RagLak- Our Cute Love Story (Part 7)

RagLak- Our Cute Love Story (Part-7)

Thank u so much for the huge response u all gave for my ff. I am here with next part of this ff hope u all enjoy it. Sorry for the late guys.

Previous Part Part 6

Swaragini, viren are in car ready to go to a day out of bro and sissies. Swaragini are sitting at the back and viren is driving
Viren: so where my sissies want to go?
Swaragini: (look at each other then at viren and shouts) shopping
Viren: awesome so get ready to explore the mall
Swaragini: yippee
Viren drives to a shopping mall. Ragini starts running from one shop to another shop and keeps dragging swara and viren, finally after two hours they complete their shopping and sitting in food court of the mall.
Viren: oh i pity on laksh and sanskar how will they bare u both whole life, u did continuous shopping for two hours but bought only a pair of jeans pants and a t-shirt.
Ragini: bhayyu we did not like anything here
Swara: ha bhayyu we will go to any other mall
Viren: (horrified) no i dont have that much energy now please my sissy spare me.

They hear few laughing sounds and see in that direction only to find sanlak and jeevika laughing seeing him they come near swaragini and viren
Laksh: jiju band baj gayi kya (laughs giving hifi to sanskar)
Viren: (glaring laksh and sanskar) stop it u both
Laksh: (controls his laugh) sorry jiju but still did she show u the hell (laughs again)
This time he gets death glares from ragini seeing her angry he immediately stops and makes a puppy face
Laksh: sorry na duckling i was just teasing jiju
Ragini turns her face to other side ignoring him
Laksh: (pulls her towards him and side hugs her while all smiles seeing him) sorry na jaan please dont get angry na please

Ragini turns to him and smiles
Laksh: u are cchhoo chweet my duckling (he pulls her cheeks) love u
Viren: uff ok u both stop and ladoo u say where shall we go next
Ragini: (excited) bahubali (listening this laksh makes an irritated face but after seeing his love’s excited face immediately changes to smiling face)
Viren: tho chale now these are also here so we all will go together

All nods and they head towards the movie theatre in the mall itself and get tickets and gets settled for the movie (wah they got tickets immediately so lucky yaar it took so long for me to get the tickets hehehe)
Ragini is just drooling over prabhas all over the movies which is totally making laksh irked like hell. Ragini is watching the movie without blinking her eyes laksh got irritated and started to nudge her hand with his finger. She looked towards him by keeping an irritated and what expression. He nods nothing and she instantly turns towards screen and again involves in the movie. Laksh sees this and pouts and he also watches the movie uninterestedly. Finally when the movie is completed he leaves a heavy sigh that now his ragini would atleast see him. But poor guy she keeps on talking about prabhas very excitedly making him more and more jealous. All are going out of the mall raglak are walking back of everyone laksh seeing the time pulls her to a corner where no one can see them and pins her to the wall.

Ragini: jelly why did u pull me here
Laksh: (sarcastically) oh u remember me i thought u only remember that prabhas
Ragini: (smiles) so u are jealous
Laksh: of course i am how much u talk about him i never saw u talking about me that much
Ragini: (encircles her hand around his neck) because see how he looks he is so handsome, his body, his biceps, his…. (interrupted)
Laksh: (jealous) stop atleast now stop ur prabhas puran
Ragini: (laughs and pulls his cheeks) ccccchhhhhhoooooo ccccccchhhhhhhwwwwwwwweeeeeetttt u look very handsome when u are jealous
Laksh: stop it yaar u are irritating me now
Ragini: ok chalo now i will not speak about him but still he is handsome
Laksh pouts while she smiles and hugs him
Ragini: (while hugging him) i like him as a hero in movies but u are my real hero after my father so dont be jealous of a movie hero and remember this duckling is only for her jelly
Laksh: (hugs her more tightly) and this jelly is only for his duckling
Ragini: (breaks the hug) now chalo all must be waiting
Laksh: ha but if we go like this they will tease us let us buy an ice cream and go so that we can say we went to get ur ice cream

