raglak ek pyaar ki kahanii chapter 29


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Recap: swasan consummate their mrg nd raglak share sm cute moments.

In d mng
Raglak shown sleeping with a cute smile on d face.sun light falls on them. Rags wake up nd nd she smiles to c d cute face of laksh.she kissess on his forehead nd gets down .she goes to take bath.

@ swasan room

Both r sleeping covered by blanket.swara woke up by d sounds of alarm
She is abt to get down.sanskar drags her to him.
Swara: sanky what r u doing
San: few mr min and he wrapes both of them in d blanket.

@ raglak room
Ragini is wearing her sari.laksh cm frm wash room.who id mesmerized to c her
Laksh :can I ????
He makes her wear d sari.me makes her hair.
Rags: thank u
He shows his cheek to her.he kisses him nd runs frm there.
@ swasan room
Swara is unable to wear saadi.sansakar help her
Swara: vare patidev.hw do u know to make saadi
Sanky: in childhoid I always used to help ma to wear saadi
Swara: ohooooo
He pulls her close towards him nd chews her lip.she hugs him tightly.
She goes ti down stairs

@ hall
Both swaragini sing a bhajan nd dies arthi.everyone gathered there.both girls gives arthi to everyone one. Nd takes d blessing frm every one
Ap: today ur fist rasoyiiina.swaragini make smthng special
Dp: ap ji where did u kept that file
Ap: I kept it on d table.cm ji I will give u.both ap nd dp goes frm there.

Pari(pointing towards sanky): when did u start ti appy lipstick deverji.
Everyone laugh at sanky rubbs his lips
Laksh teases sanky nd both run here nd there.sanky holds rags frm shoulder.
Sanky: saliji plz save me.
Laksh is abt to hit sanky.he pushes rags towards laksh.laksh holds rags .both share a eye lock

Utts coughs.both ti sense
swara: if u r done with romance.can we prepare smthng sweet

Both swaragini made gajar ka halwa nd guksb jamune respectively along with entire breakfast

@ dining table
Dp: beta rags nd swara.the food is very taste.
Ap: u both have done magic on him.he never praised my food. Ya beta its very good
Adi: thank u swaragini.aftr many days we got nice food
Pari: ohoo u r saying that I don’t know gw to cook.pati dev for ur kind information u always licks ur fingers aftr having my food

Ap: swaragini.its small gift frm me for both of u
Rags: thank u
Dp: beta this is frm my side.

During d dinner laksh holds rags hand
Adi: rags plz give me sm more curry
Laksh: give it na
Rags takes her hand frm him nd gives curry to adi.rags moves frm there. Nd pari stands near to laksh
Laksh holds pari’s hand unknowingly
Pari burst in to laughter : so sry deverji.it is my hand .plz leave it na
Laksh leaves her hand in hurry
Every one laughs

Aftr breakfast adi nd dp went to office .sanlak goes to their room
Swaragini gets a call frm sumi.they put in loud speaker
Sumi: hw r u my dolls?
Swaragini: we r fine ma.where is pa dadi dada?
Sumi: they r having breakfast
Swaragini: we miss u all maa
Sumi: we too dr
Swaragini: we will cm to meet u tomorrow .Don’t cry mam plz
Sumi: this is d tears of hsppiness.am feeling happy hearing ur voice.bye betaaa
Swaragini: bye maaa we miss u ma .plz tell our hai nd ummahhh to every one.

After d call.both swaragini wipes their tears.they r turn to leave nd finds ap behind them ap opens her arm.both swaragini gies nd hugs
Rags: we r very lucky to have 2 mothers
Swara: u r right rags
Ap kisses on their forehead . Don’t cry my dolls.this phase cms to every girl’s lyf.
Rags: ji mam
Screen freezes on faces ap nd swaragini

Precap: dinner at gagodia house

Credit to: arshi

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