RagLak- Our Cute Love Story (Part 8)

RagLak-Our Cute Love Story (Part 8)
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Raglak and swasan reach college in car. Swasan walked into college while raglak are walking at their back and laksh is walking while seeing his phone and ragini is just looking around scared she is remembering how the goons tried to kidnap her and all the fight scenes, till now she tried a lot to forget but as soon as she saw those same surroundings again the fear which she tried to hide came out of her and started shivering with fear while tears are flowing from her eyes and she immediately clutched laksh’s hand tightly, laksh who is till now in his phone immediately looked at her and got worried

Laksh: (worried and cupping her face) duckling what happened why are u crying (he felt her shivering and immediately hugs her but she is not calming down so he takes her to the car and makes her sit and he sits in the driver seat she places her head on his shoulder and he drives of as he understood the reason behind her behaviour)

He takes her to a park and makes her sit on a bench while she hugs him and cries continuously. He just let her cry so that she can feel better by rubbing her back. After sometime she calms down but still hugging him. He slowly breaks the hug, wipes her face with his hand kerchief and makes her drink water.

Laksh: (cupping her face) feeling better (ragini nods and he is still cupping her face) duckling u need to fear for anything when i am beside u. Anybody should first cross me before reaching u and i will not even let them lay a finger on u till my last birth. Do u trust me (ragini nods her head immediately without any hesitation) then just forget the incident that happened two days before in ur life and the person who is responsible for that incident is also not in our life any more so just forget everything and move on. (Ragini gives a small smile seeing how he understands her without even her saying) and u know what u look like a monkey when cry (he chuckles)
Ragini makes a pout face but burst out laughing and hugs him

Ragini: love u jelly love u a lot
Laksh: love u too duckling now chalo let us have ur favourite ice cream and go home
Ragini nods as she also dont want to go to college now
Swasan enter the college and go to place where Aakash, ritu and priya are sitting as soon as they come there
Priya: (fake concerned) shona where is ragu and how is she
Swasan looked back to find them but did not find raglak
Swara: where are they

Sanskar: dont know they were following us na
Swara: may be still in the parking lot only and priya ragu is fine now
Priya acts like she letting a sigh of relief
Priya: (in mind fuming) huh how can she be fine i would be happy if she is not fine (her thoughts gets disturbed by sanskar’s phone ring)

Sanskar: lucky (he picks the call) ha lucky
Laksh: bhai we are going home ragini is not well
Sanskar: (worried) ragu what happened to her? We are also coming home (all looks at him worried)
Laksh: arey bhai relax she is fine now, just that she remembered the incident and got afraid so i thought to take her home today and u guys no need to come home u attend classes and come ok
Sanskar: but
Laksh: bhai do one thing here speak to her to urself (he hands his phone to ragini)
Sanskar: ragu are u fine
Ragini: jiju i am fine dont worry
Swara: (snatches phone from him) ladoo i am coming home dont worry
Ragini: arey di i am fine u attend ur classes and yesterday also u were absent no problem i am completely fine
Swara: (worried) are u sure
Ragini: pakka sure di waise jelly is there na
Swara: (unwillingly) ok i will come as soon as possible take care
Ragini: bye di
Swara: bye (gives phone to sanskar)

Sanskar: what shall we go home
Swara: she is saying she is fine and asking me attend classes
Sanskar: but
Swara: dont worry sanskar lucky is there right
Sanskar: ok
Rohan: hope she gets fine soon
Ritu: she will, after all she is my friend

Rohan: ok chalo let us go to classes
All nod and go to classes except for priya
Priya: (fuming and speaking in her mind) aahh everybody are so concerned about her what is there in her that she is loved by all even my lucky (not urs u idiot) is loving her not leaving her even a second (she huffs, stamps her foot on the floor and proceeds to her class)
Laksh: tho chalo tell me which flavour today
Ragini: butterscotch (she says licking her lips)
Laksh smiles looking at her and goes and brings her ice cream. She takes that and eats like a small child applying to her whole mouth and face while laksh laughs seeing her. She stops eating and looks at him giving a ‘why are u laughing expression’ he nods his head negatively and takes a tissue paper and wipes her face
Laksh: when will u grow up kiddoo?

