RagLak- Our Cute Love Story (Part 4)

RagLak-Our Cute Love Story (Part 4)
Hey guys back with next part of RagLak-Our Cute Love Story. Thank u so much to all those who commented and silent readers. And guys last part is third part i dont know why it is showing as part2

Part 3

Days passed and the bond of ragini with laksh’s gang has increased and even priya started communicating with every one of the gang freely. Now samar as planned stopped irritating ragini as he planned something else. It is one Saturday night ragini is in her room in gm standing in her balcony and enjoying the weather by closing her eyes, due to air her hairs are flying and she is looking absolutely as an angel in that full moon light. Laksh who came there by hiding came to balcony through pipe and is mesmerized to see his duckling so beautiful he is just staring her without blinking, his view is being disturbed due to hairs moving on her face he slowly moves towards her and tucks her hair behind her ear while ragini immediately opens her eyes and gets shock to see him there
Ragini: jelly what are u doing here at this time
But laksh just pulls her through her waist and kisses her forehead while ragini closes her eyes, he sees her and smiles and kisses her eyes she immediately opens her eyes they both share a long passionate eye lock after few minutes they both break the eye lock
Ragini: jelly what are u doing here
Laksh: (again tucking her hair which is falling on her face) came to see my duckling my bacha
Ragini: at this time if ma papa see then
Laksh: all are sleeping so no one will come to know that i am here so just stop bothering about others and concentrate on me
Ragini: (keeps her hands around his neck) ok my jelly (kisses his cheek tightly and keeps her head on his chest)
Laksh: (smiles) come let us sit and enjoy the nature
Ragini nods laksh sits down leaning to the wall and ragini sits in between his legs and leans her back to him and he hugs her from back and they both have a beautiful smile on their faces. They both are sitting and just enjoying the weather silently.
Ragini: (breaking the silence and turns towards him) jelly
Laksh: hmm
Ragini: why did kattappa kill bahubali? (hehehe this is the doubt i have in my mind from two years)
Laksh: (shocked) what
Ragini: say na
Laksh: seriously ragu in this romantic moment u are asking this stupid question
Ragini pouts
Laksh: (pecks her pout) u wait till April 28th then i will tell
Ragini: huh then even i will tell and u know i am very excited to see how my prabhas will be in this part (she says dreamily)
Laksh: (jealous as she said my prabhas and annoyed) arey yaar stop this here i came to spend some time with u and u are talking about a movie
Ragini: (makes a puppy face) sorry
Laksh: (melts) ok (he makes her turn back again and back hugs her they talk on random things and they slept there only unknowingly)

Morning sunrays fall on laksh he opens his eyes only to see his lady love sleeping peacefully hugging him (now they both are lying on the floor) he smiles seeing her and slowly comes out of her grip and picks her in bridal style and places her on bed carefully, covers her with a comforter and pecks her forehead while she smiles in her sleep feeling him and leaves from there through pipe by hiding so that nobody notices him and again goes to his room through pipe (oh god he became a spider man in this love)
Laksh: uff it is really tough to do these things now i became like super heroes who climb walls, pipes also (saying this he falls on his bed and again goes to sleep)
After an hour or so he again wakes up and gets fresh up and comes to hall. There ap and dp are having their morning tea
Laksh: good morning mom and dad
Ap/dp: good morning beta
Ap: are u going any where
Laksh: ha mom ragini wants to have ice cream from her favourite parlour so going to bring it, should i bring anything for u
Ap: no need beta u go and bring for her
Laksh: ok bye mom dad
Ap/dp: bye

He leaves to the parlour which is ragini’s favourite on his bike. When he reaches there and goes inside he sees Aakash and swasan near a table and go there.
Laksh: hey guys
Aakash: hey lucky u here
Laksh: ha ragini wants to have ice cream so thought to take one for her but u all here
Aakash: vo i am coming here to meet ritu’s father on the way i saw these both walking so i thought to ask them to accompany me and they both are also here (he said all in tensed voice)
Laksh: (keeping his hand on aakash’s hand) Aakash dont get tensed u be what u are ok
Aakash nodded his head tensed
Shona: from so much time we are saying same but this idiot is not at all listening
Sanskar: Aakash why dont u meet him later then
Aakash: no yaar uncle is going out of station for two months due to work and u know i want to show her to my parents as well but i dont want to show them before getting approval from uncle so i should do this now but i dont know whether he would like me or not

