raglak ek pyaar ki kahanii chapter 25 continued

@ shop
Pari: ok adi utts can we go back to hm
Utts: bhabhii plz we can spend sm tym here na
Pari whispered to utts: plz give them sm tym alone
Pari: adi am getting worried abt aaryan cam we go back
Adi: surr dr
Utts:my leg is paining so am also cmbg with u
rags: ya we can go hm bhabhi.we r done with our shopping
Pari: no raglak nd swasan plz countinue ur shopping.vaise these moments before mrg r very special so enjoy it
Pari, utts , adi : byee

Swasan : so raglak what is ur plan.let’s hang our
Sanky: by d way lucky our bachelor lyf is going to end.so enjoy it.filrt with rags
Swasan goes frm there

Laksh : can we go for a movie yaar
Rags:okkk.i will inform mam.she checked her bag
Rag: on no my phn is with swara.iwill get it .u wait here
.she goes
Laksh makes a call to smone.laksh: I will send details.plz be ready in ryt tym.
Rag cm back
Rags: come ets go

They goes to a theater. Laksh: plz go inside I will park d car nd cm
She get in yo d hall.but surprised find no one at there . suddenly lights goes off.she gets scared.then spot lyt falls on her.it leads her to a table which is beautifully decorated. Laksh cm to her nd make her sit.he booked complete tickets for them.and foes f special arrangement

Movies begins.she is surprised to c their photos flashing on d screen.ii shows all d cute moments of raglak.she damn happy nd hugs laksh.
He goes on knees nd forward his hand: I lakshya maheshwari want to lead my with u ragini gagodia.will u accept me with my flaws nd gud.i may not be perfect if u cm in my life u can maje me perfect nd cmplte my lyf.
She holds his hand nd nodes.he gives a bundle of red roses nd says.if death cm this moment .I will happily dies
She keeps her finger on lips: don’t dare to say that.u r my lyf.hw can I live with out my lyf.they huggs each other.

@ park
Sanskar takes swara to a beautifully devorated place.with lots of baloons nd their photos r hanged.she is super happy to c d arrangements nd hugs him.
He says only hug .I need more.
Swara: don’t u remember anythng other than romance.
He cm close to her: noo
She pushes him nd runs.he runs behind her nd both falls in a grass bed nd laughs.

Both raglak reaches hm.swasan enters d same tym

Ap: u people cm.Cm have ur dinner.u have to get up early in d mng becoz tomorrow is ur mehendi
Utts: hw can they sleep ma.they may be dreaming abt their love
Everyone laughs nd have dinner.

In dining table rag is sitting beside laksh.laksh holds her hand
Rag: leave it laksh.everyone is here inly
Laksh: then promise me u will cm to terrace in d nyt
Ap: why r u not eating rags beta.r u fine
Pari: laksh leave her hand na she is not able to eat.
Utts: romance on dinning table.bhabhi u improved my bhai.he is romancing infront of elders.
Ap hits on her: keep mum nd eat
Swara: don’t wry nanad ji.soon we will find ur prince charming .he will hold ur hand for lyf long

Utts get shocked make angry face while everyone laughs
Utts: oho u all r planning to send me nd acts like crying swaragini nd pari hugs her nd says in unison: not so soon dr.
Utts: bhabhi I will not leave soon.i will take ur classess.
Everyone is happy to see their bonding
Ap: sumi ji am very blessed to have 4 daughters
Sanky , adind lucky : not fare mam
Sumi: no am blessed with my3 sons ap.she widened her arm.adisanlak hugs her.

Dadi dida dadaji shekhar nd dp: so no one wants us naaa

Swaragini, parish, sanlak, utts goes nd hugs them .sumi and ap join them

Screen freezes on smiling face of entire family

Precap: mehendi function.arshi, vidhani, yuvani cm to d function

Plz guyss cmmnt.

Credit to: arshi


  1. bhavna

    Yaar whnevr i read ur ff …mann krta h padhte jao padhte jao…i feel v hppy to read ur ff…plz updt soon..egrly waitng for ur ff???

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