RagLak – A Dangerous Obsession (Chapter 5)

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Trust is d soul of any relation…don’t break it nd if ur partner doesn’t trust u..jst walk off dat lifeless relation..


10 AM, Bose House, Alipore

Ragini lazily opened her eyes which were still about to close under d effect of chloroform nd found herself laying on her bed..She got up nd tried recalling the last night incidents bt all she could remember was Laksh threatening her nd den making her unconscious..Having no idea what happened further her head started spinning nd she screamed-“Papa…papa”

Shekhar nd Sumi heard her scream and ran towards d room..Shekhar barged in all worried nd cupped Ragini’s face-“what happened Beta..r u okay??

Ragini panted heavily-“Papa..how I got home..”

Sumi-“U were lying unconsciously on d way to ur office..ur papa found u there nd den brought u home bt Beta..how u got unconscious..??”

Ragini was confused now…Laksh Maheshwari left her still without taking his so called revenge..she had clearly seen d rage in his eyes nd through her fine studies on devils lyk him she can easily estimate out he will not take his insult so airily..she recalled his last sentence about her dignity nd quickly gave a glance to herself from head to toe..but.. be it her dress or her state..everything was perfectly fine…den what he did with her ..she wondered..Ragini’s pool of thoughts were broken when Swara patted her shoulder holding her buzzing phone-“Di..its a call from ur boss..they had been calling since morning bt since u were resting, I thought to not disturb u ..”

Ragini signed..Swara answered d Call nd put it on speaker..Ragini in a low voice-“Hello Sir..sorry sir..I was not well so took nd off today..sorry for not informing..”

Person on d other side barked-“Miss Ragini Bose..m providing u off permanently..u r fired..ur salary till ur yesterday’s work will be transferred to ur account..and after dat don’t u dare come here again..”

Seconds ran in silence in dat room nd when realisation dawn on all were shocked to d core..Ragini stammered-“Fired..but y sir..have I done anything wrong..”

Person laughed out sarcastically -“Wrong.. Seriously…He fumed-“bcoz of u our rivals E2N is throwing slur at our news agency and u r asking if u did anything wrong..m not filing any defamation case against u jst bcoz of ur past records..so don’t show me ur face again..”

Ragini tried intervening but all she could hear was d dead line tune..Her eyes welled up in fresh tears…Shekhar nd Sumi rubbed her back to calm her while Swara stand quite.. joining the two and two together.. She immediately switched on E2N news channel and what they all saw next left everyone spellbound..their feet jelled up..

Ragini’s intimate pictures were flashing on screen wid a tagline “Colourful side of a news reporter..” They made a big spicy news out of it nd thrashed Indian Times agency for d fact that before pointing fingers at other they should watch the shameful act of their own reporter..

E2N News Agency, Military Road

Edward signed a check and extended it towards a reporter-“Good Job Malik..dis is ur reward..”

Malik took d check nd smiled-“My pleasure sir..bt I have got two rewards..one is this check nd d other is by publishing those pictures on our news channel..u don’t know sir how much I hate this girl Ragini Bose..bcoz of her bravery my boss thrashed me everytime y I m not as much talented as her..they had even offered her jobs many times in my place..but my good luck she refused all.. since then I wanted to avenge her..and see.. finally I took it..”He completed laughing humourlessly ..Edward just smirked in return and walked out of the agency…

Maheshwari’s ElectroTech


“Come in”..Laksh entered inside Durga Prasad’s cabin and watched him relaxing on his chair wid his eyes closed..He silently took a seat nd cleared his throat-“Dad..Sahil said u called me…in ur cabin..”

DP opened his eyes nd looked straight into Laksh’s eyes trying to read dem-“I guess by now u have got to know d scandal of dat news reporter..same reporter who tried defaming us..some Rag..Ragi..Ragini..”he purposely stammered..

“That’s Ragini Bose”Laksh chimed but den mentally face palmed himself for depicting so much excitement.”Yes Dad..I heard dat..she was pointing finger at us when she herself is soaked wid dirt ….”He tried to sound natural..But he forgot his father was always one step ahead of him..Dp stared him nd spoke in a stern voice-” I hope..u r not behind dis..”

Laksh staggered-“I..no dad..no way..”

Dp raised his voice- “Good for u..get one thing straight Laksh…people like dat reporter is just a pawn..we r not here to play wid pawn..we play wid knight..so u better focus on our business rather Dan being childish to statisfy ur ego..Bcoz if u get caught it would be a great loss to us nd I fear even I will not be able to save u dat time” Laksh nodded nd immediately left d cabin..

Bose House, Alipore

Media were now creating chaos outside Bose House to take Ragini’s statement in d matter… Whole colony by then were gathered there gossiping adding toppings in d already fuelled incident..Swara tried shoving them off but they were adamant to interview Ragini..

Ragini had locked herself in her room..Shekhar nd Sumi tried consoling her but invain..She was still… not able to comprehend the change of events that took place sometime back.. Nikhil called nd broke all relations wid her on d name of betrayal..He questioned why she asked him not to pick her up last night when he said he is coming nd if not it was she who posted dat photographs den how come someone post her photos using her id without her knowledge..nd on d first place who was d guy she was with in d pictures..nd dat too so close to her..
She closed her eyes when his accusing words registered in her mind..She always thought Nikhil nd she were made for each other..nd dere relationship was far more strong just lyk her mom dad..but today she got to see d reality . their relationship was hollow wid no trust..she slumped on d floor clutching her knees to her chest crying inconsolably cursing her fate…. Her trance got broken wid her ringing phone flashing d name PRIVATE NUMBER..she wiped off her tears nd answered-“Hel..Hello” She struggled..

Laksh laughed like a maniac-“Miss Ragini Bose..U got famous yaar..every where there is ur news playing on..how did u lyk my surprise..
“U b*t*h..what u did wid me..nd how u got my photographs clicked..answer me damnit..”She frowned identifying his voice..”

Laksh smirked-“Relax darling..m a devil not a rapist..and about photographs..well its not a tough task for me..the way I git ur number same way I got dat photographs clicked nd posted it..Oh I forgot..posted it using ur id..”He spoke in a stern voice-“Its ur hobby to make a scandal of people’s work right..I made a scandal of ur life…U messed wid me..but u forgot Laksh Maheshwari is worst so think billion times before messing wid me….” “but it was fun playing wid u..touching u..being so coose to u..by God u were driving me crazy.
It was really hard for me to control..so I might lose my control next time”..He laughed again..

Ragini masquerade her tears..No way she is going to cry now.not anymore..he made a fun of her life..her character..he is not jst a devil but a cheapster too nd what he did today wid her he can do it wid any other girl nd much more Dan dis..no she cant sit quiet sobbing at her fate..dis would do nothing rather Dan just providing devils lyk him more confidence and power ..she spoke in a bold mocking tone-“Mr. Laksh Maheshwari..u were right for a girl..her dignity is her everything..nd since I have lost dat..now I have nothing to lose..so just go and pray to God to save u from me..In just 48 hours I will be Mrs. Ragini Laksh Maheshwari to make ur life hell..m not a backbitter lyk u..I fight from front..stop me if u can…now ur countdown begins..”Ragini completed and cut d call..

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