Swara is about to say something when she saw ritu and her father listening to them standing back of Aakash
Swara: arey ritu Namaste uncle (she says standing from her place)
Aakash and all immediately stands from their places and look at them while Aakash smiles a little to ritu
Laksh: please sit uncle (says while asking Aakash to move a side)
Aakash moves a side and lets ritu’s father to sit. (ritu’s father=rt) and all got settled and rt spoke to Aakash and he is really impressed by him and is really proud of his daughter’s choice.
Rt: so i guess Aakash now u can introduce ritu to ur parents as their bahu
Aakash: (face glowed like 100 volts bulb with a huge smile) that means u liked me
Rt: (smiles and pats his head) there is no reason to reject u so i dont have any problem with ur relation

Aakash: thank u so much uncle and i will never disappoint u
Rt: (smiles and looks at ritu who is having a huge smile and feels very happy to see his daughter happy) so ritu happy
Ritu: (hugs him) so much papa i love u
Rt: i love u too my bacha chalo i need to leave now
Ritu: ok chalo i will also come with u (Aakash face changes a little dull)
Rt: (observes Aakash) no beta i am going out for some work any way u spend some time with Aakash and ur friends also
Ritu nods with a smile on her face and even Aakash’s face lits up again
Rt: bye guys
All: bye uncle (he leaves as soon as he leaves Aakash hugs her very tightly)
Aakash: i am so happy
Ritu: me too and i love u
Aakash: i love u too
Swara: so what are the plans today
Aakash: well i dont have any
Laksh: then why dont u all visit my place i know it has been more than an year we all are friends and i never invited u so thought to do it today
Swara: i am with u
Aakash: we too
Sanskar: then what will i do me too
Laksh: great then let us take the parcel to my girl and go
All: done
Laksh takes the ice cream and all went to parking lot and all go to mm while lucky on his bike and remaining in aakash’s car.

Laksh and his friends are about to enter when a servant comes there
Servant: laksh baba all are in gm
Laksh: ok kaka we will go there only is the garden door opened
Servant: ha baba just now i opened it
Laksh: ok kaka u please keep these keys in my room (hand over his bike keys to him and he leaves)
(Actually gm and mm has a connecting garden which has a door and they can go through that door from one mansion to another)
Laksh: chalo guys
Aakash: lucky u are very lucky u can go whenever u want to go to ragini’s house to romance (teasingly)
Laksh: romance and ragini huh u know yesterday i went to her room to spend some time with her do u know what she is speaking about
Aakash: (curiously) what
Laksh: huh why did kattappa kill bahubali?
All: (shocked) what (later all burst out laughing while laksh keeps an annoyed face)
Laksh: stop it guys

All suppress their laugh and looks at laksh with pity and again burst out into laughter
Laksh keeps very irritated face
Laksh: guys
Sanskar: ok sorry lucky chalo now let us go
Laksh: ha come they go inside and see that ap, dp, shekhar and janaki sitting in the hall and talking when they entered
Laksh: ma see who came
Janaki: arey beta who are they
Laksh: ma they are my friends this is (to Aakash) Aakash, (to ritu) ritu, (to swara) swara and (to sanskar) sanskar
Listening to swara and sanskar janaki and ap gets emotional but composes themselves
Ap: beta u all get seated we will bring something to eat
Laksh: ha even me very hungry i did not had breakfast still chalo guys let us have breakfast
Swara: nahi lucky u carry on we had our breakfast
Laksh: no u all come now

After lot of insistence they agree and have breakfast
Aakash: lucky where is ragu we did not see her from the time we came
Just then their eyes fall on ragini whose eyes are half opened and comes in her baby pink colour Donald duck night dress rubbing her eyes saying
Ragini: papa
Shekhar: yes princess come
Ragini goes and sits beside shekhar and keeps her head on his shoulder and again sleeps
Shekhar: princess see who has come
Ragini: (sleepy voice) papa let me sleep dad see he is not allowing me to sleep
Dp: shekhar shut up let my sweet heart sleep ok
Janaki: u are enough to spoil her dp
Ap: oh please janaki dont tell anything to my daughter
Laksh: (listening this holds his head) again started
While all his friends look at him confused

