raglak ek pyaar ki kahanii chapter 20


am very much exited becoz am writing my 20th epi.i just thought to write only 10 chap but it is me in 20 th chapp.thank u everyone for u love nd support

@ rest house
ragini is cmng frm her room.he slips frm upstairs
but laksh hold [email protected] right tym.both fall down laksh’s shoulder hits on wall
every one cm there by hearing the voice
sumi: ladooo r u okk
rag: ya .
she is looking @ laksh who is suffering pain but not showing.
she understands it .abt go to him.bt sumi and ap takes her to room

@ rag’s room
ap: u take rest.i will send milk
rag: ma am ok nd abt to stand up
sumi: no ragoo.just lay down
ap nd sumi went to kitchen.rags goes to laksh room

@laksh room
laksh is removing his shirt to apply painkiller to his shoulder.
he is struggling to remove his shirt.
rags cm nd help him.he turns back
laksh: you
a tear escape frm her eyes
rag: sry laksh.meri vachese thumem dard hua
laksh: rag it’s kk.its nthng
she take d creme applies with her hand
rag: sry
she kissess on his injured shoulder. she cries .he cups her face
laksh: rags stop crying .when tears cm frm ur eyes.i feel pain in my heart
she smilesnd kisses on his chest.but her tears r not stopeed he wipes her tears by his lips.and huggs her
both lay down.rags in his arm nd resting her head on hischest
rag: u know every girl want a hubby who have qualities of her papa.am so lucky to get u like my betterhalf.when am in ur arms am feeling protective just like when am in pap’a arms .
am d most luckiest girl in d world.now I don’t want anything more frm god.he huggs her more tightly

swara( frm downstairs?) : rags where r u?
rags hears her voice nd abt to go laksh drags her to him nd tightebs his hug
laksh: don’t go my dr
rag: plz leave me.
laksh: I will leave u for now.if u spend this evng with me
rag: sure baba
she kissess on his cheek runs frm there.laksh touches his cheek nd smiles

@ downstairs
swara: ragssssssssss
rag: why r u shouting?
swara: did u c my yellow kurti?
rag:it’s in d terrace.a put it in rope for drying
swara: kk I will get it

san c her on terrece nd cm to her and holds her by waist nd whispers in her ear: love u sweet heart
swara: leave me yaar every tym u need chance to romance
san: first u give me a kiss.my lips got dry
swara: no way
san tighten his grip.
swara: okk baba. nd bites on his cheeks nd runs
san: owchhh
u r gone today .he runs to catch her . They both running here nd there .swara slips nd he holds her.by mistakes rope get broken nd all clothes falls on them.they both get wrapped by clothes.they share a eyelock.
swara is abt to get up.she slips again nd their lip meets
aftr few min they compose ech other nd gets up
both burst in to luaghter.san is memerized to c her smile

in d evng.
both raglak goes out.when they on d way to hm back,its suddenly starrs raining

@ rest house
san:ma news pe dikha raha ki city me bahuth barish hai.charom tharaf pani hi pani hai
sumi: oh maaa both raglak r went for walking
san: don’t wry ma I will call lucky.
he calls laksh.but can’t connect him
but he says everyone that raglak r safe

in d road
both raglak get drenched.
rag: so heavy rain.hw can v rech hm?
laksh: I think that v have to find a shelter for today nyt
he c hut.nd both goes to there.

in hut
laksh smhw make fire.nd both sit beside the burning woods .rag is shivering
he gives his shirt to her
laksh: I will make a call to hm.plz change ragini.varna thumem sardi ho jayegaa
he goes out

ragini takes of her clothes wear his shirt.laksh cm inside he is memerized to c her
he cm close to her . She steps back.he pins her against d wall.he kissess on her shivering lips.she runs frm there stands by window.he cm to her nd holds her waist .he kissess on her neck then he turns her nd kisess on her forehead.rags breathes hevily.he takes her on his arms.nd place her in bed made by straw.
he cm close to her.she closes her eyes
laksh whispered in ear: wait dr v have mr tym for this. I don’t know that u r eagerly waiting for….
rags:open hwr eyes nd pusges him. he open his arms nd she huggs him

screen faces on d faces of raglak

precap: both swasan nd raglak engagement date is fixed.both swaragini nd sanlak is happy

Credit to: arshi

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