raglak my crazy girl (OS)

This is a one shot hope you all like it

The story start with a not so big but medium sized flat is shown as we move in to a room a guy is standing near window helping a girl to come inside the room the face of guy reveled he is shekar
shekar: cuite fast if your mom come we will dead
a sweet voice come from girl side
girl: i know dad you pull me up
and face of girl shown she is none other than bubbly ragini
as ragini was about to enter the room and a lady open the room gate and shekar and pragya see her and get shocked
lady: today also ragini and shekar you also
shekar and ragini see each other and ragini come in room and both bend their heads and hold ears and start situps
lady: stop it now what are you doing
ragini: mom soory

yeah she is sumi
sumi: you always do this ragini and shekar u always support her always late night party
shekar: my love this is her age to enjoy and i belive my daughter
sumi: but shekar think about her safety what if anything happen then
shekar: u forget my cuite is black belt
ragini: i mom will i show u and do some actions
ragini: hows that
shekar; awesome cuite
sumi: this is not a joke u both
and sit angrilly on bed
shekar and ragini come and sit on knees near her
ragini: okay mom from today we will do what u say ok
shekar: yeah but dont become angry like this
sumi smiles
sumi: pakka so today first we go to mandir and tonight my frnd has a party we have to go their
and goes from their
Shekar and ragini see each other
ragini: oh no dad we have to go in that borning party dad mom traped us
shekar: yeah your mom become smart leaving with us
ragini: yeah dad and our bad luck today
and both sadly see each other
sumi call them
sumi: come fast you both

and they both get up and get ready and shekar and sumi goes in taxi and ragini on scooty
As ragini going on her scooty she see some childrens and wait near a orphanage and see children from outside and see them playing and smiles seeing them and she is about to go but a big black car come and stop in front of orphanage and ragini wait all children hearing car voice get happy and run towards gate shouting lucky bhaiya has come and ragini listen this and stand their only from car a young dashing boy come out he is none other than our hero lakash ragini heart stop for a while seeing him of you can say love at first sight
lucky goes and all childrens come and sit in lucky car and father also come their and lakash greets him
Father: my child god bless you
lakash gives him a check
lakash: take this father for their future
Father: my child you always donate money here hope all people become like you thern every child has a great future
ragini is listening all this and impreshed by him
Abhi: ok father now I take leave
And lucky goes towards car
lakash: so where you want to go today
Childrens shout: garden lucky bahiya
lakash smiles

ragini think: oh how sweet he his smile his look and his innocene I love it
And lakash sit in car and ragini also follow him and in garden lucky and children do masti and ragini fall for him and then they go here at night ragini sumi and shekar ready to go to party
shekar: so hows I am looking
ragini: mom take care of dad ok today all get flat on him
Sumi: lado
shekar: that’s my daughter and giver hi fi to each other
And they go in party as ragini is getting bore in the party she is sitting on chair suddenly she see lakash coming their and a smile come on her face and she goes towards entrance and see him her heart get skipped and he go somewhat distance lakash come in senses and call him
ragini: hey you
lakash turns and see her ragini smiles but he again turn
ragini: hey lucky I am talking to you
lakash turns
lakash: I tell
ragini: you are looking hand some I love u
And runs from their smiling and lakash is shocked and then suddenly a smile come on his face and think crazy girl
And after some time he see ragini sitting at bar counter so he also goes their ragini see him and gets happy
ragini: you sit here
lakashsit near her