Ragini pouts and continues her eating. After finishing eating they come out and go home. Ap, janaki and jeevika got worried to look them at home at that time when they need to be at college.
Janaki: ragini laksh at this time
Laksh: duckling u go to ur room i will come

Ragini nods her head and went inside while laksh told them what had happened.
Janaki: (worried) i know she is just pretending to be happy but still i did not speak if i would had spoke to her she would have been feel relaxed now
Laksh: (holding her shoulders) ma ma dont get worried she will be fine trust me please
Janaki: i trust u so much beta i know that u will make her fine go now she will be waiting
Laksh nods and signs ap, who is completely worried same as janaki, that he will take care dont worry. Laksh reaches ragini’s room and finds her lost in her thoughts and sweat is all on her face he gets worried and immediately goes to her and hugs her
Laksh: jaan stop thinking about it please (ragini hugs him tightly and they both will be in that position for some time, after some time laksh breaks the hug and makes her lay on the bed and kisses her forehead)
Laksh: now sleep for some time u will feel better and remember once u are awake u should not even remember of that incident understood
Ragini nods and stretches her hands indicating him to hug her he lays beside her and she keeps her head on his chest, hugs him and closes her eyes while laksh pats her head lovingly. She slowly drifts into sleep while laksh gets into flashback

It is next day morning when laksh proposed ragini. He woke up got ready and came to gm. Ragini got ready and came out of her room and was walking in the corridor when suddenly laksh jumped in front of her

Laksh: (with broad smile) good morning duckling
Ragini stares him blankly and passes away from him and goes leaving a sad laksh there. He smiles sadly seeing her ignoring him and follows her to dining area where all are present. Ragini smiles at all and sits in her place and starts having breakfast silently which is not at all her daily chore. The chirpy and talkative ragini is having her breakfast silently without even saying word this pained a lot to all especially her jelly, laksh. Laksh got sad looking her like that
Laksh: ma is somebody doing mouna vrat today (indicating to ragini)

Ragini just ignores him and continues her eating
Dp: (stood in middle of the food) ok shekhar i think from today our relation is not like before we will go to mm and have our food there chalo anu, lucky
Ap and laksh stand from their place
Shekhar: arey durga why are u saying like that

Dp: i am sorry shekhar because of laksh only ragini is like this. The girl who immediately hugs me when she sees me is just ignoring me and eating her food silently and it really hurts me i never differentiated laksh and ragini but i think this relation spoiled due to the confession made by my son yesterday, so it is better to stay away before it spoils more and hurts me more
A tear escaped from ragini’s eye who is still bending her head and having her food. Seeing no reaction from her ap, dp and laksh started to go when all of a sudden dp felt some one hugging from behind and sobbing he turns back and ragini hugs him and sobs in his embrace
Dp: shh sweetheart dont cry

Ragini: (sobbing) sorry dad i thought that u are angry on me
Dp: why do u think that i am angry on u? Just because u said that u dont love my son. It is ur wish beta this ur life but due to that reason the previous relations which we had should not get effected u were, are and will be my sweetheart understood
Ragini nods and breaks the hug and holds his hand and makes him sit in the chair near the dining table and forwards a morsel towards his mouth he swallows it.
Ap: haw… all love only to ur dad then what about me ha
Ragini: mom (she goes and hugs her) sorry mom

Ap: chod ye sab chalo have breakfast
They all again gets seated and have their breakfast but this time their ragini is back who started her bak bak but she did not even look at laksh for once this hurt him a lot janaki who is sitting beside him kept her hand on his shoulder and blinked her eyes assuring that she will understand.
Like this two days passed and ragini kept on ignoring him and he keeps on trying to speak to her. He is losing the hope and is thinking that he had lost even his best friend just because of his confession.
Laksh: (to himself) it would have been better if i would have not confessed my feelings now we both would have been doing some masti and pulling each other’s legs. Why god why did i confessed my feelings which led to lose my best friend. Dont know will i ever get her back or not (his thoughts get disturbed by ap who called him to come to hall as someone came to meet him)
Laksh goes down only to find a girl sitting there and as soon as she sees him she immediately hugs him
Laksh: Isha what a surprise
Isha: ha i have some work here and my duffer cousin does not want me to stay at any other place and gave me a strict order to stay in ur house so i came here i know u will not have any problem
Ap and dp are seeing her weirdly
Laksh: (joins his hands in Namaste) meri ma please enough now i can’t listen to ur voice more
Isha: haw how mean laksh
Laksh: ok ok now atleast let me introduce u to my parents (to ap and dp) mom dad she is Isha one of my friend’s cousin
Isha: (takes their blessings) Namaste aunty Namaste uncle

