RagLak- Our Cute Love Story (Part 10)

RagLak-Our Cute Love Story (Part 10)
Hello guys. I am back with next part of this ff. Thank u to all those who voted, commented and silent readers as well.
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Dp, ap, janaki, shekhar, viren and jeevika are sitting in hall and talking casually. While talking janaki stops suddenly and is looking shocked at one point, seeing her like this others look in that direction and are shocked (arey what are they shocked at let me see Oh My God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) Raglak are standing there with Garland’s in their neck and ragini has vermilion on her foreline and mangalsoothr around her neck. Her eyes are fully pluffed due to crying and even laksh is also in a very devasted state. All comes out of shock when ragini ran to janaki and hug her crying bitterly. On seeing them like that they all understood that some thing is wrong as they know their children can never do such things and beyond that they don’t need to do like that. Laksh also comes and sits on the couch holding his head in his hand,janaki makes ragini to sit in the couch while ragini kept her head on janaki’s shoulder and keeps weeping. Ap goes and brings water for them laksh drinks water and sighs and takes a deep breath.
Laksh: duckling are u fine?
Ragini nods her head with tears in her eyes. Shekhar, dp who are sitting on either side of laksh looks at him.
Shekhar: what happened laksh beta
Laksh÷ (hugs him) I am sorry papa I didn’t have any option so I did this.
Dp÷ what happened beta?
Laksh looks at him and starts telling flash back.
Raglak are sleeping peacefully in each other’s embrace in that small hut. But their sleep gets disturbed due to some sounds and both open their eyes only to find a huge number of tribal people staring at them ragini gets afraid and hugs laksh.
One of the men speaks some thing but raglak don’t understand what he is speaking as the man is speaking in tribal language. They both are just blankly staring at them.
Laksh: (feeling ragini’s fear whispers) shh duckling don’t get afraid I am there na.
Hearing him one of the men comes front and speaks
Man: they are asking u who are you? And what are you both doing here?
Laksh: woh we both came to a picnic to a place near and by mistake we entered into the forest and got lost.
Tribal man asks something and the man keeps translating to them.
Man: what is the relation between you both
Laksh: she is my fiance
Some women come near ragini and drags her from laksh
Ragini÷ (shouts) jelly
Laksh÷ hey leave her (he was about to move towards her but few men caught hold of him) hey leave me leave her what do you want.
Man: how can u both stay together that also at night without being married.
Laksh÷ what is wrong in that we did not do any wrong thing
Man÷ in our place if any unmarried girl and boy are together that too at night they both should be married immediately
Laksh÷ what if I say no
Man÷ then u will get 50 blows with the whipp and we are going to make the girl our slave
Laksh÷ (angry) how dare u? Who are you to force us to get married I am not going to do anything like that leave me (he struggles in their clutch) arey leave me
The man signs the women something and they take ragini from there forcefully and takes her to a nearby room and locks her in that room while ragini keeps shouting laksh’s name.
Laksh÷ (struggling and shouting) hey leave me leave her ragini
But they keep her in that room
Man÷ I already told you if u both want to go from here u need to marry her or get ready for the punishment.
Laksh keeps fighting with them but could not fight properly with them whereas in the room ragini keeps crying in fear and shouting laksh’s name..
Laksh finally gives up when he saw the men about to blow him with the whipp
Laksh÷ (panting) ok I will marry her so please leave us please
The man signs and they open the door and ragini immediately runs to laksh and hugs him and cries while he consoles her. The tribal people bring garlands, mangalsoothr and sindhoor and raglak exchange garlands and laksh adores her neck with mangalsoothr and foreline with sindoor. And they are declared as married after marriage they both starts from there and come out of the forest with the help of tribals. After getting phone signal he messaged swasan and others to return home.
[P.S:- I really don’t know whether such things happen in any place or not. It is completely fictional and my imagination. Sorry if I hurt any one]
@ flashback ends
Laksh÷ i tried my best but could not do anything
Shekhar÷ uff for this u both became like this. U told u will marry after ur both studies get completed but happened now only what is there to worry if it is then or it is now what is the difference ha come on take a chill pill
Dp÷ absolutely correct oh ho sweet heart come here (rajini comes and sits beside him and hugs him) for this you are crying
Ragini÷ (nods no) i was afraid of them they were very scary.
Dp÷ so you don’t have any problem with the marriage?
Ragini÷ (nods no) now all the time i will be with my jelly na
Virika÷ wohhhooo
Laksh rubs his hair with a smile and ragini blushes while the elders smile seeing their children.
Dp÷ (kisses ragini’s forehead) chalo beta u both go and fresh up and come
Raglak nods and they both go to fresh in their rooms.
After sometime both come out and by the time swasan and others are back and came to know about raglak while priya fumes in anger. And leaves from there saying she has some work.
Raglak come there and they get settled with all while elders also come there.
Dp÷ laksh beta ur dadi is coming here tomorrow
Ragini÷ (excitedly) really
Dp nods
Laksh÷ but dad why so sudden
Shekhar÷ she wants to do ur both marriage with all rituals
Laksh÷ (shocked) what!!!! Dad what is the need of all these.
Dp÷ tomorrow ask ur dadi
Laksh helplessly nods his head.
Aakash÷ (teasingly smirks) waise lucky now u can romance with her how much u want u got licence
Laksh glares him, ragini’s blushes and all others laugh at them.
Sanskar÷ ok ok enough of teasing them chalo i am hungry mom lunch.
Ap÷ everything is ready chalo.
All have their lunch and enjoy for sometime.
Here priya goes home fuming. She just wants to kill ragini.
