raglak ek pyaar ki kahanii chapter 45


sry guys for late update.

recap: both maheshwaries nd gagodias gone for a family trip to kerala

aftr few hrs they all reached kerala.
a man cm to them

man: sir my self nikhil.i am here to take u to hotel.
dp: kkk.hw much tym will take to reach hotel
man: abt half an hour sir

ap: pari beta.give aaryan to me.u may got tired
pari: no ma I will handle him

dp: me ap sumi shekhar sid nd utt will cm by this car.remaining all will cm by other
sanky : ji papaaa

ap dp sumishekhar sits in d middle seat.both utts nd sid is going to sit in back seat.both holds d door togther.nd share an eyelock.both lost in each others eyes.

ap: sid utts get in

2nd car.
both paarish r busy with aaryan.where swara is sleeping in sanky’s lap
rag is observing nature.she feel d cool breeze.

laksh hugs her frm back.
laksh: oh my lady love is busy in enjoying nature’s beauty
rags: laksh took at this.there is green every where
laksh: u liked it?
rags: no I loved it

par:hmmm hmmm.we are also here
adi: why r u getting jealous seeing them huging.i will hug u na
pari: thodi tho sharam karoo.ur both brothers nd their wife r with us.
adi: they r busy with their lady love.then why can’t I???

laksh: look at this swasan
rags: made for each other . sleeping like kumbh karnan

all laugh.sanky wake up by d sound
sanky: reached ???
adi: nooo .15 min more
sanky: gud nyt nd sleep

all smiles seeing his childish behaviour.adi and laksh romance with their respective wife.

ind firsst car.

utts nd sids r sitting opposite to each other.they smiles looking at each other . suddenly car stops . due sudden break both fall on each other accidentally their lips meet.both got shocked nd get separated

dp: what happened.??
driver: sir a small cat was on road .so I just want to save it
sry sir
ap: its kkk

both sidut feels awkward to look each other.both r trying hard to avoid an eyecontact.but their heart want to stare each othersss

all reach hotel.all went to respective room nd got ready .cm back for lunch.
their had kerala food nd all r very happy to had such a wonderful lunch.
they went to site seeing.

all r sitting in park.dp ap shekhar nd sumi chitt chatting.aryaan is sleeping in ap’slap

pari nd adi is walking nd talking.where swasan is busy in shopping.raglak is also goes to shop near park.rag is looking for sm earing.she likes one but she just keep looking nd went frm there.

both raglak r drinking tender coconut
lakah: I min I forget my phn with ma .I will get it
rags: cm fast

swasan in a teddy shop.swara wanted to buy a big one
swara: I need it sanky
sanky: look at u is this is d age to play with teddies he laughs
she makes face nd goes frm there

sanky cm behind her.and gives teddy to her
swara: thank u
sanky: not this I need smthng elese
swara bites on sanky’s face nd run frm there.
sanky: I won’t leave u. he ran behind her.he holds her and drags her to corner.

both r breathing hevily.he is abt to kiss her.she keeps teedy beteween them
sanky: what is this nw
swara: we r in public place
sanky: kk I will take it in d nyt sure.
no one can save u at nyt.
he gives a naught looks

swara: who want to be saved
she runs frm there.sanky smiles at her

on other side

rags is waiting for laksh near d river .he cm nd hugs

she is abt to shout.he holds her mouth
laksh: its me
rags: u scared me

he makes her wear those earing which she liked a lot.
he also make her wear a ring in which their name wrote together RAGLAK

rags hugs him
rag: thank u.love u dr
laksh: love u too
but ragss I need a return gift

she kissess on his lips.he is shocked by her action.she runs frm there.

at river side utts is sitting in bridge near river

sid cm to her nd aits beside her
sid: hi utts
utts: hai
sid: sry uttara .I did not do it intensionally
utts: do not say sry it was not ur mistake.it was an accident .do not feel guilty sir
sid: can we becm frnd
utts: but u r my sir na.
sid: am also ur bhabh’s bro na.
utts: kk sir
sid: don’t call me sir
utts:but u r my teacher na.
sid: we r frnds.so call me sid
utts: can I call u sid jii
sid: its sounds better than sir.

both talk for hrs nd nw both r comfortable with each other. they r behaving like their frnds frm yrs

utts: can we go nw
sid: ya sure.
utts gets up but slips and falls on d river
sid also jump to river inoder to save her.
he saves her nd she takes her to hotel

everyone is shocked to c an uncousious uttara in sid’s arms.
screen freezes on d tensed faces of all

precap: utts nd sid feels for each other.but did not realized it.parish raglak nd swasan romance.

Credit to: arshi

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