raglak ek pyaar ki kahanii chapter 41

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Recap: everyone teases raglak
Rags calls sumi
Rags: maaa why r u?
Sumi: without our princess we r feeling so low. But I can feel happiness in my ladoo’s voice
Rags thinks abt last nyt.and smiles.
Rags: ha ma am very happy hear. But I miss u all.
Sumi: we too dr.where is swara beta?
Rags: she went temple with maaa
Sumi: beta where is laksh? U r happy with him naaa
Rags: maa he is fine. Am very happy with him. He cares very much abt me. He always makes me smile

Sumi: am very happy for my daughters. U both got such a wonderful family and loving husband
Suddenly laksh hugs rags frm back.
Rags: what r u doing laksh? Ma is in d line
Laksh: u carry on with ur chatting .am just hugging naaa

Sumi hears them and feels very happy.
Rags: maa.where is baba?
Sumi: we went to out of town.dadi and dida went to ur maasi’s palace.
Laksh kisses on rags neck.she is stunned by his action
Sumi: ladoo convey ma regards to ap jiii.
Ladoo r u there?????????
Rags pushes laksh
Rag: ji maaa
Sumi :smiles kk bye dr.

Rags: bye ma by the way countinue d romace with ur hubby dr
Sumi laughs and cuts call.
Rags looks @ laksh with fake anger
Rags: what r u doing
Laksh: I donot think romancing with ur own wife is not a crime.

Rags turns to go .he pulls her towards him him.
Rags ‘s back is facing him.laksh kisses on her neck
Rags(in a low voice) : leave me laksh
He drags her more closer.He puts his hands under her saadi nd now his fingers is playing in her belly. Rags feels butterflies in her stomach.
He takes her to bed.
He places her on bed nd leans over her
Rags: laksh door is open
Laksh: I closed it ong back dr
Rags: laksh may be ma is calling me
Laksh: ma went to temple wih swara Bhabhi.
Rags: I have to make lunch
Laksh: pari Bhabhi in d kitchen dr

Rags: i
He keeps his finger on her lips
Laksh: shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
No more excuses.
He gently kisses on her lips. He feels her lips asa rose peta.she is caring his hair. Kiss lasts for few mins.he kisses on her neck.he takes of her pallu.kissess all over her body.he then wraps them in ablanket.lol( aftr u all know)

@parish room
Pari is making aryaan ready .adi is lying down near her
Pari: u r becmng naughty day by day aaryan.
Adi: just like ur maa.m
She also becms naughty with ur maaa

Pari: shut up. U r father of adiii
Adi: so what. Cann’t tease u.
If we will not becm naughty.hw will he get his sis to play with him.he naa aryaan
Adi wink [email protected] pari
Pari: ohooo u r planning for another babyyy.
First u manage aryaan and she gives him aaryan and goes to kitchen.
Adi: ohhoo now aaryan going to play with papa haa
Adi plays with arryan and sm tym aftr both fall asleep.

Aftr sm tym pari cm to her room.she smiles @adi and aaryan who is sleeping together.she makes them properly lay down.she kisses on their forehead.
Pari: jise papa vaise beta

Thank u adi for making me to fell the happiness of motherhood. She is abt to get up adi pulls her towards him
Adi: if u want then I can make u fell again and again.
Pari hits on his chest nd both hugs

@hall ap and swara cm just frm mandir
Rags: swara ma .plz have water
Ap: thank u beta
I kept a Pooja in home tomorrow mng.swaragini invite ur parents also. No I will make call to sumi ji.
Swara: ji maaaa
Sankar cm to hall nd he ask swara to cm to room through gestures.
Swara replays no through her eyes.

He insists.but she is not ready to go
She ask him to goo
Ap notices this.ap: swara beta go to ur room. My son is trying hard to call u
Swara get shocked. Ap: sanky u can take her to room.no need of action dances. Everyone looks at swasan and lughs.while swsan feels embarrassed.
Screen freezes on d faces of swasn.

Precap:Pooja at maheswari mansion.

Plz give suggestion for utt’s herooooooo. Thnk u once again for ur support and love. Ur cmmnts always make me smile. I know only few raglak ff r here. So I will not end this in a hurry. I will keep try my best to give u nice chapters. Plz forgive me for silly mistakes. Guys am not enough good to write romantic scenes.i will give more import to relationship. Becoz its mean a lot to meeeeeeee.

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