Ap: Namaste beta
Laksh: ma they used to be here before but they shifted to Chennai due to uncle’s transfer and did u remember once i went to Chennai then i met with her and we became good friends
Ap: hmm ok u go and get fresh up and come i will make something for u
Dp: laksh show her room
Laksh nods

Isha: aunty if u don’t mind please will u make kheer for me laksh told me that u make a yummy kheer
Ap smiles and laksh shows her room and she comes after getting fresh up only to find janaki and shekhar also there in mm sitting in hall along with laksh, ap and dp. She also joins them
Laksh: take this kheer taste and say
Isha: (tastes the kheer) mmm… yummy aunty lucky u are right i loved it so much aunty before leaving i will definitely learn how to make it will u teach me aunty
Ap: of course beta
Isha: thank u aunty waise laksh where is bhabhi i want to meet her, first tell me did u propose her

Listening this laksh’s face goes pale she observes that
Isha: lucky what happened
Laksh tells her everything what happened
Isha: phew for this u became sad dont worry i will be here for three days and i will give my bhabhi as a gift to u and i have a plan
Laksh: what is it? (he asks her excited)
Isha: jealousy

Laksh: (face lit like 100 volt bulb) awesome so get ready to act Miss. Drama queen
Isha: as always
Ap: but if u hurt my daughter i will not leave u both
Laksh and isha: as u say highness
All laughs

Laksh: (goes to shekhar) papa u dont have any problem na
Shekhar: beta i also want her to realise her love for u and u tried many ways but she is not ready and this is another trail let us see will she realise at least now
Laksh nods his head after sometime ragini comes there and finds laksh and isha sitting closely and seeing photos in isha’s phone and giggling. Laksh is not at all looking at her, but is it possible, haha no way he is observing her through corner of his eyes. He is observing how she is making faces seeing them now he is sure that their plan is working he smiles himself. All the elders left from there only raglak and isha are there but laksh and isha are completely ignoring ragini and talking to each other this made ragini furious she just stood from her place and stamped her foot and moved from there glaring both of them. Seeing this laksh and isha give hifi to each other

Isha: see my plan is working now get ready Mr. Laksh Maheshwari to get ur love
But laksh becomes little upset thinking that he ignored ragini because he knows how it hurts if they get ignored by their loved ones.
Isha: oye what happened now
Laksh: she must be hurt na that i ignored her
Isha: hmm but u have to do it na to make her realise ok now i am tired bye
She goes from there while laksh thinks to once check ragini secretly.
Ragini went to her room in gm and started pacing in her room to and fro. And speaking to herself
Ragini: (speaking to herself) how can he ignore me his best friend. And who is that girl because of her today he did not even see me. I know all his friends and i never saw her with any of his friends. Wait but why am i thinking about them i myself stopped talking to him as he spoiled our friendship am i jealous no ragu u are thinking too much (she looks at the clock) oh no it is time to my favourite cartoon chalo let me watch it (she sits on her bed and switches on the tv and starts watching tv)
Laksh who came to check her listened to her talking and smiles widely seeing her jealousy. He gives a final glance and leaves from there

Two days passed again and ragini is being ignored by laksh, but no she is thinking like that but in real laksh always keeps observing her, and ragini started feeling sad she is now not able to control she thought to go and confront him and went to mm. There she finds ap in hall.
Ragini: mom where is laksh
Ap: with isha in his room
Ragini nods and marches to his room and about to knock his room door but freezed in her place listening to his words
Laksh: i love u so much jaan
Tears started to roll from her eyes and she immediately ran from there (now ap is not in the hall so she does not see ragini running) to gm and went to her room, closed the door and fell on the bed and started crying bitterly
Here laksh placed the photograph of ragini on the bed side table after kissing it and came out of the room and went to guest room (yes isha is not in his room she went to her room as she got a call and laksh is saying i love u to ragini’s photograph but our ragini thought that he is saying i love u to isha)

