RagLak- Our Cute Love Story (Part 15)

RagLak – Our Cute Love Story (Part 15)

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Previous part
RagLak reach home in the car along with Ayan. Laksh gets down the car holding sleeping Ayan in his arms. As soon as he gets down from the car Jeevika comes to him and takes Ayan from him.
Jeevika: this is the reason why I said don’t take him with you.
Laksh: oho di he just slept
Jeevika: now come
Laksh nods and turns towards Ragini and gives her his hand. She smiles and takes his hand and gets down from the car. Both RagLak goes near the entrance and Ap does their aarthi. Ragini kicks rice kalash and then walks through the red water.
Isha brings a big bowl with milk.
Ritu: ok now I am going to put this ring in this milk. Whoever wins they are the one who rules the other.
Sanskar: if that is the case I am with my Ragu. Chalo Ragu let us win it and show our power.
Ragini smiles and nods her head.
Ritu: so ready 1 2 3 start (says she throwing the ring in the bowl)
Both RagLak keep their hands in the bowl and start searching for the ring. Suddenly our Laksh gets a naughty idea and smirks looking at Ragini who is busy in searching the ring. While all others are busy in cheering them by dividing themselves into two teams. Laksh holds Ragini’s hand suddenly making her eyes go wide and look at him with shock. She looks at him and finds him smirking at her. She looks around nervously to find whether anybody is seeing them.

She sighs seeing that everyone are busy in arguing themselves about who will win. She again looks at Laksh who winks at her and gives a flying kiss to her with one hand while he was holding her hand with another hand in the bowl. She blushes and lowers her eyes. She tries to free her hand from his hand but could not as he tightens his grip on her hand. Ragini keeps struggling finally she is able to get out of his hold and glares at him. She takes her hand out at that time all looks at them.

Sanskar: (without noticing that she did not get the ring) yay!!! Ragu won. (Side hugs her) proud of you my girl.
Ragini: (looks at him and innocently says) but I didnot take the ring jiju
Laksh keeps looking at her with a smirk on his lips.
Sanskar: (shocked) What! Then why did you take your hand out?
Ragini: (bends her head) woh… Woh…
Laksh: (interrupting her) because I already kept ring to her finger (shows her hand by holding it) see

Ragini looks at it shocked that she does not even know when did he keep ring in her finger. She looks at him with wide open eyes and mouth. He winks at her with a smirk on his lips. Ragini closes her mouth with both her hands.

Sanskar: (confused) What happened Ragu?

Ragini removes her hand from her mouth immediately and nods no vigorously while all look at her confused except for Laksh who is smirking at her naughtily.

Ap: ok chalo Ragini beta go to your room. Swara, Jeevika take her to the room.
Swara and Jeevika nod their head. Ragini once looks at Laksh while he gives a flying kiss to her and smirks looking at her. Ragini just lowers her eyes while blushing and goes along with Swara and Jeevika. All the elders left while only youngsters are left.

Youngsters were making plans to tease Laksh while Laksh made himself comfortable on the couch and started playing subway surfers and enjoying it. All of them saw him weirdly.

Aakash: Lucky
Laksh: (still playing in his phone) hmm
They look at each other and at him.
Swara: (who came after leaving Ragini in the room looks at him with wide eyes) Lucky are you serious? You are playing game sitting here. Today is your wedding night.
Laksh: (still playing) hmm
Virika smile seeing him as they understood as he is doing intentionally to avoid their teasing if he becomes desperate to go into room.
Sanskar: (shakes him) Lucky go to your room.
Laksh looks at him irritated and stands from his place. He looks at them with irritation and leaves to the room. As soon as he is out of their sight he laughs and runs to his room and locks it.
Here Ritu, Isha and Swara realises that he tricked them and escaped from giving nek.
Swara: (shouts) I am not going to leave him
She was about to go to their room but stopped by Viren.
Viren: Shona stop tomorrow you can do whatever you want leave him today.
Swara nods ok.

Back to Laksh
He closes the door and turns back only to find his wife sleeping peacefully on the bed wearing a night pajama dress. He smiles and changes himself into a comfortable dress. He sits beside her and starts caressing her hair. He keeps staring her face which is looking so beautiful in the light which is been emitting by the candles used for decorating the room. He kisses her forehead lovingly and again looks at her. He sees her smiling in her sleep feeling his touch and smiles. He lays beside her and takes her into his embrace. She immediately adjusts herself in his embrace and sleeps more comfortably than before. His smile widens when he understood that she can sense his touch even in sleep and keeps staring her. He slowly drifts into a peaceful sleep looking at the angel of his life, his duckling, his jaan, his bacha.


