Hii guys i am anshika
And i know that you are relly angry that i left my all FFs but i got a reason that i got exams in between and now all the plots have been gone out of my mind so this time i don’t have exams well till next 2 weeks so i will try to update and write stories for you thank you



Ragini is sitting at a corner of the room she is looking towards the wall . the camera zooms to her eyes which were dark and numb , she was trying to stop her tears but she can’t stop them her body was shivering and her face was all wet by tears . she stands up from there she was trouble sitting and standing up as it looks like she was sitting from hours . we could hear some noise from the door but she was ignoring it .

She opens her mirror drawer and took out a photo frame . a hiss sound came from her mouth and she cried as much as she could but while she was crying she was making no sound then she looks at frame – it was laksh . ragini looked at herself in the mirror and look at her face . she remembered all those good and bad moments with laksh – how he betrayed her so many times and how so much she loved her even after his betrayal that time when she was stabbed and he took care of her whole night and how he proposed to her , how he took his hands in her how he kissed her on head how they sleep together hoe he hugged her .

the karwachauth scene where he looked at swara but made ragini drink water . the scene when he pushed her the moment when he slapped shekhar the moment when he married ragini , when laksh was getting betean , when he comb his hair how her mangsultar got tangled in his coat how then loved each other .
She closed her eyes deeply tears flow up her eyes .suddenly she heard big bangs on door . she went to washroom and washed her face several times with water .s he cleaned her face and applied little makeup and came to door in neat clothes and opened the door .As she opened the door swara enters and hugs her tightly . ragini wants to cry on her soulder but she didn’t but
ragini – what happened swara are you ok ? your eyes are all red .
swara angry – my eyes ofcourse we are worried for ours and my eyes are you mad ragini ? its been 4 hours you were inside .

ragini – oho it was you banging all time i was sleeping i opened my eyes now as you banged so hard ….
swara – what ?
ragini – yes
swara went near bed
ragini – i will make the dinner right ? you may seat on bed and relax … i am fine
she gave swara a stratifying smile and went downstairs .

I know ragini you were not sleeping you are lying i know you were crying for all 4 hours and you are telling you were sleeping as i know you werent you were crying silently for laksh but not admitting . You can wake up with slightest noise and i am banging for so long and you didn’t hear it is not possible plus this cussion is all wet why are you hiding your pain from me ragini why ? i am your sister why ragini ? i am your swara but you have sold me ragini i am not your sister now we are not swaragini swaragini son’t keep secrets buut what to do if i was in your place i woudn’t let my pain affect you and you are doing the same but you can share me anything anything my sister anything ….. 🙁

Back to story
ragini went downstairs she saw nikhil there – nikhil came to her
nikhil – hii ragini
ragini tries to smile – hii
nikhil – see i think so we have to tell to swara and sanskar
ragini – no nikhil we can’t we just can’t we have reunite them no seperate them are yous stupid and why are saying this so loud
nikhil – sorry ragini i was just …
ragini – its ok nikhil its my fault

saying this she went sway …….

Ragini ? why are you taking this all by yourself you have tell this to some one you have to open yourself . you always have me you can cry on my shoulder i am always here for you …. because i love you ragini . WAIT WHAT ? i love her yes i love her
he moves to his room and roam around his room he found a picture of ragini with swara . he hides swara with his hands and look at ragini only
Yes i love you i love your innocence , your loyalty , you are perfect for me and i will say this to you today only


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