Janaki: why not when u say that laksh is irresponsible she is more irresponsible than him atleast he behaves mature but she is still kiddish dont know when will she change
Dp is about to say something
Laksh: (irritated) stop it same drama every week ok i am fed up
Ragini: (while rubbing her eyes) jelly shut up and let me sleep u are shouting and disturbing my sleep
Laksh: u sleepy head of Sunday get up and see who came to our house
Ragini with irritation opens her eyes and sees her friends
Ragini: (screeches in happiness and run and hug swara very tightly) shona di
Sanskar: arey ragu let her breath
Ragini: (leaves her) dont worry i will not do anything to ur shona
Swara: arey u leave him he will speak like that only
Ap: arey ragini beta first go and get fresh up and have ur breakfast
Ragini: ok mom i will come in just 10 minutes (and runs to her room)
Laksh: (shouts) duckling dont run u will fall
Ragini: (shouts) no jelly i will not fall bye
All smiles seeing his care towards to her after sometime ragini comes wearing a white t shirt and blue jeans and loose hair looking awesome and has her breakfast and sat with her friends happily and enjoying while all elders move from there to let youngsters to enjoy.

Ragini: (shouts) jelly we will go to mm and show them that house also chalo
Laksh: (rubbing his ears) why are u shouting duckling my ears work very well now chalo
All leaves along with ragini when laksh is about to go he saw sanskar’s wallet in the couch where he sat he took it and suddenly a chain with a locket falls down from the wallet laksh sees that and takes it
Laksh: (shocked) this resembles as mine but the name is sanskar and on mine it is written laksh (guys imagine some locket on which they can write some name as well)
He opens the wallet and sees a photograph of two kids one is a girl and other is a boy and thinks that he saw them somewhere when he realised something he immediately runs to his room in gm and finds a photograph in the drawer, it is the same photograph which ap showed to laksh he took a copy from ap so that he can have a memory of his brother, he looks the photograph in the wallet and remembers once sanskar saying that photo is his and swara’s, he looks at both the photographs and tears flow from his eyes he could not understand anything he just runs to the hall and shouts
Laksh: (shouts) mom ma dad papa all come out
Listening to him all they four come out and see him having tears in his eyes and gets panicked
Ap: (concerned) laksh what happened beta why are u crying
Laksh hugs her and cries
Janaki: (keeps hand on his head and caresses his hair worriedly) laksh what happened beta u are scaring us
Laksh composes listening to that and shows both photographs to ap
Laksh: this is the photo which u showed me on that day right (ap nods while all looks at them confused) and ma the kids in this photo are same to the kids in the photo which is in sanskar’s wallet see ma
Ap sees them and immediately tears starts to flow from her eyes
Ap: laksh this photo
Laksh: ma this photo is of swara and sanskar
Ap: (happy and tears flowing from her eyes) means they are
Laksh: ha ma they are only our munna and shoru
This is the biggest shock to dp, shekhar and janaki and tears are flowing from janaki’s eyes after listening this
Ap: (hugs laksh) i am so happy today lucky when i listened to their names and even their presence made me feel like they are our children but later… leave i want to meet them (then her eyes fall on janaki who is standing like a statue and only tears flowing from her eyes she goes to her and hugs her)

Ap: janaki our children are alive swara and sanskar are our children only our feeling was right janaki
Janaki: (by this janaki comes to senses) swara and sanskar are our children only annu our children shekhar our children are alive (tears are flowing from her eyes) i want to see my children annu laksh call them now
Laksh nods while dp and shekhar are just standing there not believing that their children are back and even their eyes are moist when laksh turns to go he sees all are back after seeing mm, janaki and ap immediately go to swara and sanskar respectively and caresses their cheek lovingly while they see them confused
Ap/janaki: mera/meri bacha/bacchi
Swasan were standing numb listening to this laksh comes to them
Laksh: shona u want to know who ur mother is na she is ur mother u r ragini’s elder sister and sanskar is my twin brother

Swasan looks at him shocked and they turn towards ap and janaki respectively and ragini just stood there rooted that she had a sister and she even dont know about it she is just staring everything blankly
Janaki: ha beta u are our kids whom we thought we lost forever (and says everything what ap told to laksh)
Swasan just standing there numb while tears are not stopping in anybody’s eyes.
Laksh: but ma u said me that he told u all that he killed them i am not understanding why did he say so do u know anything shona sanskar (but they both are not in the senses to speak anything then they hear a voice from the door)
Voice: we will tell u (all turn and see a man and woman are standing near the door)
Swasan: baba amma u here
Rp: ha beta we came here to collect funds and heard every thing
[Rp and Sujatha are the care takers of the orphanage “HAPPY HOME” who took care of swasan as their own children and they don’t have children]
Rp: ji Namaste i am ram Prasad i am care taker of the orphanage HAPPY HOME and she is my wife Sujatha
Dp: ji Namaste u told u will tell about them
Rp: ji it was on holy day i was going on a secluded road which is a way to hugli, i was going back from Calcutta after completing some work, then i saw a man whose back is only faced and in front of him there are two kids who are around two years crying and that man is very raged and shouting and i am hiding near a tree and listening and trying to find a chance to save the kids

