Raglak-ek kahani do lafzon ki (promo)

Laksh meets with accident.Ragini comes there and is shocked to see him.

She calls ambulance.

Ambulance takes Laksh to hospital but Ragini doesn’t goes at ambulance.

She goes to a forest.She enters the forest when someone catches her and takes her away.

Guys this was promo and let me tell you spoiler

Laksh will go in comma.And someone is there who wants RaginI dead

Someone will kidnap Ragini but someone will save her.

Sanskar will enter soon.Ragini will come to know Laksh in comma and would be shocked.

Promo 2

Laksh is in a big house.He sees Ragini’s photo and says

Laksh:I really love you.

He goes to Ragini and is shocked to see Ragini hugging a boy.

Laksh will go from there and will stand in road and will shout and cry.

Someone will keep hand on his shoulder.His face would not be shown and Laksh would hug him and says

Laksh:I really missed you.You are just like my brother.

They boy says

Boy:Whatever is wrong I will do all correct for my brother like friend.

The screen froze to Ragini and Laksh

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