Morning sunrays fall on our heavenly couple who are sleeping peacefully in each other’s embrace. Ragini frowns in her sleep as the rays are disturbing her sleep. She moves more into his embrace hiding her face in his chest while he tightens his grip around her and pulls her more into his embrace.

But our Sunrays took their revenge of waking her and she opened her eyes slowly and frowned due to the sunrays.

She closed them again and opened only to see her love, her jelly, her husband sleeping peacefully by having her in his arms protectively. She was about to get out of from his grip but he tightens his grip on her.
She looks at him by raising her head and finds him staring at her. They both get lost in a beautiful and lovely eyelock. Laksh is drowned in her beautiful expressive eyes which are showing only innocence and pure love for him. Ragini is completely lost in his eyes which are just showing unconditional love for her.

Laksh slowly bends towards her and kisses her forehead which makes her lips to curve into a beautiful smile. She looks at him lovingly while he stares her back lovingly.
Laksh: Good Morning patniji
Ragini: Good Morning patiji
She kisses his cheek tightly and hugs him tightly.
Laksh: Now we are wife and husband yaar.
Ragini: (confused) so?
Laksh: you should change the place of kissing me (he smirks looking at her flushed face)
Ragini: (trying to free from his grip) Jelly leave me it is getting late
Laksh: let it get late… They will understand after all we got married yesterday and they know what will happen between newly married couple
Ragini becomes completely red.
Laksh: (continues) but they don’t know that my wife slept happily on her wedding night poor me (he keeps a fake sad face)
Ragini’s eyes turned teary.
Laksh: (gets worried and cups her face) Bacha I am really sorry I was just kidding. Please don’t cry.
Ragini hugs him and sobs while Laksh curses himself for talking like that.
Laksh: (hugging her) bacha I am really sorry I did not want to hurt you… Please bacha stop crying.
Ragini: (She breaks the hug and looks at him with teary eyes) I am sorry Jelly I am really bad na. Whose wife sleeps on her wedding night?
Laksh: (keeps his finger on her mouth) shh bacha never say that you are bad. I was just joking. And do you want to take our relationship to next level now only.
Ragini looks down.
Laksh: my answer is also same bacha I was just kidding but I did not thought that it will hurt you. I am such a stupid. I am sorry. Please forgive your this stupid husband. Please (He wipes her tears with his thumb)
Ragini just hugs him tightly.
Ragini: I am sorry
Laksh: why are you asking sorry? It was me who hurt you. I am sorry.
Ragini: no I am sorry.
Laksh: I am sorry
Ragini: ok ok both of us are sorry.
Laksh smiles. He tightens his grip around her and kiss her head.
Laksh: I Love You Duckling
Ragini: I Love You too Jelly
Laksh looks at her and kisses her forehead. Ragini closes her eyes. Laksh kisses her eyes making Ragini to open her eyes. He kisses her nose which is red due to crying. Then looks at her lips. Ragini closes her eyes giving him her acceptance. He immediately captures her lips with his and they both start kissing passionately like there is no tomorrow. Laksh bites her lower lip making her to gasp and he immediately enters his tongue and starts exploring her mouth with his tongue. When they both are out of breath they break the kiss. Laksh joins his forehead with her forehead and both are breathing heavily. Their breathes are mixing with each other’s breath. Ragini slowly keeps her head on his chest and hugs him.
They both stay in that position for sometime lost in each other’s love.
Laksh breaks the hug.
Laksh: (cups her face) now go and get ready.
Ragini smiles and nods and goes to get ready.
Laksh looks at her and keeps smiling.
After sometime Ragini comes out wearing a salwar kameez wiping her hair with the towel. Laksh smiles at her and gives a flying kiss to her and runs to bathroom to get fresh. Ragini shakes her head with a smile and goes near mirror. She was about to apply sindoor in her hairline but stops and starts making bed properly. Laksh comes out of bathroom while folding his sleeves.
Ragini comes and stands in front of him. Laksh looks at her by raising his one eyebrow. Ragini forwards her hand which has sindoor box. Laksh smiles and takes it into his hand. He takes a pinch of sindoor and applies in her foreline and Ragini gives her mangalsootr. He takes that and adorned her neck with it. While Ragini’s smile becomes wide. Laksh kisses her forehead lovingly.
Laksh: chalo let us go for breakfast.
He forwards his hand. Ragini smilingly gives her hand to him and he holds her hand tight showing that she belongs to him only him.
They both come to the hall. As soon as they come to the hall Laksh is treated by the glarings of three persons who are fuming at him, they are none other than Swara, Isha and Ritu. Laksh gulps and immediately starts running while they three start chasing him. Ragini looks confusedly towards them. Sanskar explains how Laksh made them fool and escaped from giving nek to them. Ragini laughs listening to it and looks at them who are running like three Toms chasing one poor Jerry.

