raglak ek pyaar ki kahanii chapter 28


Merry x-mas to everyone.

Every one gathered at door step.pari placed kalash on d door step

Ap: swaragini apne pair se kalash ko dhakka dhekkar andar ajavoo

Both brides does d same.pari keeps a thaal containing red colored water init
Utt: bhabhies keep u r leg in d thaal.walk toward inhouse temple.
Both brides does d same.they made their hand prints on in house temple wall.

Pari: plz sing bhjan for us
Swaragini sing a bhajan and everyone is memorized to hear their voice

@dining hall
Pari makes sit rags opposite to laksh.where as utts makes swara opposite to sanskar.sanskar gives a kiss to swara nd she blushes
Pari: plz wait deverji.u can do want ever u want

Utts nd pari respectively place a thal full of milk nd rose petal in between swasan nd raglak
Pari: both u guyys have to find the ring
Utts: here ur tine starts

Lash holds rags hand.rags ask him to leave through eyes
Laksh ( through eyes ): why should I
Pari: plz apki ankhom mein dudna khatham hogaya thooo.ring doodle
Every one laughs
Rags pinches his hand.atlast rags find d ring
Utts: shame on u lucky bhaiii
Pari: rags will rule on u whloe lyf

Swasan also finding d ring.sanky got d ring.but swara gives him seductive look.he drops it nd swara immediately takes it.nd ahows ring to every one.
Sanky: this is cheating
Swara: hw can I cheat.everyone here only na
Pari: deverji don’t make stories .
Utts: congrats bhabhiii

Ap: ap sabki mazhak khatham ho gaya tho.takes both brides to respective rooms.they must be tired.

Pari nd utts takes swaragini to d rooms.pari makes rags site on bed
Pari: congrats dr.enjoy ur nyt
Rags: bhabhiii plzzzz

Pari stopa laksh at door
Pari: if u wqnt to meet ur bride
U have to give me want ever I want
Laksh: this ia not fair bhabhi.am ur sweet dever naa
Pari: ohoo
Stop buttering.if u want to go then
Laksh: kkk mammm .he gives her gift
Pari: all d best deverjii

@swasn room
Utts makes swara sit oon bed
Utt: u r getting bore na bhabhii.i will sit with u whole nyt don’t wry
Swara: it’s okk utts
Utts: no bhabhi. Am u r one nd only nanad na.so I should take care of u
Swara get sad.but she shows a fakr smile
Utts burst to laughing: don’t qry bhabhi.am just teasing u.all d best

She stops sanky @ door
Utts: bhaii.he cuts her words showing family pack of dairy milk silk bubbly.
She hugs him: u r world’s no one bhai.

@ rag lak room
Laksh enters room.and sits near to rag.he takes her veil.nd kisses on rag’s fore head.she clutches d bed sheet.she hugs him tightly.
Laksh: rags r u okk
Rag: am okkk.but laksh am missing my whole family very much.i don’t know why am feeling happy nd sad at same tym.
Laksh: becoz u r happy to live with me.but u r sad avt thinking ur parents hm dada dadi etc
Rags: sry laksh.i spoiled ur mood also
Laksh: nthng like that
Rags .I want to say u smthng.ragini can we start our relationship aftr u mingled witb my family
Rag: okkk laksh
Laksh: I think first we have to adjust with each other.already we know abt each other.but u have to know abt my family also naa
Rags: thank u laksh.for give me space nd love
Laksh: we will take another step of our relationship when we both feel to consumate our marg.nd both understand each other cmpletly
Go nd change .u r clothes looks so heavy.am feeling suffocating to c this dress

She goes to wash room.while laksh smile

@ swasan room.swara changed to a white sadi.
Sanky enters d room .nd sits near swara.
He takes of her veil.he gently kisses on her fore head.neck lips.they share a passionate liplock.they break d liplock d both r heavily breathing.she runs to wards d window.he cm near ner.he pulls her towards him.he touches her bare belly under d sari.he kisses on her bare belly.he takes of her hair .kisses on her bare bake.he then removes her sari.he takes her in his arm.and both lay down d bed.he kisses on her every part.he drags d bedsheet overthem.nd switch off d lyf(u all know na)
@ rag lak room
Rags cm aftr changing.laksh is lay down down on one side of bed.he too changed his clothes.he opens his arms.rags huggs him nd place her head on his chest.he drags a blanket over them.she kisses on his chest.he kissess on his for head.both sleeps.

Screen freezes on d sleeping faces of raglak.

Precap: first rasooiii of swaragini

Credit to: arshi

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