Again back to ragini
Ragini: u lost him ragini u lost him ur jelly u hurt him so much that now he totally forgot u and is in love with somebody else. This is all my mistake i took a lot of time to realise my love for him. Now i cannot even speak to him as a friend this is all because of me i only messed everything. Now i should bear everything. (She takes the photo of laksh and hers which is on the side table) i love u jelly i love u so much but now it is too late. (She remembers laksh saying i love u and again starts crying bitterly and dozes off)

Laksh: (knocking the door of the guest room) oye isha how much will u take u are getting late
Isha: (opens the door) sorry sorry chalo
Laksh nods and isha goes to ap takes her blessings and bid bye and leave

Isha: sorry lucky without completing my promise i am going if i did not get this urgent work na i would have helped
Laksh: what is it yaar i am happy that u helped me that is enough i think she is not in my destiny and may be that is why she is not responding to my feelings any ways leave it we reached chalo
Isha: (hugs him) don’t feel bad definitely u will get ur happiness
Laksh: (smiles sadly) ok bye take care call when u reach ok
Isha smiles and she goes inside the airport and laksh starts his car while driving he is just thinking about ragini and is lost in his thoughts that he did not notice the truck that is coming in the opposite direction the horn of the truck brought him to senses and he immediately turned the car to escape from the truck but got hit by the pole and his head hits to the steering and he fell unconscious. The people around there see him and immediately join him in the hospital.


Here ragini woke up with the swollen eyes and came to mm hall as janaki is also there she was about to enter into kitchen but stopped hearing land line phone ringing. She picks up the phone and after listening to the news she just drops the phone from her hand and tears continuously flow from her beautiful eyes making them more red. Ap and janaki who came out of the kitchen look at her and get worried and immediately go to her
Ap: ragu what happened
Ragini stood there numb with tears flowing from her eyes
Janaki: (shakes her) ragini what happened

Ragini: (crying) maa… laksh… accident (saying this she hugs janaki and cries bitterly)
Ap: (shocked) accident
Janaki: (who is in shock till now composes) anu chalo let us go
Janaki drags both ap and ragini
Ragini after reaching hospital immediately gets down the car and runs into the hospital enquires about laksh and runs to his ward. There laksh is lying unconscious with a band aid on his head. Ragini runs to him and hugs him and cries bitterly
Ragini: (while crying) laksh wake up na see ur duckling is here i want to tell u something i want to tell u that i love u laksh i love u so much please wake up na
Laksh: (who was till now unconscious due to head injury and medicine effect gets conscious and listens to ragini and gets very happy he wraps his arms around her) i love u too duckling
Ragini: (looks at him with tears) jelly (she hugs him again tightly and cries)
Ap and janaki who saw it are very happy to see them together. They come to laksh and ragini breaks the hug, laksh sits and ap hugs him and cries

Laksh: mom i am fine
Ap: i was so much afraid when i listened that u met with an accident (ragini is seeing all these with teary eyes)
Laksh: i did not notice the truck coming in the opposite direction and when i was trying to escape from it i got hit to a pole mom but i am fine just a little head injury
Janaki: where was ur brain when u were driving idiot
Laksh: (pouts) ma u also scolding me arey today is celebration time (he says looking ragini while ragini bends her head with teary eyes she is thinking something else)

Janaki: anu now i think we should go to talk to doctor come (she drags ap with her leaving raglak alone)
Ap: thank god he is fine
Janaki: he is fine but u know u missed to thank god for my stupid daughter’s realisation
Ap and janaki laughs and informs to shekhar and dp about laksh’s accident
In ward
Ragini is sitting bending her head tears flowing from her eyes laksh drags her to him and hugs her and she cries

Laksh: shh bacha i am fine
Ragini: i was very much afraid when i heard about ur accident
Laksh: i am fine now leave all that but u said something when i was unconscious why dont u say that now (he smiles naughtily)
Ragini: (immediately breaks the hug and looks down) sorry i could not control and said to u but dont worry i will not come between u two
Laksh: (confused) between whom u won’t come

