raglak ek pyaar ki kahanii chapter 37


so sry guys for such a late update.i was busy with my studies then I was hospitalized .so I couldn’t uplod

recap: payal truth cm out

rags cm to her room.and she breaks down on d floor.she cries vigorously
rag: why god.what wrong my laksh did.why r u testing him again and again.i just asked u his happiness.plz don’t make his past rule over him again.plz give my part of happiness to him nd give his pain to me.i can’t c him in such a state.

suddenly smone keeps hands on her shoulder. she looks back bd find laksh behind her.she wipes her tears

laksh: am sry rags.becoz me only u have to suffer a lot.plz forgive me.i promised to keep u safe nd happy .but I can’t. am world’s worst husband naaa

rags keeps her finger on his lips
rags: who told these.u r my lyf.plz forget these as bad dream.for me plz

he hugs her tightly .laksh: rags thum muche ithna pyyar kyom karthe hooo
rags 🙁 with out breaking hug) u r my breath lyf soul.how can I live with out my soul

he kisses on her forehed nd he kissess on her eyes.
both sat down .rags keeps her head on his shoulder.he hugs her closer.they sat there for more tym

rag: cm on have dinner
lk: no rags.i don’t want to eat u go and have dinner
rag: no with out u I will not have a drop of water

lk: no way.u r going to have ur dinner.i will make u eat with hand

he goes nd get food for them.they feed eqch other nd goes to sleep

in swasan room
swara is standing bear d window.sankar cm nd hugs her frm back.she turns nd hugs him back

sanky feel wet on his chest.he makes her sit nd gives her water.
swara: why sanky all this happening with my sis???
if anythng happened to her.i can’t even think abt itt
sanky: swara plz stop crying . don’t wry.laksh is there for her na.she is his lyf.he will keep her safe
swara: mmm .why god is giving jiju these much of pain.
sanky hugs her.sanky: if u r behaving like this.who will cheer up lucky and rags

in raglak room
raglak in laying down on d bed rags keeps her head on his chest.laksh is holsing her tightly.

rags: laksh u know every girl want a hubby who hace d qualities of her dad.u knw am lukcy to gwt u as my hubby.u always cares me like my dad.i feel protective when am in ur arms

he hugs her nd says: no am lucky to have u as my wife.u always think abt me.u r living here for me.u stood with me.thank u for being my better half.

she kissess on his neck.laksh kissess on neck lips nd forehead.
laksh: can we have a fresh stars rags frm tomorrow.
laksh hugs her tight and both sleep.

precap: raglak romantic date

Credit to: arshi

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