Raglak : Dosti aur pyaar (Part 2)

Raglak dosti aur pyaar :

Episode 2

One Fyn day our class teacher planned to change our places..
And then….He was placed behind me and neha… i thought it would be really boring now.
His partner was virat a really fun loving guy and a flirt.

Neha was no less one good thing is that she does healthy flirting.

From that day onwards we started a really good friendship..

Me , neha , virat and laksh.. virat used to talk a lot with me and neha… .
We used to sit and play during all free periods..

I slowly started mingling with Laksh more.
I understood that he had a wonderful personality..

He used to hate girls who flirt alot.
He respected girls alot…
This was something that attracted me to him alot..
He was a really loyal friend.. i still remember we had our class assembly and i was the main organizer. On the day of the assembly I had to decorate the whole stage. We girls were shorter than the guys.. obviously adolescence..
Non of the guys were ready to help us they all gave some lame reason and escaped .. He was the only one who voluntarily came up to help us..

But dont think he is mr perfect .. He was no one copy cat.
Even though he used to be our good friend he never was close to us.

Slowly.. time passed .. We were in our last term ..
And me and laksh became really close..
We shared a lot of things.. about family what we think about friends.. al those things..
He even came to know that I am a singer and used to ask me to sing for him at times…

I still remember.. i was the only girl in the class whom he talked to .. whom he laughed with… whom he shared his thoughts with.

He used to love my mothers cooking.. We used share our tiffin most of the days..

Even though I had alot of friends.. be it girls or boys. His friendship was a little bit different.

I was sure of one thing.. that i was never his best friend.. I was just a really good friend for him. But i was sure of one thing , that he was my closest friend among guys…

I felt special with him.. I forgot all my worries and pain when I was with him..
My life was surrounded by him ..

And unknowingly I fell for him..
I knew thirteen was not the age for love and all and that it would not have a happy ending.. We were in middle east.. after our twelfth we would go back to india. And the. All these would just be memories.. but still I couldn’t get him out of my mind..

Somewhere I knew mine was a true love.. and i couldn’t forget him.

I told this to my bestie neha..

” Ragini. I think its high time you ho tell him that you like him.. Im sure he is not gonna hurt you with his reply . ” this was her reply.

” neha .. but im not ready for all these things..
We are just thirteen and all these love and things.. they are just gonna work.. Im just gonna be his best friend. And im sure he is never gonna accept me. Look at him and look at me. He is so handsome and fit.. And me. I am so fat . He is never even gonna look at me in that sense.. Im gonna control all my feelings towards him and be his best friend. ”

This was what I replied to her. .
I was a lil bit fat compared to my friends.. And i was sure he might have never thought me in that sense..

Like this I thought to hide my feelings from all..

And like this our eight standard came to an end…

And then nineth was something really different.. There was a huge break in our friendship….


So guys hope you like it…
And please do comment…

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