Ragini smilingly nods and they go near all the members after purchasing an ice cream
Viren: oye where did u take my sissy ha
Laksh: she asked for an ice cream so i took her jiju now we came na chalo
Sanskar looks at him with a raised eyebrow but laksh ignores him and walks forward sanskar sighs and all follow him and they all reach home and fall on the couch
Ap: u all look tired come janaki we will prepare something for them
Janaki nods and they leave from there
Dp: so sweetheart did u enjoy
Ragini: (who is sitting hugging him) so much handsome u know i saw bahubali movie
Laksh: (irritated) stop if u speak a single word about bahubali or that prabhas i dont know what i will do
Dp: why are u shouting at her ha
Laksh: then what should i do from the time we saw that movie she is saying prabhas puran only

Swasan look at each other and laughs out loud all look at them and they controls their laugh
Dp: why are u both laughing like that
Swara is about to answer him but sanskar closes her mouth to stop her from saying as laksh signals him to do so.
Dp: arey sanskar why are u stopping her let her say na (but shekhar who is doing some work in the study calls him so he leaves)
Viren: now leave her sanky (sanskar leaves her as dp went away) arey shona say why did u both laugh like that
Laksh is glaring her but she ignored and told about how ragini asked him about why did kattappa killed bahubali while they are spending time lonely listening this all laughed out while ragini pouted and laksh glared swasan
Laksh: shut up u all are teasing me and my duckling and i will not spare u more
Viren: ok now stop it and go fresh and come till ma and mom will make something for us we will enjoy it.
All nods and leaves to their rooms
After some time @ragini’s room
Swaragini both are in ragini’s room. Swara is wandering all around the room while she finds an album
Swara: ragu what is this album
Ragini: this one… it is our childhood pics me and jelly
Swara: come let us see
Ragini: chalo

At that time all youngsters enter ragini’s room
Viren: what are u both doing
Swara: bhayyu see these childhood pics of raglak i am seeing them
Viren: hey even i will see it is been so many days remembering these both funny acts chalo, come sanky even u dont know them na
They all get seated and are seeing the pictures and laksh and ragini are saying them the incidents. They are laughing while listening to ragini’s antics in childhood which she does even now when they are seeing suddenly swara
Swara: lucky i forgot u told that u will say why do u call her duckling now tell us na
Viren laughs listening this
Swara: arey bhayyu why are u laughing
Viren: arey shona it is not due to one incident he calls her duckling it is due to series of incidents
Swara: say na
Laksh: ok i will say

It was when ragini is ten years old they all went to a zoo. All are wandering around and watching all the animals but none noticed that ragini is missing. Suddenly laksh saw some bird and he wants to show to ragini and turn to find ragini
Laksh: ragu… dad where is ragu
All looks around and gets worried and starts searching all the places where they moved. Finally they found her near a lake like area where ducks are kept and she is keenly observing them, their walk, their sounds, their way of eating food, their swimming everything and she is even trying to do such things like making the sound how duck does, she is completely lost in them that she did not notice that her parents are not there and she is just enjoying seeing them and she is even trying to hold the ducks. They all see at her surprised and went to her
Janaki: (went to her and hugged her tightly) ragu bacha i was very afraid of losing u why did u stay back here
Ragini: (with cute voice and a big smile) ma see these ducks are very cute and they are walking very cutely, making sounds very cutely i liked them a lot
Janaki: so u stood here watching them
Ragini nods vigorously her head with a big smile on her head
Laksh: there we all are worried for u and here u are seeing these ducks and imitating them huh
Dp: (sternly) laksh stop it and chalo now we find her na so let us go

All nods and starts to walk but ragini is walking like duck and all see this and laugh at her
Dp: (smiling at her) oho my ragu stop doing that and chalo we are getting late
Ragini: (pouts) but it is really fun dad i want to walk like that only
Shekhar: ragu we will walk like that later u teach me at home how to do it for now come normally ok
Ragini nods no vigorously and sits there and starts crying loudly all looks at her shocked and shekhar immediately lifts her in his arms and closes her mouth and walks out as early as possible while all others follow him when they are walking all the people around are seeing them suspiciously like they are kidnapping her but they ignored as for now they has to make ragini stop crying. After coming near the car he places her in the car and laksh enters into the car
Laksh: ragu dont cry stop crying will u not teach me how to walk like a duck
Ragini stops crying and sees him with teary eyes
Ragini: will u learn from me lucky
Laksh nods yes and wipes her tears
Ragini: then we will go home and i will teach u ok
Laksh nods while all leaves a sigh of relief as now she stopped crying.
@fb ends

