raglak ek pyaar ki kahanii chapter 31


Hwy guysss I was very upset abt d less cmmnts for my ff.but now am feeling extremly happy because of my regular readers.thank u every one.special thanks to my regular readers.

Story till d date: swaragini r daughter of sumi nd shekhar gagodia.swara is matured bubbly girl where as rags is a traditional Indian beauty.on d first day of their office they met with swalank who is their boss nd sons if great businesses man dp maheswari nd sp.bth swaragini r living with their parents dafi nd dida.where as maheswari family invuded sp , dp, elder don adarsh, his wife parineetha, swalank nd only daughter oc maheswari family utts aryan son of parish.

On d first meeting both the couple feels smthnv strange.destiny played imp role make raglak more closer.dp nd shekhar were frnds at clg.and they did nt met for long tym. At their meeting aftr abt 20 years they decided to change their fndshp in to relationship by mrg of swaragini with sanlak respectively.

On day before engagement laksh reveals his past to rags that he had lover whom he loved d most.but he was broken to pieces when he get to know she is aftr his mny. His bhabhi pati helped him a lot to get out frm d dilemma.
Story involved a lots of cute mmnt between raglak nd swasan.
The got married. Now sm unexpected incidents r going to happen..lets us c whether these incidence makes raglak bond weaker ya they becm more stronger

Recap:cute mmnts of raglak nd swasan.family tym @gh

In d mng
Rags is making tea in d kitchen.utta cm frm d back
Utts: boeww
Rags get scared nd by mistake milk fallls on her saari
Utts: sooo sry bhabhi.i just want to scare u
Rags: its okk.e sab bhabhi or nanad ke beech hoth rah tha hai.
Utts: sry bhabhi.cm I will clean it
Rags: no utts u go.i will go nd change myself.plz make d arrangements fir aarthiii
Utts: sure bhabhiii.u go nd change

Rags cm to her room.takes a new saadi frm her cupboard nd goes to wash room.
Rags: I should change before laksh cm his jogging.
Laksh cm inside d room nd ge takes hus dress he also get in d wash room for a bath.
Rags takes of her saadi.she just had her blouse nd skirt.laksh enters he removes his t shirt nd wash his face.rags c him through d mirror as both them standing facing d walll. Rags Screams laksh urns back c him
Rag: I didn’t c any thing said with close eyes.
He walk towards her .she steps backwards.
He cm close to her nd pins ragss against d wall.
He can feel his hot breath.he opens d shower .both get drenched.he kisses on her lips .neck.bare belly.she clutches her skirt. She pushes him nd runs.she slips nd he holds her on tym.he takes her in d arm nd carry her to bed.he places rags on bed.nd len towards her.she clutches bed sheet.
He slowly whispered in her ear: don’t wry dr.u have enough tym to becm naughty with .now u get ready nd kissess on cheeck nd goes to have a bath
@swasan room
Sanky cm frm jogging.he c swara sleeping in bed holding d pillows .he goes near her nd place a bunch of red roses near her
Sanky: gud mng dr
Swara: gud mng
Sanky: wake up its abt 8 *0 clock dr
Swara get up immediately
Swara: oh no, thum muche ab udarahi hooo
Sanky: u r looking so beautiful while sleeping
Swara: stop buttering me .I have to get ready

Both look at wash room.
Sanky: no way
Both run towards d wash room.but swara some hw manages to get in.
Sanky: I will not leave u
Swara: okkk

@ raglak room rags is making her hair in front of mirror .lk cm out c her struggling tie d knot of her blouse.he cm to her nd looks at her.
He makes d knote.nd fills her forehead with sindoor.a tear escaped frm her eyes.

He takes it with his fingers.lk: why r u cmng out with out my permission
Rags laugh.lk: that’s like my princesss
Both get ready nd goes to down staires

Aftr having everyone sits for breakfast
suddenly a voice cm frm door: jeejiiii look at d door who cm to meet u
Ap: sujathaaa
Everyone goes to meet her.parish utts sanlak takes blessing frm her.
Suj: where is ur new bahoos
Ap: this is rags wife of laksh.nd this is swara sanky’s wife
Both swaragini takes blessing frm sujathaa
Suj: so sry betaji I can’t cm to ur mrg as mry son marg also on d same tym
Ap: it’s okk dr.swaragini she is sister of ur papa.lives in bhuvaneshwar
Where is ur bhahu sujathaaa
Suj: she us talking her mam
Here she cm.every one loiks @ door .laksh nd pari is shocked c sujatha’s bahu

Screen freezes on d faces of laksh nd pari

Precap: sujatha introduces her bahu to entire maheswari family

Credit to: arshi

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