Swara: (running and shouting) Lucky stop right there. If not you will not be able to get up from the bed for a whole month.
Laksh: If I stop also you will not leave me. Be a competitor and show your power Shona.
Isha: ahan ok see what will happen
Laksh: haan haan will see. And Ritu I am your favourite bhai na instead of helping me you joined these both devils.
Ritu: you ‘were’ my favourite. Not any more not at all after what you did yesterday.
Laksh: time please.
Immediately all the three stops and starts huffing and even Laksh also is breathing heavily and huffing.
Laksh is fully busy in catching his breathe while the girls make some plan through their eyes and execute it. Ritu slowly moves towards Laksh and holds him while from other side both Swara and Isha also caught hold of him.
Laksh: (immediately shouts) Nnnnnoooo
Swara: (hits him) mad boy why are your shouting?
Laksh: (hits her head) why are you hitting?
Ritu: stop both of you and bhai our nek.
Laksh: what nek? which nek? why nek? Whose nek?
Sanskar: wow… I just heard that people become mad after getting married and today I am seeing it.
Swara glares him and he shuts his mouth while all laughs seeing them.
Swara: Mr. Laksh Maheshwari are you giving our nek or should we carry on our plan.
Laksh: ok ok sorry it is in my room leave me I will bring it.
Isha: no need bhabhi will bring it
Ragini nods and goes to room and brings three boxes of gifts and Laksh gives them.
Finally they free him from their hold and he immediately goes and stands behind Ragini.
Laksh: bacha save me from these devils
They three glare him and he keeps finger on his lips. Ragini giggles.
Dadi: oho girls if you three finished troubling my bf shall we have our lunch.
Laksh: ha gf you are awesome I am really very hungry (holds Ragini’s hand) chalo bacha let us have breakfast.
He drags her while all follow him smilingly.
All got settled.
Swara: mom today Ragu’s rasoi rasam should be done na?
Ragini who is eating her breakfast chokes listening to rasoi rasam.
Laksh pats her head slowly and makes her to drink water. She becomes calm and looks at Ap with teary eyes(she got tears due to continuous coughing)
Ragini: (horrified) mom is it compulsory…. You know right that how perfect I am in cooking (note the sarcasm)
All laughs listening to her and she pouts while Laksh side hugs her.
Shekhar: Princess don’t worry your mom and ma had an awesome solution for it.
Ragini looks at both Janaki and Ap.
Janaki: your all time favourite maggi
Ragini smiles immediately.
Ragini: I am perfect in making it no problem. Should I make it now. Tell me.
Ap: (smiles) no Ragu we postponed the rasam till we go home. Hmm may be we will do it day after tomorrow as we will start to home today evening and reach tomorrow.
Ragini nods.

Listening this Laksh looks at dadi.
Laksh: (goes and sits beside dadi) dadi you also come with us na please.
Dadi: (caresing his face) I will beta. But not now. I have some work to be done. Once it is completed I will come there ok.
Laksh nods ok and dadi feeds him. He is always her ladla.

Ayan who was playing comes there and sits in Ragini’s lap.
Ayan: mumma we will stay here for some more time na please.
Jeevika: then your school
Ayan: (pouts) ok
Ragini: (pulls his cheeks) awww… My darls for next holidays we will come again and do lots of masti ok.
Ayan grins and nods yes vigorously. While all smile seeing their bond.

All have their breakfast while pulling RagLak’s legs and teasing them while Ragini keeps blushing.
Evening they all start to home in the same way they came here and reach home.

Precap: BHOOM 

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