Swasan laughs loud listening this
Swara: seriously she wants to walk like duck and u did not allow her to do she cried hahaha
Ragini pouted
Sanskar: haha ragu u are impossible
Laksh: what… still there is something more

After they reach home from zoo all are tired and are about to go to take rest
Ragini: lucky wait i will teach u how to walk like duck
Dp: arey ragu bacha how much u love me
Ragini: so much dad
Dp: then do u fulfil my wish
Ragini: ha i will, say dad
Dp: then i want to take rest for sometime but i am not getting sleep now will u sing a song for me
Ragini nods and all sighs and dp takes her with him and makes her sleep finally they were able to make her forget about teaching duck walk to laksh because next day she did not speak about it.
After few days
Ragini came from school crying all got worried and tried to make her calm but she is not stopping, at that time laksh came from mm as that day laksh did not go to school as he is not well
Laksh: ragu stop crying and tell why are u crying
Ragini: (between her sobs) woh that girl… who sits beside me
Laksh: ha some meera
Ragini: (nods) ha she… said that … i dont have a pet… so i dont know anything… about pets
Laksh: for that u are crying
Ragini nods all sighs
Shekhar: so my princess wants a pet
Ragini nods vigorously
Shekhar: u could have asked for that what is the need to cry ok say which pet u want cat or dog
Ragini: duck
All: (shocked) what!!!
@fb ends

All laughs at here
Swara: hahaha duck omg u are such a duckholic (hehe new word) ragu
Sanskar: did papa bought duck for her if he bought where is it
Ragini: (pouts) papa did not bought duck for me instead he said that ducks may not sustain in all the atmospheres and if we bring them home they may be not able to adjust and may die and i immediately said that i dont want duck and even any pet
Sanskar: hahahaha
Laksh: again another incident

Ragini came from school and started jumping happily. All saw her and smile
Shekhar: tho why my princess is very happy
Laksh: papa there is an annual day function in the school and she is selected for an event
Shekhar: oh god so my princess is going to participate on the stage
Ragini: (happy) ha papa u know what that event is
Shekhar: u tell me what is it
Ragini: in that i should where any type of fancy dress on any character and i should tell about the character i wear
Shekhar: tho we should think what u should wear
Janaki: as she is our princess we will make her wear a princess costume
Dp: ha Cinderella
Ap: arey no why don’t we make her an angel
Laksh: no mom we will make her rapunzel what say she will have a long hair
Ragini: no i will not wear any of them
All looks at her
Shekhar: then what u want to wear princess
Ragini: a duck costume
@fb ends

All laughs holding their stomach
Sanskar: hahahaha i can’t laugh more she is obsessed duckholic yaar
Laksh: true bhai u know how much we laughed on that day listening her
Sanskar: did all agree

All laughs holding their stomach listening her
Ragini: (pouts) why are u all laughing
Dp: (pulls her cheeks) oh my sweetheart u want to wear a duck costume and tell about duck right
Ragini nods her head
Shekhar: tho let us fulfil ur wish done
Janaki: u will wear duck costume happy now
Ragini: (jumps in happiness) yeah i am going to become duck yeah (she starts walking like duck and making quack quack sound)
All laughs seeing her
Laksh: (pulls her cheeks) my cute duck from now i will call u duckling
Ragini: (happy) yeah new nick name duckling (she starts jumping)
All laughs
@fb ends

Laksh: from then she became my duckling
Swara: (pulls ragini’s cheek) cute duckling did u wear that dress
Ragini nods happily
Sanskar: haha see how happy she is even now is there any pic of it
Laksh: ha wait let me show
Saying this he shows the pic to them in which ragini is cutely dressed in a duck’s costume and is walking like a duck on the stage.
Laksh: and she was the one who won in that event
Ragini: they gave me a trophy as well wait i will show u (saying this she runs to her cupboard and takes a small trophy and shows them with a very happy and excited face)
All laughs seeing her excitement

