raglak ek pyaar ki kahanii chapter 42


Recap: raglak and parish romancre.

@mm In d mg
Everyone is busy in Pooja preparation.
pari: swara can u help me in preparing bhog?
rag: I already prepared it
pari: thanks rags. I was making aaryan ready.
Swara: rags, Bhabhi we can arrange mandir naaaaa
Rags: haa
Swaragini pari decorates mandir and arrange the Pooja thali.
Ap cm to them
Ap: arrey vaa my daughters did it well
Plz get ready soon pandith ji is on d way.i will make bhog
Swara: rags already made it
Pari: plz check everything once.
Ap: donot wry pari. thum log kiya tho sab kuch teek hi hogaa
Pari: phir bhi maaaa

Ap:u people u get ready .i will handle everything here.
@raglak room
Ragini enters d room.she found a gift in bed.she opens it and happy to find a pink coloured beautiful sari along with a chit. In d chit it was written that “for my sweet nd beautiful wife.”a smile cm on her lips nd goes to change.
@swasan room
Swara is struggle with her saadi. Swara: oh god who invented this saadi.
I have to wear it as ma gifted me this
sanky enters frm bathroom by wearing a bath towel.
He is cm to her
Sanky: can i?
Swara: of course hubby
Sanky makes her wear saadi.he hugs him.
Swara: thank u dr
Sanky: do not like this. I want………………………….
He points towards his cheek. She smiles nd bites on his cheek
Swara pushes him nd ran frm there.
Sanky: I won’t leave u .he runs behind her. He catches her .and pins her against the wall.
He kisses on her cheek.then lips he hugs him tightly
Swara: love u dr hubby
Sanky: me tooo

They lost in each others.they compose them self by the knock at the door
Pari: swara cm on fast. Ur ma ba is cm
Swara: ji Bhabhi
Sanky goes to change and swara gets redy and goes to down staires.

@raglak room
Rags is getting ready.laksh enters d room by wearing sherwani which matches rag’s saadi.he is memorized to c her. He cm to her nd hugs her
Laksh: u looks pretty in this saadii
Rags: thank u for such anice gift. U also looks handsm in this sherwani.
He makes her wear mangalsutra nd he fills her maang with sindoor.he also put a kamarbhandhan around her waist. He then makes her wear her chain( which have a pending in which RL typed together. He gifted it her before marriage.)
She ask to close his eyes.and makes him wear a watch
Rags: do u like it
Laksh: I just loved it.thank u dr wifeyyy

When did u buy it
Rags: I was buyed it give u on our mrg day. But I forgot. So
He kisses her on her forehead.both goes down
Swaragini cm to sumi and shekhar
Both hug their parents.sanlak takes their blessing
Ap: where is dida and maaji
Sumi: they went to my sister’s place
Shekhar: where is dp?
Dp: am here only.everyone is happy to c him back
Everyone sits for Pooja. Pandithji chants sm manthraths. Everyone does arathi as a couple.swaragini distributes aarathi to every one.
Aftr Pooja everyone is sitting nd chatting
Shekhar: hw was d deal dp?
Dp: we got it

Ap: plz stop this office talk hm.atleat spend sm tym with ur family
Laksh: pap ma is getting jelousy.plz spend sm tym with her too
Ap: badmaash.ap holds his ears nd rags laughs .he looks at her with fake anger.she hold her ears and say sryyy
Dp: u r right dr son.a going spend my tym with ur ma. Shekhar I decided to retire .and I am going to handover the company to my 3 sons
Shekhar: that’s gud news. Am also going to retire in 5 mnths. Then I will also enjoy with my wife
Sumi: shut up ji.apki betiyan nd jamayiii are here
Salankadi: no way papa.u r still young . u can handle our business very well
Pari: papa ye kam chor apko maska lag raha hai. Becoz all responsibilities will cm to them
Ap: and they will not get much tym to romance.
Sanlak ,swaragini and parish got stunned by ap’s words. Where as utts,dpap and sumishekhar smiles at them
Laksh: not fair maa

By the way. Papa if ur retiring then u can think abt ur second honeymoon.
Everyone laughs.
Utts: by the way papa .bhai is hinting that he want to go to honeymoon. He want remember us that we have to send them soon.
Laksh: Uttara ki bachi. I will not leave you.
Utts runs here and there.laksh chases her.utts goes nd hug d putts: paa save me
Laksh: no way papa.
Dp: plz forgive our little princess laksh.
Laksh: I will see u later
Utts shows him naughty faces
Ap:but. Utt is right we have to send them

Dp: u guys decide and tell us
Adi: I will book tickets
Ap: wise adi bhi ye soch raha hoga kash meri bhi shaadi abi hotha thooo
Everyone laughs
Parish: maaaa
Screen freezes on d smiling faces of everyone

Precap: utts in her clg coridoor nd she accidenty collides withsmone

Guys thanks for ur cmmnts. Plz suugest sm places for swsan and raglak honeymoon. Plz tell me the best and worst part of my this chapter

Credit to: arshi

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