raglak ek pyaar ki kahanii chapter 34


Hey guys I never thought to write these many chapters . Ur love nd support made me to continue the story. i do not want any negativity in my ff. Soon I will end this payal’s drama. I assure that I will not drag my ff.
Recap: in house temple got fire nd everyone tries to control d fire nd save ragss
Ap: laksh do smthng save my daughter
Utts swara pari adi pours wter on the fire.lakshs manages to get in the temple.he found rags unconscious on the floor.he takes her out .meanwhile sanky and reaming family stop d fire.
Laksh: rags open ur eyes
Sanky:lucky takes her to room .i will call d doctor
In d room. doctor examines rags and tells: she is ok nw .she is fainted due to the smoke. I gave her injection. She will sleep for sm tym then she will be perfectly all right
Lk: thank u doctor sab
Sanky: doctor plz cm
Dp cmes there and ap describes everything to him
Dp: is she fine now
Swara: ji papaji.doc gave her injection
Ap: by the way payal.u r also with her na beta.hw suddenly temple got fire?
Payal gets tensed but she manages to hide it frm everyone
Payal: am not there when temple got fire. I was talking to avinaash ji in d garden. I suddenly head d shouting of rags. I ran towards temple. Aftr this u all know naa
Dp: laksh u sit with her. Everyone plz go ur room.

Ap: let her sleep fr sm tym. Payal utts pari swara cm with me.
Everyone goes .at door steps payal looks back nd smirks seeing d tensed face of laksh.
Payal in her mind: here d count down starts laksh maheswari. Wait and watch. I will take revenge for ur every words. Reserve ur tears. Next I have to plan smtng big .u will not get enough tym to save ur rags.she smiles evily

@Swasan room
Swara is standing near the window nd lost in her thoughts.sanky cm
Sanky: swara plz pass the file on the table. She did not respond. He goes near her nd hugs her frm back swara cm in to her sense
Swara: sankar tum kab ayiii?
Sanky: when ur lost in ur thoughts. What happened dr? U r looking so worried.
Swara: sanskar I don’t know why? I don’t feel that temple got fire on naturally. I want to say that it is not an incident. I think it’s an well executed plan. I got scared to c rags in a condition. I can’t even imagine her with a small scratch also.
Sanky :ur thinking much abt her.whom will want to hurts my saali ji.do not think much dr
Swra: no sak

Sanky:no swara no more talk abt this.past is passed. Sh is fine is it enough for u?
Sansky hugs her.swara in her mind:I do not know sanskar hw to explain u. thank god for saving my rags. May be sansar is right am thinking my abt it. It may be an accident. Swara do not use ur brain much. She smiles nd hugs him back.
@raglak room
Laksh is looking at rags with teary eyed.he holds her hand. Rags so sorry.plz open ur eyes. I swear that dr everything should confront me before reaching u. I cannot see c u in such state. When u got hurt I feel d pain dr
Rags slowly opens her eyes.rags hugs laksh suddenly
Laksh: nthng will happen to you when I am with u dr.plz stop crying. I can’t c tears in ur eyes.
Rags:sry laksh. I donot Know-how mandir got fire.
Ap: its okk beta. U r safe. That is enough for us. We can make another mandir. Why r u worrying abt that incident both raglak breake their hug
Ap: by the waty I didn’t c anything. Plz close the door while romacing
Both raglak get embarrassed n dap laughs at them.
Rag: ma app plz cm in maa
Ap: I brought food for both of u.do not think much ab it forget about it. Think its as a bad dream. I never c my son with these much tensed face. Am happy for u rags.u changed my lucky.for me ur a gift of god frm heaven.
Lk: ohohooo
Ab she is ur angel I did not mean anything for u? Laksh makes puppy face
Ap: u r my raja beta
Swasan parish and utts: so we
Ap raglak looks at d door
Everyone cm in sit beside rags
Utts: so we r not ur children na
Ap: yaaa I have 3 princes nd 3 princes.one nautankiiii
Everyone laughs nd utts make puppy face. Ap hugs her children.ap in her mind plz god keep my children happy nd safe.payal saw this through the window
Payal to herself: oh family tym.enjoy as much u want. I will vanish all of ur smiles. Everyone have to pay for laksh’s words. Laksh maheswari I will snatch ur happiness, ur lyf rags. get ready to face consequences of rejecting me .she smirks
Screen freezes on the split view of happy faces of raglak, swasan,parish ap nd utts nd smirked face of payal.plz guys give ur suggestion

Precap: rags in d road.sm goon eve tease her.she shouts for help

hw is today chapter give your opinion. plz give suggestion. Ten only I can make d changes u want. Sry for d mistakes in d ff. I have wrote this during my breakfast tym in a hurry plz forgive me for my mistakes.thank u frnds fr ur valuable cmmnts in d previous chapter.thank u my readers.especially my regular readers and silent readers

Credit to: arshi

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