raglak ek pyaar ki kahanii chapter 39


guyss I feel my ff getting boring day by day.i will end it soon .I always got less cmmnts frm d beging. am happy that I got sm regular readers.but now I feel to end this soon.

recap: all maheswari family arranged a dinner date for raglak.


laksh ask rags for a dance aftr cmplting their dinner.rags complies.both dances romantically on theri merii songgg
both r lost in each others eyes

suddenly a rain drop falls on rag nose.its starts raining.laksh runs nd stand under the roof.
rag enjoys d rain.she dances like a kid.laksh is memorized to c her.
rag: laksh cm have fun
laksh: no plz cm rag.other wise u will get fever
rags: noway
rags drags laksh to d rain.and both enjoys rain nd laksj holds her by waist.keeps his hand on her drenched belly nd both dances with d tune of rain falling.mohabath barsade thuuu plays in bgm.

@ mm
parish swasan dpap utts are chit chatting
swara: I will tease jiju nd rags in d mngg
pari: me tooo swara
asi: lets make sm plan.they discuss d plan.it is mutted
ap: enough of ur plannings go nd sleep

@ swasan room
both enters d room and get shocked to c d room decorated
swara: sankyy u did it.u always want to romance.but I like it
sanky: one min.i didn’t do it
parish: we did it
u both want to give u surprise.
pari: adi let give them sm private tym.donot be kabab mein haddi
adi: all d best sankyyy
pari: I kept a gift for u swara in d cupboard nd winks at swara

@parish room
parish also shocked c their room decorated
both look confused
ap: hw us ur surprise.i heard u r fiscussing to give swasan a surprise.so I thought to give u .aftr aryan cm u don’t get much tym to spend
pari: but ma
ap:no but vut.give aryan to me.today my prince will sleep with his grand ma.
ap goes frm there.
adi bolts d door
hugs pari frm back.she too hugs him.he carries her to bed nd they get intimate.

@swasan room
swara cm frm bathroom wearing a pink knee length dress.sanky gets memerized to her.
sanky: u r hot swara
swara blushes
sanky: I don’t want to waste tym.he takes her in his arm nd carries to bed.he too leans on her.light goes off they get intimate.

@hotel room
laksh carries her in his arm .place her in bed.he kissess on on her forehead.she tightly hugs him.she pushes him goes towards d window.
he cm behind her.he removes hair frm her back .nd kissess her on her back, neck,waist ,belly. nd drags her more closer.

he takes her in his arm.places in bed.he cm close to her.he looks her at her shivering lips.he kissess on her lips rags clutches bed sheet.he feels his lips r meeting a rose petal.he cm more closer.she closes her eyes

he whispers in her ear: can we take another step In our relationship
she huged him tightly.
he kissess on her every parts.rags felt butterflies in her stomach .
now rags on laksh she kisses on his forehead , lips, eyes.

he removes her saadi slowely nd ahe takes off his shirt.he wraps both of them in a blanket.lights goes off
they get intimate

screen freezes on d burning diya in raglak room

precap: everyone teases raglak

Credit to: arshi

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  1. This was truely a superb scene fantastic I like ? this very much is this updates is going to happen in the serial if it happens then the show will be amazing but agar yeh update jhootha hai to pls isko serial Mein dekhayo we want to see this in the serial plz plz plz???

  2. Ayyo raglak

  3. Superb dear ur ff is very nice…pls keep it up

  4. Plz don’t end it i lyk ur ff. I’m a silent reader n i regularly follow it u write very well

  5. pls don’t stop…its awesome

  6. Superb . Plz don’t end it

  7. Hey pls don’t end it yaar… ur ff is really awesome… don’t go on the cmts thr r many silent readers… im a regular of ur ff but couldn’t cmt regularly bcos im in hurry somtimes… n thr r only few ff on raglak n ur is one of those… so plzzzz continue write for raglak fans lik me dear… it’s a request…

  8. Dont stop it yar

  9. nice plz dnt end it

  10. From 1st to now u kept going very well so continue it… so many people’s were silently me to starting we have commented to encourage by stopped to continue the comments so for dnt feel bad & pls go on it.. today’s was really very romantic by 3 of them also but somewhere it brings me a smile on my face…

  11. It was shoooooo cute

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