everyone shocked with her action. then smiles

swara: waw bhai
u preposed her infront of her brothers
sid: no yaar I just said d film name
rag: nice excuse bhabhi.u took d advantage of d game
not bad

everyone teases utts nd sid.

screen freezes d smiling faces of utsid, raglak, parish, swasan

precap: sid starts falling for utts

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