Man: (angrily shouting) how dare they all now i will see how they will be living happily without their beloved kids. (looking to them) hahaha now i will see how ur fathers and mothers will be happy u little girl what ur name ha swara u know what ur father did he married her my love and u little boy sanskar na ha do u know what ur father did he married her to his friend saying “that i treat her as a sister i will not allow a b*****d like u near her” and even they both sent me to jail they both spoiled my whole life (shouts in frustration while the kids get more scared and cry more) aaaaaaaahhhhhh u both stop crying it is really irritating. How can i let them live happily so i kidnapped u and u know what i am going to do to u (laughs evilly) hahaha i will kill u
Rp was shocked to listen this while that man goes to a car near that area and opens the back duck and takes a petrol container rp is shocked more to see he sees around and finds a rod like thing and goes to that man back and hit him very hard and that man falls down unconscious rp takes swasan from there to the orphanage and gives police complaint in the region hugli.
Police: if anybody comes here saying they lost their children i will definetely inform u till then u take care of them
Rp says ok and goes from there after a week rp and Sujatha are shifted to Kolkata branch from hugli branch so to inform about their shifting he goes to police station but there he sees the same man speaking to the police officer
Man: i want them at any cost
Police: dont worry sir i will get them to u
Man: (gives him some money) here take this and do that work as soon as possible understood
Rp immediately goes from there and takes swasan and goes to Kolkata branch asking the care takers of hugli branch not to inform about them to anyone.
@fb ends

Rp: from that day they are with us as our children and when they are at the age of 18 i told them all the things and gave their childhood photo and that chain which is of sanskar’s.
While all are standing there numb and tears rolling from their eyes continuously.
Dp and shekhar join their hands
Dp: thank u so much for saving our kids we are very glad to u
Rp: no ji they are just like my children so u need not to thank us
Sanskar: (now gets into senses and looks at ap and dp) mom dad
Listening to this both ap and dp hugs him and they all burst out crying while laksh is smiling through tears sanskar breaks the hug from ap and dp and hugs lucky very tightly
Laksh: (crying) bhai

While swaragini stood at their respective places all shocked and sanskar sees swara and goes to her and shakes her
Sanskar: (shaking her by holding her shoulder) shona come to senses see ur ma papa are here ur dream came true
Swara: (looks at him with tears and smiles) my ma papa (turns to janaki and shekhar) ma papa (she goes to them and hugs them and cries a lot)
While on the other side ragini stumbles a little and Aakash who is standing next to her holds her
Aakash: (concerned) ragu

All their gaze shifted to her then laksh realised that she does not know about her sister he immediately goes to her and makes her sit on the couch while she jerked his hand he was hurt but still he understood the reason for her reaction
Laksh: duckling please
Ragini: (while tears flowing from her eyes) i have a sister and nobody thought it necessary to tell me even and laksh even u hid it from me why laksh why
Laksh: ragini it is not like that i too got to know about it just a few days before
Ragini: (hurt) atleast then u could have told me but no u also kept it a secret did u all thought that i am not worth of knowing about my sister
Shekhar: (comes to her and cups her face while sitting near her on his knees even dp comes there) it is not like that beta we just thought not to hurt u

Ragini: hurt papa u all hurt me more without telling that thing to me (she stands from there) please leave me alone (she runs to her room, closes the door and falls on bed and cries)
She is happy to know that she has a sister and even more happy to know that her shona di is only her di who is her blood relation whenever she is with swara she felt really very connected to her and always wished her to be her sister but she felt sad that she is the only child to her parents but now she is hurt that her parents, her to be in laws who she treated more than her parents and her fiancé her best friend who shares everything with her hid such a big thing from her thinking that she will be sad if she comes to know that she had a sister and she is dead, though she is not, she is very hurt due to them and now she dont want to talk to anyone for some time and cry heart out that how can her family hid the truth from her.

