raglak ek pyaar ki kahanii chapter 47

recap: pari teases raglak.raglak nd swasan romance

in d mng
@hotel room

rags is getting ready in her room.she makes her hair.she just had her mangalsuthra and sindoor .but she looks beautiful.

laksh cm frm bath room aftr having bath.he is humming a song.he just had a towel on his waist.
he looks rags nd goes and hugs her

laksh: good mng sweet heart♥
rags: gud mng hubby.
she nptices that he just had a towel on his waist

rag: chee laksh.u r standing infornt of me like this.
laksh: what u r my wife
rags(by closing her eyes): go and change na plzzz

laksh: why r closing ur eyes.u saw me like this before.even more than this.
rags get shy nd hides her face in his chest.

laksh gently passess his hand under rags saadi.his fingers r playing in her bare belly.rags feels butterflies in her stomach.
she pushes him nd goes he holds her hand .pull her towards him.her back is facing him.he removes her hair frm her back.he kissess her on her bare back.rags clutches her saadi .he again kissess her neck ,shoulder.

rags turns and hug him.he takes her in his am.walk towards d beds.he make her lyn on d bed .he too leans over her.he slowly kissess her on her fore head.their lips meet passionately nd she gently massages his bare back.he slowly removes her saadi nd wraps them in blanket ( aftr that all u know).love blossoms♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

@swasan room
both r lyning on bed wrapped by a sheet.their fingers r playing with each other nd ther in each others arm
sanky: what abt yestrerday nyt?
swara: what happenf in last nyt (she wqnt to tease him)
sanky: let me remind u again
swara: no wayyyy
she gets up.but he drags her nd get intimate again with her.

both utt nd sid is walking while searching on their phone.both collides nd she is abt to fall she clossess her eyes.

she slowely opens her eyes nd found her in sid arm.both r lost in each others she feels smthng special.he also get a weird feeling.both r disturbed by ap’s call for breakfast

@breakfast table
everyone having breakfast .laksh is countinuely looks at rags nd rag ask him to stop through eyes .

both sid utt take same curry together. their hand meets nd they share an eye lock.
utts takes her hand and allow sid to take d curry. both smiles awkwardly

@ washing area

pari: rags I don’t know that my choti deverani ji nd chote dever ji r very obedient.
rags: why bhabhi?
pari: yesterday nyt I told u to give me a promtion nd u both started working on it

rags get shy
rags: bhabhii
pari: rags there is love mark on ur waist nd ask laksh to clean his neck as there is a lip mark on his neck

rags: ohhhh
pari: but rags still I want a promotion
swara: promotion???
pari: u can also give me a promotion not only me even ma ,pa ,adi ,sanky ,raglak aaryan, sumi ma ,skekhar pa ,dadi nd dadaji

swara gets confused nd looks @pari
pari: by getting a new family member.chottasa nanhasa payyarasa swasan .by the way u r second on d line
swara gets shy.swaragini pari share a laugh nd hug.

@ breakfast table

sanky whispers in laksh ears.
sanky: my little bro enjoying d honeymoon very well.oh I got d thing.yesterday swara was telling me that rags was not getting nice sleep.

laksh looks confused.

sanky: now I got d reason.u r not letting her sleep.u r making her nyt so long.not nyt only mng also.

laksh: hw do u get know

sanky: are pagal there is a lipstick mark on ur neck.

adarsh: sanky don’t tease him even u have a nail mark on ur wrist.

sanlak nd adi laughs nd share cute hug.

screen freezes on d smiling faces of swaraginipari nd sanlakadi seperaletly.

precap: not yet decided

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