raglak ek pyaar ki kahanii chapter 38

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recap: laksh nd rags consoles each other

in d mng
swaragini r shown singing bhajan in d in house temple . Every one gather there for aarathi.swara gives prasad to everyone one.every one notices that rags lost in herthoughts

swara shakes rags
swara: where r u lost
rags: nthng swara
swara: ohhh my rags begins to hide things frm me
rags: no swara .I just thinking abt past few days incidents
swara: plz forget it rags.if u becm week then hw will u make laksh get rid of d past
rags: u r right swara. nd she smiles
laksh cm to mandir.swara goes frm there as sanskar calls her

both raglak prays by closing their eyes.

rags in her mind: god plz help me to bring my laksh hapiness back.i just need his happiness. I will not ask u anythng if he get his happiness

laksh in his mind: god don’t make my rags cry.i can’t tolerate her tears.if smthng happenes to her I feel pain in my heart.plz give her what she wants.i don’t need anythng for me.plz keep her happy


sujatha nd avinnash cm with their bags
ap: what is this suj.u r going
avinash: ji mami ji.we r going.
dp: plz don’t go
suj: no bhaisaaa I must leave.only becoz me raglak bear so much in past few daysss
plz let me goo.
she cries
ap consoles her
dp: if u want to go then I allow on one condition u should cm here to tie rakhi to me
suj:surely bhaisaaa

suj cm to raglak nd folds her hand
suj: plz forgive me

rags holds her hand plz buajiii don’t fold ur hand.what happend is not ur fault. it’s in d hand of god.
laksh: plz buajii.plz don’t blame urself for payal

avinnash: laksh plz forgive me alsooo
laksh hugs avinaash
laksh: don’t say this bhaiii.u r not at fault

aftr breakfast suj nd avinnash leaves for d airport.

in d evening
laksh gets msg frm ragini to neet @ crown elegance (hotel).rags also get a same msg frm laksh

both cm to hotel and receptionist ask them go to pool side.
both cm to pool side.its beautifully decorated with lights.a tablet is arranged for a dinner. a lots floating candles on d pool nd romandic song in d bgm.rags is surprised to c the pool side

rags hugs him: thank u laksh for the surprise
laksh: I didn’t do it.u msged me to meet u
rag: no laksh .I got a msg frm u to meet u.both look confused

suddenly laksh gets a call frm swara.
swara: hw is d surprise jijuuuu.?
laksh put phn on loud speaker.
rags: it was ur idea

swasan, parish, utts, dpap: no it was our idea.
sanky:u guyys enjoyy
pari:all the best
adi: I booked a room tooo.plz get d keyes frm reception
utts: byeeeee

aftr disconnecting call.laksh looks at her.nd pulls a chair for her make her sit for dinner. a waiter cm there nd gives d keysss.
both enjoyes their dinner.rags feels extreme happy nd says: I love u laksh
laksh: love tooo dr

screen freezes on smiling faces of raglakk

precap: any guess

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