Viren: now did u understand how did she got that name and u know what she was very happy with that name that if lucky calls her with any other name she would not respond to him only
Swara: oh god how crazy u were about ducks ragu
Laksh: not “u were” shona u should say “u are” she is still crazy about ducks even before few months she asked ma papa for a duck as pet but papa rejected so she is calm otherwise now our house would be full of ducks
Ragini: (pouts) they are not understanding me u know how cute they will be huh that is why i asked dadi to get ducks in the village and she said ok next time when we go to village they will be there in our pet house see
Laksh: what but u did not even said to me
Viren: but i know na
Ragini: (smiles sheepishly) sorry jelly i forgot
Sanskar: hey wait why do u call him jelly
Laksh: arey nothing she just calls for fun
Ragini: no let me tell them u told about me na so let me tell about u also Mr. Jelly Maheshwari
Laksh: (closing her mouth) no u will not
Sanskar: shut up lucky u told about hers so let her say otherwise i will ask mom or ma
Laksh: fine (he keeps an irritated face)
Viren: poor lucky

Laksh loves to eat jelly a lot. Laksh is 11years old. One day one of the Dp’s and shekhar’s client came to their house and while coming they brought some gifts as well. In that gifts there are a lot jellies, for both raglak they bought them but laksh loves them like hell that he can eat any number of jellies. He ate two jellies and was about to take another one
Janaki: lucky no u already ate two so for now stop u can eat them tomorrow u should not eat all at a time
Laksh: (pouts) please ma
Janaki nods no and takes those all jellies and keeps them in the cupboard in the kitchen which is high and cannot be reached to him
{Note: guys that day both the families are in mm only}
It was night all are sleeping except for laksh his whole mind is on the jellies which are in the cupboard he slowly got up from his bed and went to kitchen where his jellies are kept and takes a stool so that he can reach the cupboard height and climbs that stool and takes the jellies, sits in a corner and starts licking and eating them applying to his face as well his face is totally covered with jelly he is enjoying eating his jelly. At that time ap comes to kitchen to take some water along with ragini who woke up to drink water and saw him like that and starts laughing. His face is covered totally with jelly and he is looking a jelly boy (jelly boy hahahaha) ragini sees him and laughs and clicks a photo in ap’s mobile

Laksh: (crying face) mom see na she took my photo
Ap: aww my lucky u are looking so cute let her take that pic
Ragini: (laughing) haha lucky u look like jelly i will call u jelly from now haha
Laksh: aaaaaaaahhhhhh no u will not call me like that
Ragini: no no i will call u like that only jelly jelly jelly
Laksh: no no no stop dont call me like that
Ragini: jelly jelly jelly
Ap: stop stop dont fight lucky let her call whatever she wants anyway u call her duckling na then she also kept u a nickname that is it
Laksh: no mom i dont like it
Ragini: (shows him her tongue and teases him) jelly jelly and runs to her room
Laksh: (crying face) mom
Ap: leave it beta she is ur best friend na
Laksh: ok
@fb ends

Ragini: from then i am calling him jelly
Laksh: so many times i tried to make her stop that but no use i gave up and i think she already forgot my name only
Swara: hahaha jelly lucky do u like jelly even now
Laksh nods no while ragini nods yes
Sanskar: hahaha u can’t lie lucky ragini is saying yes
Swara: dont worry i will buy a jelly for u
All laughs while laksh pouts
Ragini: (pulls his cheeks) aww my jelly dont feel sad
Laksh smiles seeing her cute expressions and pulls her towards him and side hugs her
Ragini: wait let me show u that jelly pic (saying this she shows that pic to him and everyone have a hearty laugh seeing him in that pic he is really cute in that pic)
Like that they are enjoying when suddenly ritu and Aakash barged into the room with worried expressions
Aakash: (comes to ragini and cups her face) ragu are u fine
Ragini: (confused) what happened to me bhai
Aakash: that samar