Here on the other side
Shekhar: (sobbing) i dont want to see her sad by knowing about them durga that is why i said to hide it from her even laksh does not know about them right till that day
Dp: i know shekhar but she is a kid she is not understanding our pov first we need to make her understand
Shekhar nods and all go near ragini’s room and starts banging the door
Laksh: ragini open the door
Ragini: no i dont want to talk to anyone go from here
Shekhar: please princess please open the door and let me explain u please
Ragini: (shouts) no
Swara: (comes front) papa may i try
Shekhar: (caresses her head) ok beta
Swara: (stands near the door) ragu dont u want to talk to ur sister when u dont know that i am ur sister u always used to say shona di shona di but when u got to know that i am really ur sister u not even spoke to me didn’t u like me being ur sister

Ragini listening to this immediately opens the door and hugs swara and cries
Swara: (while rubbing her back) ragu stop crying na i think this is the time to be happy that i got to know about my family but u are making me sad by crying i dont want to see my sister crying please for me na
Ragini: (breaks the hug and wipes her tears) chalo di i want to talk to u so many things (she goes to sanskar and holds his hand and comes to swara holds her hand) come di jiju we both need to talk a lot (she takes both inside not before giving a look to ap, dp, shekhar, janaki and laksh while they understood she is very angry at them for hiding the truth)
She makes them sit on the bed and lays in swara’s lap while swasan smile looking at each other
Ragini: (shouts from inside as she saw all are peeping into her room) Aakash bhai, ritu u both can come but shut the door before coming inside

Aakash: (outside laughs) though she is angry she loves all see she did not forget us bye poor laksh
Laksh: Aakash ki bache here i am thinking how to convince her and u are laughing at me
Ap: laksh think something this time she is angry on us also
Laksh: mom u dont worry i will do something but ha if i need any help u all should do it
All: yes boss
(They also know that her anger will be vanished very soon when she understood their pov but they have to bear her anger till she understands them)
Aakash: chalo ritu we will go to my ragu (giving teasing smile to laksh while laksh glares him)
Aakash and ritu goes inside
Ragini: bhai close the door i dont want that idiot to come inside
Swara: ragu let him na
Ragini: no way
Sanskar: ha i am on her side only why should we allow him idiot
Ragini: yes jiju u are right
Sanskar: jiju why did u change suddenly from bhai to jiju
Ragini: now u are my di’s hone wale husband na so
Swara: before also u used to call me as di only na
Ragini: arey leave it i just thought to change (like that ragini speaks a lot of things about her childhood and many more. On the other side laksh got an idea and immediately rushes outside and here swara thought to make ragini understand about the elders pov)
Swara: ragu
Ragini: hmm (while playing with swara’s duppatta)
Sanskar: are u still angry on laksh and ma papa
Ragini: no jiju it is just that i am hurt that they did not even tell me before am i not worth to know about u (with teary eyes)
Laksh: (who came through the pipe to her room) not like that duckling
Ragini: (immediately gets up from swara’s lap and shouts) how dare u jelly to enter into my room
Laksh: (comes to her and drags her through waist while all others smile) no need of dare for doing so i just came to my fiancé’s room who is upset because of me so that i can make her understand and make her alright
Ragini: leave me i dont want to listen anything
Laksh: (tightens his grip) ragu listen once to me (ragini stops struggling) u think about ma, papa, mom, dad how would have they felt when they lost their child they just thought that if they tell u even u will feel sad by remembering them please understand na

Ragini: (thinks and says) ok i understand them but why did u not tell me when u got to know (pouts)
Laksh: (smiles as now she is back to kiddish ragini) sorry na mom told me not say so i did not say i did not expect that u will get sad sorry (he holds his one ear with one hand and holds her waist with another hand)
Ragini: (smiles) fine from now u will not hide anything from me ok
Laksh: done now ur anger is gone na
Ragini: (thinks and says) hmm no u did not get my ice cream
Laksh: (pulls her cheek) aww mera bacha it is in fridge
Ragini: (excited) really (she releases his grip and runs and opens the door and runs to kitchen)
While all bursts out laughing
Sanskar hugs laksh
Laksh: bhai (gets emotional)
Sanskar: lucky dont cry yaar like girls
Laksh: before u were also crying now say u are also a girl
Swara: bilkul sahi javab my boy
Sanskar: what is correct in that
Swara: come on sanskar for expressing emotions u need not to be a girl
Aakash: if u cry that does not mean that u are a girl
Sanskar: (joins his hands) ji swara mata and Aakash baba i understood

