raglak ek pyaar ki kahanii chapter 43

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Recap: [email protected] maheswari mansion and happy family tym.
In d mng
[email protected] dining table
dp: tho salank nd swaragini beta.so what u guys decided? Where u wanted to go?
Laksh: papa we all want a happy family trip
Ap: par beta
Utts: bhai.apki honeymoon par hamari kya kam?
Laksh holds her ears
Utts: awwwchhh leave me bhayya.bhabhi plz tell him
Sanky: first sry bole
Utts: sry nd makes a puppy face.
Swara: papa we can go for family trip. Without u guys hw can we enjoy
Rags: after payal’s drama everyone need sm fresh air.
Dp: so teek hai.vaise hi hoga jaise mere betiyan chahthee hai
Swaragini: thank u papa
Pari: papa can we invite swaragini’s family too
Dp: ya of course beta. Ask ur family also
Pari: papa they r out of town
Dp: then it is decided our family is going to hang out
Utts: laksh bhai.will u drop [email protected] clg
Laksh: cm on yaar

Everyone is leaves for office,all ladies get back to kitten nd utts goes for her clg

@utts clg
She is walking on her college corridor. She is abt to enter librabry.she collides with smone and she is abt to fall but he holds her nick of tym.
He is memorized to c her
She compose herself
Utts:plz leave me
He leaves her nd she sit down to take books.he also looks helps her.she takes her nd excuses her self and goes frm there.

@ utta class
Utts is chatting with her frnds. Suddenly smone enters d class. Students keeps silent.
Utts got surprised it is the same guy she met @ libarary
He turns to amir ali
Sid: hey guys am siddhartth waderaa.ur new psycology teacher
While taking class he again and again looks at utts nd she also does the same

Ap: swaragini I just called sumiji.ur parents agreed to cm with us for d picnic
Swara: really?????????????????
Ap hugs her: haammm dr
Ap: ur papa told me that we r going to kerala.
Pari:kerala.it is a very gud place.i went there during my clg daysss.
Rag: I too heard that place is renouned as “gods on country”
Ap: we will by tomorrow evng. Go and pack ur bags dr princess.
Swarapari: ma we want to do sm shopping
Ap: sure u go
Rag: no ma.u r also cmng with us
Ap:kk then.
In d evng
All ladies cm after shopping with lots of bags.adisanlak and dp too joins them
Ap: ji app aj jaldi aa gayiii
Dp: ya any problem?
Ap: no ji. one min I will give u tea.
Utts: ma u guys sit .i will make it for u all
She goes to kitchen

Suddenly doorbell rings
Rags open the door and is surprised to c d guy
Rags: sid bhayyaaa nd hugs him.
swara too runs to him and hugs him.all r looked confused where as sanlak feels jealousy
Sid: plz let me cm in
Swaragini: ya sure
Sid: Namaste uncle and aunty. He takes blessing frm ap nd dp
Swara: he is sid bhayya. He is our cousin.
Rags: he is our chacha’s son
Dp: ohh u r manohar’s son
Sid: ya uncle
Swara: but bhayya. U didn’t tell me that u r coming to meet kolkatta.
Sid: ya. I want to give u a surprise
Rags: but we are angry with u bhayya. U did not cm to our mrg.
She makes her face.
Swara: me too bhayya
Sid: by the way am in USA so I did not cm.sryyy my dr dolls
Swara: we r angry with u
Sid: then kk.so I will leave now
He is abt to leave.both swaragini holds his hand and stop him
Swara: not that much easily. We have to give him a punishment.
Rag: but what?
Laksh: he have to cm with us to kerala
Sid: sry . I cann’t. I joined today only.hw can I take leave so sosn
Swaragini: then okk.v will not talk to u
Sid : okk baba. I will cm with u

Utts cm there with tea. She is amused to c sid there.
Utts: sir . u r here????
He [email protected] her
Everyone looks confused at utts nd sid
Screen freezes on the smiling face of sid, amused face of utts and confused faces of remaining all

Precap: both gagodia and maheswari family in kerala. Fun on swinggggggggggggggggggggg

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