Ragini face becomes pale and laksh immediately changes that topic
Laksh: Aakash how are the classes today
Aakash: (understands) u idiot dont u know that u should make a call and tell us that u are not coming ha we would also bunk that stupid and boring classes big torture
Laksh: sorry
Ritu: leave it tell why did u not come to collage today i missed u so much ragu (she hugs her)
Aakash: (hugs both of them) me too
Ragini: me too bhai now leave me otherwise i will die out of breath
All: shut up
Ragini: arey why are u shouting i said that in a flow
Laksh: (hugs her) never speak about death duckling u know na i can’t live without u
Ragini: i am sorry jelly i will never speak about it
Ritu: arey u tell why did u not come to collage
Ragini: i went out with bhayyu and di
Ritu: bhayyu?
Ragini: ha meet them bhayyu and bhabhi

She introduces them to each other and they all enjoy a happy time. After some time
Laksh: Aakash come with me
Aakash nods and they both go out
Laksh: Aakash did samar come to college today and how did u got to know about ragini
Aakash: u did not come and u are not even taking the phone call so i went to harish uncle he told what happened and uncle also told that samar’s father took TC of samar and he is out of station now. I enquired about him so that we can be careful and i got to know that he is going to delhi, his father is afraid that he will do anything again and decided to send him to delhi

Laksh: great if he would be still here i will definitely kill him, i left him as bhai stopped me
Aakash: ok leave it chalo let us go inside
Laksh nods and they go inside while sanskar asks him what through actions but laksh says nothing. They spend some time and Aakash and ritu leave as it is late.
Laksh: i am hungry
Sanskar: let me bring a jelly for u
All laughs
Laksh: bhai i will not leave u
Sanskar runs and laksh chases him all over the room while all laughs seeing him
Ragini: bhayyu when will darls come
Viren: he will be here soon ragu
Jeevika: now chalo let us have dinner and go to bed
All nods and have their dinner and go to bed

Next day morning, ragini is sleeping peacefully hugging her teddy bear on her bed. Someone comes to her slowly and starts tickling on her feet she giggles in her sleep and covers her legs in her blanket and again sleeps. This time that person comes to her face and pulls her hair slowly while she shouts in pain and wakes up in jerk and looks at the person, seeing that person she widens her eyes and immediately squeals in happiness
Ragini: (squeals in happiness and hugs in happiness) darls i missed u so much.
Ayan: (squeals) cutie i missed u too
Viren: (who came there to see them) arey both of u stop shouting
Ayan: papa u leave from here let me spend my time with my cutie always u come to disturb us
Ragini: ha darls he is always disturbing us
Viren makes faces and goes from there
Ragini: darls i will fresh up and come we will spend time till then u read ur favourite story books from the book shelf
Ayan nods and ragini nods and leaves to fresh up

Here in hall sanlak comes and sits in the couch at that time swara comes from her room after getting ready.
Laksh: (placing his hands around viren’s shoulder) jiju where is duckling
Viren: with ur soutan
Laksh: (shocked) what!!!! When did he come?
Viren: (laughs) hahaha he came in the morning he is with his cutie
Laksh: (shouts) no, di why did u not tell me that he is coming i would have taken her from here now i am going to her
He runs to ragini’s room all laughs except for swasan who are confused
Swara: bhayyu why are u laughing and why that idiot is doing over action, who came
Viren: chalo i will show u
They also leave to ragini’s room

@ragini’ room
Ragini and ayan are playing, giggling enjoying each other’s company; laksh came there and sees them
Laksh: oye my soutan why do u always stay with my love (makes faces)
Ayan: cutie why today jelly face is making faces
Ragini laughs, laksh glares him ayan runs to him and laksh picks him up and kisses his cheeks
Ayan: i missed u so much mamu
Laksh: me too champ so how was ur camp
Ayan: awesome
All come inside and they all spend some time with him swasan also loved ayan and later they have their breakfast and they leave to college.
That is all for today. Thank u for reading. Hope u guys enjoyed by knowing how ragini and laksh got their names as duckling and jelly. Hope i reached upto ur expectations. Tell me did u like this or not through ur comments. Dont forget to vote guys. Meet u all in the next part soon till then take care. Byebye.

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