raglak ek pyaar ki kahanii chapter 18


@ rag’s room
she is getting ready. ap cm to her
ap: can I help my beutiful doll to get ready
rag: ya maaa
ap combs her hair nd makes a beautiful hair style
rag: wow ma u should start a class to teach abt this.u made this perfectly
ap smiles nd makes ragini wear her jewelleries.
ap: beta I want to share smthng with u
rag: ha ma .what is d matter?
u looks tensed.
ap: beta laksh loved a girl when he was doing his mba .her name was payal.but she betrayed him. she was aftr his mny.when he gets to know this he is broken in to pieces.he took much tym to recover
rags smiles nd says: I know this ma
laksh already told me
ap looks surprised : r u ready to marry him aftr knowing his past
rag: she was his past but am his present nd future. why should I refuse his proposal .I love him frm d core nd knows he loves me more than his lyf .nd wholeheartedly I accepts him . I think he is d perfect match for me maaaa.
ap huggs her nd kissess on her forehead.
laksh is super happy to hear ragini who is @ door steps

he cms inside nd says: ma all r waiting for u both only cm na
muhoorath nikal ja raha hai

@ temple
panditji takes a thred and says sm manthra ties it in both couples hand
nd he ask them to pray
then every couple do d arathi
shekhar: pandit ji plz match horoscope
panjit ji: ya shekhar ji
there is an auspicious day aftr 15 days.its good for both couple if they get married on that day
sumi: hw can we arrange all things in 15 dayas
dp: don’t wry sister v all work together nd make it successful mrg. kolkatha dekhthe rah jayeegaaa
ap: ya sumi I can’t wait more to take them to my hm.
dadi: kush kam mein deri nahi hona chahiyeee.everyone agrees nd huggs each other.
laksh cm to rag nd holds her hand
lakah: so get ready miss.gagodia soon u will be mine u will becm Mrs.LAKSH MAHESHWARI
Rag blushes pari notices this
pari: deverji plz leave her hand for smtym.u can hold it aftr 15 days for ur whole lyf

everyone laughs nd raglak get shy
rags shows angry face to him nd laksh shows naught faces

meanwhile rag notices the bell which is hanged by rop is abt to fall on ap.she shouts:maaaaa
nd drags ap to d corner both fall down nd eceryone shocked c d bell on floor.
rag’s head hits on wall.
Every one rushes to ap and rags
laksh: r u okk maa nd ladooo?
he is c blood on her forehead.
rag: it’s a small scratch.
sumi: no I bill bandage u cm with me
@ rest house sumi bandages rag’s wound

swara in her room.she is thinking nd smiling abt what panditji said
sanky cm to her
san: hello dr
swara: u here
sank: ya .swara I need ur help am feeling so tired.give me an enegry drink nd winks at her
swara: oh energy drink…. stand up nd goes to table.get a jug of water and pour it on him.nd runs fm there
he runs behind her.both run towards the terrace.he catches her nd pins her against wall
sank: so it’s my turn. u have to pay for playing prank on me
he cm closer nd kissess on her lips first she resist but she later enjoys it.
sanky: I got wat I want .
swara holds him and kissess on his lips.he is shocked with her action .both hug each other.nd sits down to talk.

@ river side garden
laksh is sitting on d grass. rags cm to him nd sits beside him.he leans to her lap.and places his head on her lap. his eyes r filled with teras
rag: look laksh it’s just a scratch . don’t worry it will get heal soon
laksh: u injured urself to save my mom’s lyf
rag: kya vo meri ma nahi?
lakah is overwhelmed by her answer nd looks at her she bends nd kisses on his gorehead. he shows his lips to her nd they both share a liplock.her hair is falling on his face.he removes it gently
nd says: thank u for cmng in my lyf nd making my incomplete lyf complete nd perfect

vo donom achanak ek toottha hua thara dekha
laksh: let us make a wish
rags complies.
rag’s in mind: god keep him happy always. keep showering blessing on him.nd make us together for all lyf
laksh in mind: god all I just want is her happiness
give all her sorrow to me nd all my happiness to her.plz don’t separate me frm my love tgis tym.i will die with out her as she is my lyf

screen freezes on smiling faces of raglak nd swasan

pracap: raglak nd swasan moments with happy family tym

Credit to: arshi

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  1. I am in love with your ff

  2. hey …..i really like ur ff ..i like ragini more in swaragini nt current one bt old one….i dont know whether u know it or not bt ladoo means daughter in marwari nd is term used for addresing daughters or daughter like girls in marwadi so laksh using ladoo for rags is kind of awkward..it actually means dat he is addressing rags as his daughter…..

  3. Oh thats nice yaar

  4. ohhh I don’t know that .thank u diya for ur cmmnt

  5. thank u guyss thanku hayathi, diya, sidhu nd other regular nd silent readers
    plz don’t be upset if I mentioned to forget any one .plz guysss cmment.i was sad c only few cmments.plz if don’t like my ff plz cmment.
    am not a writer frm profession. am just writing my veiw abt pyaar nd relationship

  6. it’s tooooooooooo good

  7. raglak is cute… i liked ragini part today

  8. Sweet episod ragini svng ap is v good of her …btw Ik its raglaks stry bt plz giv sm mmnts of swasan also…

  9. Superbbb epi dear… I like the cute moments of raglak which is impossible to be seen in real story…. I really lik ur story… N don’t get sad dear thinking abt the less cmts there r many silent readers here … Even i was a silent reader but i started commen from sterday only.. So chill n keep on writing…

  10. Hey arshi I really like your ff It’s just mind blowing

  11. thank u everyone with lots of love

  12. nice one..

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