Priya÷ (fuming) ahh ragini i will not leave you how can you get married to my laksh (ur laksh my foot he is always my ragu’s laksh only) ahh i will kill you… Ha i will kill you only that can give me my laksh
She starts pacing to and fro she gets irritated.
Priya÷ (irritated) if papa is not busy he would have done something by now huh now i only should work for this think priya think.
She keeps thinking and falls asleep getting irritated.
Soon it is night and aakash and ritu left from there. After dinner all are seated in garden and enjoying the fresh air and ragini and ayan are playing. Ragini’s eyes are covered with a cloth and ayan is escaping from her.
Ayan÷ come on cutie catch me
Ragini÷ darls where are u darls
Ayan÷ cutie
Viren÷ (sees them and smiles) waise laksh now tho he became your real sautan (giggles)
Laksh÷ (childishly) jiju
Jeevika÷ what jiju see your newly wedded wife is playing with him instead being with u so definitely he is ur sautan.
Laksh makes faces while all giggles seeing him.
Ragini and ayan come there running and panting.
Ragini÷ (jumps in happiness) yeah I won
Ayan÷ cheating cheating bua u cheated me
Ragini÷ i did not do any cheating ok
Ayan nods no indicating that she cheated ragini shows her tongue to him.
Ayan÷ mamu see na bua is teasing me
But laksh did not respond as he is busy in staring rajini and her antics
Sanskar÷ lo again he is lost in her (hits laksh’s head bringing him to senses) enough of staring her you can stare her whole life now
Rajini blushes. While they continue teasing them.
Janaki÷ chalo chalo it is time to disperse.
All nods and ragini is about to go to gm
Laksh: oye where are u going?
All stops and looks at him
Ragini÷ home
Laksh÷ u should come with me na
Ap÷ oho mera bacha don’t think too much till u both get married with all rituals u are not allowed to be together.
Rajini blushes and all laughs seeing laksh so desperate and laksh rubs his hair being embarrassed. He immediately holds ragini’s hand and runs from there while all laugh again
Dp: (shouts) be home fast
Laksh÷ (shouts back) ha
All laughs at him… While he pulls ragini and runs from there fast.
Janaki: (shaking her head with disbelief) he na unbelievable.
Ap÷ oho janaki chalo let us go to sleep.
They all nod and leave from there to go to beds.
Laksh stops near the bench in the park in the near by their house.
Ragini starts hitting him.
Laksh: ouch duckling… ouch why are you beating (he holds her hands stopping her from beating him)
Ragini: (pouts) how can you pull me like that see all are teasing us more now.
Laksh÷ (pulls her towards him and holds her through waist) let them tease now I have full rights on you i am your husband
Ragini blushes
Laksh÷ don’t blush yaar you are making me crazy
Ragini blushes more while laksh pecks her cheeks. Ragini looks at him they both share a beautiful eyelock.
Suddenly laksh breaks the eyelock and looks at her with serious expression.
Laksh÷ (seriously cupping her face) i am sorry duckling at that time I did not have any option so I married you i did not even ask you.
Ragini looks at him lovingly and immediately hugs him
Ragini÷ (hugging him) i love you jelly
Laksh÷ (hugging her very tightly) i love you too duckling
Ragini breaks the hug and kisses his cheek while laksh kisses her forehead and they both head back to their homes to sleep.
Laksh is pacing to and fro in his room he is not able to sleep Ap who came to take water saw his room light on and went to him. She saw him pacing with a tensed face and went to him.
Ap: lucky
Laksh÷ mom what are u doing here at this time.
Ap÷ (sits on the bed and laksh keeps his head on her lap and she starts caressing his hair.) Is everything fine beta u looked tensed
Laksh÷ mom woh today’s marriage i dont mom how will i take this responsibility. I am not understanding anything all happened so sudden. Its is not that i am not happy i am very happy but i did not plan my life this way. I thought to get married once ragu’s studies get completed and by that time I will be settled and will be able to take the responsibility but….
Ap÷ hmm so u are tensed. (Laksh nods) beta we may plan our life but whatever happens in our life will be already decided by the god before itself and it happens in that way only we can neither stop it nor postpone it. Everything that happens in our life is all planned by god before hand only and it happens only according to him. And we should just follow him. And this also happened according to his wish and he will only help u in going forward in this relation so just don’t worry have a nice sleep ok. (Kisses his forehead and smiles while laksh gets up and hugs him)
Laksh÷ thank u mom love u so much.
Ap÷ (smiles and caresses his hair) love u too beta good night now sleep happily.
Laksh nods and ap leaves from there while laksh looks at ragini’s photo kisses it and sleeps peacefully with a smile on his face.
Next morning all are having breakfast at that time dp receives a call after receiving it.
Dp: shekhar ma is saying that we will do marriage in village and asking us to come there only.
Shekhar: that is great idea so when we will start?
Dp÷ tomorrow we will start. And u guys get ready we will start tomorrow early morning at 6 O’ clock
Shekhar÷ ok
All of them just nods their heads as they all know that their dadi will not listen if anybody say no also so it is better to do it whatever she say.
Uff completed this part also. Hope you guys liked it. How is the twist i.e., raglak marriage. And guys the marriage track is completely my imagination and I am really sorry if I hurt anybody. Thank u for reading guys. Tell me how is it through comments,votes.
Next part will be a bit late as I will be busy in this week and could not write. After that i will try to be regular hope you will understand.
Will meet you all in next episode
Keep smiling. Love you all lots!!!!!!!
Happy Guru Purnima to all of you guys.

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