Ragini: (still looking down) between u and isha
Laksh: (shocked) what!!! Are u mad between me and isha
Ragini: ha morning i came to ur room then i heard u telling isha that u love her (she says with her choking voice)
Laksh: (remembered he telling i love u to ragini’s photograph) did u hear me telling that to isha
Ragini nodded

Laksh: did u see her in my room
Ragini: (nodded no) mom told me that u both are in ur room
Laksh: (hits her head) idiot she is not in my room and i was speaking to ur photograph not to her. And she is only my friend and u are only my love understood

Ragini: (looked at him with tears) sacchi
Laksh: mucchi
Ragini: (hugging him) i am sorry and i love u
Laksh: (smilingly) haye these words from u are enough for me to die now itself
Ragini: (immediately smacked on his chest) dare u speak about death
Laksh: ok now let me hug u for some time and feel u (saying this he hugs her tightly and closes his eyes)
Shekhar and dp entered the ward worriedly calling laksh
Shekhar/dp: laksh (ap and janaki also follows them)
Listening them both raglak break the hug and look at them dp and shekhar are smiling seeing them and moved towards laksh
Shekhar: can’t u concentrate on driving

Dp: idiot (hits his head)
Laksh: dad i got injured but still u are scolding me (pouts)
Ragini laughs seeing him while dp and shekhar smiles looking at happy raglak
Dp: so finally succeeded in making her realise
Ragini looks down and laksh smiles
Shekhar: finally we will become relatives durga

Dp: (hugs shekhar) congrats samdhan ji
Laksh: kya samdhan please dad we are still studying let us complete our studies and enjoy our love life too dont think of our marriage
Shekhar: kya marriage who spoke about marriage now we both are just getting habitual to our new relation what say durga
Dp: (caresses ragini’s head) i am happy for u both be happy always

Ragini hugs him
Dp: ok i will speak to doctor and talk about ur discharge ok
Laksh nods
Janaki: we will be out if u need anything call us come ragu
Laksh: ma let her be here na
Ap: why what will u do with my daughter no need ragu chalo
Laksh pouts and ragini unwillingly was about to go with ap and janaki outside but ap stops her and says be with him ragini smiles widely ap and janaki goes out
Ragini: (hugging him) i made u so much sad na jelly
Laksh: (kissing her head) shh forget about that at that time u did not realise that is why u behaved like that and ur behaviour is justified so now dont think of it and now i got my happiness my love

Ragini: u are not angry on me
Laksh: offo stop it duckling if u want to talk any other thing not that ok
Ragini just silently sits hugging him
After some time laksh gets discharged and they go back home and our raglak love story started in this way.
Flash back ends
Laksh comes out of his thoughts and keeps ragini on bed properly, kisses her forehead and goes from there

Janaki: how is she lucky?
Laksh: she is sleeping for now ma she will be alright dont worry
Janaki: (smiles) u are there then why to worry
Laksh: ma i am hungry make something na
Jeevika: wait ma i will make something
She nods and after sometime laksh takes the food plate to ragini’s room and keeps that on the table and goes to her and sits beside her
Laksh: (caressing her hair) duckling wake up
Ragini places her head in his lap and hugs him through waist
and again sleeps
Laksh: jaan wake up na i am hungry
Listening to this ragini wakes up immediately
Laksh: chalo go fresh and come let us have lunch
Ragini nods and goes and gets fresh up and comes and both gets settled on the couch and laksh gives her plate to have
Ragini: no u feed me

Laksh nods with a smile and feeds her
Ragini: u also eat na
Laksh: u complete first i will eat later
Ragini: no u said u are hungry na wait let me feed u (she takes a morsel and forwards to his mouth)
Laksh: (smiles) i love u (and opens his mouth and they both feed each other and spend a quality time)
Phew!!!! Finally done with this part. Thank u for reading. Sorry for the huge late busy with the preparations for the exams and probably this is the last episode till i complete my exams i.e. end of the June.

Tell me did u like laksh’s trails to make ragini realise. If u like it then tell me through ur comments. Dont forget to shine the star if u like it.
Ok meet u all in the next episode after my exams. Till then take care. Byebye. Keep smiling.
Love u lots!!!!!!!!!!!!

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