Here ragini runs very fast to the kitchen squealing like a kid while the elders who saw her understood that she is back to normal and smiled with a sigh of relief but the relief turned to worried as they heard a scream from kitchen with this all elders and youngsters, who also heard her scream, run to the kitchen worried only to see ragini eating her favourite ice cream by applying it to the whole mouth.
Laksh: (worried) duckling why did u scream
But ragini is busy in her ice cream she did not even paid any heed to his words
Laksh: (asked a little loud) ragini why did u scream
Ragini: it is u who are screaming not me i just shouted out of excitement to see my favourite ice cream from my favourite parlour
Laksh banged his head to his own palm for this kiddish girl who makes everyone worried with her childish acts while all left a sigh of relief finally she completed eating and turned only to see all staring at her
Ragini: (attitude) what
Janaki: huh leave her she will never change chalo annu we will prepare for lunch
Rp: now we will leave
Dp: arey how can u leave like that u should have ur lunch here
Sujatha: but
Ap: please Sujatha ji dont say no
Rp and Sujatha complies
Sujatha: even i will help u both

Ap and janaki smile and nods. While all others go to hall and adjust themselves in couch all are sitting and speaking
Dp: ram Prasad ji after lunch we will come and take our kids with us
Rp: (got teary eyed but composes) ji
Sanskar: (came to him along with swara and sat on his knees) baba u always treated us as ur own children and u will always be our baba and we will be always ur children
Swara: and we will never forget for whatever u did for us thank u so much baba
Sujatha: (who came there) now u will thank ur baba huh
Swara: (goes to her and hugs her with teary eyes) no amma but this is just a small word to express our happiness for the love and care u gave to us
Sujatha: shh stop now all this after these many years u got to know who ur parents because of one bad person these many good persons suffered that too for years.
Ragini: (jumps upto them) hmm amma said correct now stop this and enjoy life di and jiju
Dp: jiju why are u calling him jiju
Ragini: oh dad he will be my future jiju na when he is married to di
Dp: (very happy) omg!!!! They both love each other (hugged shekhar) shekhu my wish fulfilled hahaha i am very happy today
All are very happy by all the things happened on that day and it became one of their best days later they went to orphanage and brought their children to their house for ever and started showering their love which they could not give to them in all these years.

Dinner time Aakash and ritu left only gadodias and Maheshwaris all are having dinner while suddenly ragini shouted in excitement seeing someone at the door
Ragini: (shouted in excitement and run from her place and hugged the person) mamu
All looks at her horrified with her sudden shouting, she will one day definetely give them all heart attack
Harish: arey gudiya why do u always shout
Ragini: what to do mamu whenever i see u i get excited u know how much i love u (pout)
Avantika: started again now chalo inside i am hungry
They both glare her and go towards everyone while Harish and Avantika gets confused to see swasan and the family members explain them and they are very happy to see their children whom they thought they lost forever
Avantika: bhai how much she shouts everyday i pity u laksh u have to bear her whole life
Harish: oye dont dare to say a word against my gudiya
Swara: even i am with u mamu here everyone is against my little sister
Sanskar: even i am with u
Laksh: aagaya over protective members of Miss. Ragini gadodia (murmurs but it is heard by them)
Sanskar: (hits his shoulder) dare u say a word against her ok
Laksh: (joins his hands) ji Mr. Body guard of ragini
Ragini: u shut up why do u always irritate my jiju
Laksh: oh god please save me from these over protective members please
Avantika: oh my boy dont stress i will be always there for u
Laksh: thank god koi hai who understands me
Like this all are teasing each other and enjoying their food when again ragini squeals
Ragini: (squeals) oh no
Janaki: (irritated due to her shouting and squealing) now what happened why are u squealing
Ragini: ma after two days it is holy (hehe i know it is very late)
Janaki: ha annu we forgot about it and why dont we do puja on that day for thanking god for giving our kids back
Ap: very good janaki done so tomorrow we should start preparations
Avantika: ok then i will make the list all we wanted
All enjoys their food

Ragini: today i am going to sleep in mm come di (she drags swara) bye everyone
Laksh: ok chalo bhai let us sleep here
(Ragini will sleep according to her wish if she sleeps in mm laksh sleeps in gm and vice versa)
Sanskar: wait a minute why are u calling me bhai we both are twins right
Ap: but u are 10 minutes elder to him and he always wanted an elder brother so now as u are elder his wish got fulfilled (said ap with a smile)
Sanskar smiles listening to this he is very happy to see all his family and mainly his brother who is his best friend from more than a year
All go to bed with happy faces

I am extremely sorry for being very late. And also sorry for very less raglak scenes and for this family drama i just want to show the family bonding and love to each other as this ff is about family boding and emotions as well. Now tell me how is the episode through ur comments. Meet u all in the next chapter. Till then take care.  

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