lakash: whats your name
ragini: ragini gadodia but u can call me lado the one whome I love call me lado
lakash smiles
lakash: what you said to me don’t you fell shy telling this
ragini: see I told what I fell its so long I think u tell first and in this process many years passes and nothing happen so its better to told as I told you that I love you my cuite boy
lakash shocked listening this
lakash you are such a crazy girl what if I said no
ragini: yeah right and lets be frnds you also love me I am sure as I know I am cute
lakash laughs hearing this
ragini make a pout face: why are you laughing I am not cute
lakash: no no you are so cute
ragini; then you love me
lakash get silent by her question
ragini: ok you have time think and then answer I will wait
And ragini goes from their and lakash smile thinking about ragini
ragini follow him after that day and lakash also notice her and he sometime get angry on her craziness and sometime gets happy seeing her
ragini collage lakash has to give speech to last year students what to do in their carrier and he is a famous business tycoon ragini also present their and she see lakash and gets happy seeing him lakash is giving speech and suddenly his eyes falls on ragini and ragini waves her hand and give flying kiss to lakash and lakash get shocked and start coghing he drinks water and doesn’t see towards ragini and ragini continuously staring her after speech as lakash was about to go ragini comes to him
ragini: so what you think
lakash: what about
ragini: you forget I ask u a question do u love me or not
lakash: oh I think u are doing fun
ragini come close to him
ragini: don’t dare to think that my love is fun

All are seeing them
lakash: please if you stand little bit far all are seeing us
And ragini stand little bit far
ragini: ok lets be frnds I challage you be with me 10 days you also fall for me if not then I will not tell u anything
lakash thinks 10 days only its better you get rid of her
lakash: done
And in this 10 days raglak come close and lucky fall for ragini her childness her craziness and her cutness and ragini love for lakash increases bcz of his care and innocence
And at 10 day of challage
lakash: ragu come and meet me garden where we meet I want to tell you something important
ragini smiles: ok
And she started getting ready and sumi comes in room
ragini: ma he called me today I know he will propose me ma today I am so happy
Guys shekar and sumi know lakash and also know ragini loves him and they also like ragini choice
Sumi: god bless you beta I am so happy for you

And ragini started getting ready and sumi sit their and see ragini happiness and gets happy as ragini get ready and about to go but fells dizzy and get faint and sumi shout ragini
shekar also come their and see ragini faint and take her to hospital
Here lakash is wating for ragini in garden and thinks don’t know what she has done but I am addicted of her childness and her naughty nature and smiles and see time its late but she not come he calls her but hse is not attending call so he get tensed and goes to her house and see lock and ask from neabours but he dint get any news and goes from their sadly he messege her and calls her but no relpy he is getting tensed for her as day passed is is really tensed he next day again go to her house but there is a lock their he calls her but she is not attending call
Days passes but lakash calls her and she dint attend call and lakash started searching her but didn’t find her and living sadly he smiles rarely and think about ragini
lakash: I know ragini there is something that’s why you are ignoring me but I will find you I know my love for you is true I will find you denfinatly

Here in Mumbai a ward is shown as we move in we see ragini is laying and shekar and sumi is sitting near her
Sumi: lakash talk to him once he daliy call you message you just once
lakash tearfully: no ma he will shatter listening that I am having brain tumer and I cant see him like this
shekar: why god do this with u both
Sumi: yeah they look good together but all things get destroyed
Docter comes their and check ragini
docter: we will do her operation in two days
Here lakash comes to office and his pa tell him for meeting in mubai and lakash goes their for meeting and as he is coming he see a lady on road injured and people surrouends her he goes and take her to hospital as he enter in hospital a good felling come in his heart and he call ragini name and here ragini also call lakash name
As lakash admit that lady and is about to go but he see sumi and goes behind her and she goes in a room lakash also goes behind her and shocked to see ragini their and comes in room and tightly hugged ragini and cry and ragini also seeing him hug and cry shekar and sumi gets happy seeing lakash
lakash breaks the hug

lakash: you know how much I miss you u didn’t give any relply of my message and call and u here what happen to you I know you cant betray me I had a felling that something happen with u
ragini showing fake anger: its none of your business ok mr. lakash just go from here
lakash: no its my business I love u I love u so much now u become my life and I cant leave my life like this
ragini: but I don’t love u I was just playing with u ok
lakash: ok then say this seeing in my eyes I will go from here
ragini bows her head
lakash: I know you love what happen tell me
ragini: I am having brain tumer don’t know I will be alive or not then why are you wasting your time on me just go away I hate you
lakash shocked hearing this and huged ragini
lakash: nothing will happen to you I am with u I cant let you go anywhere my love cant let you go any where my crzy girl
Docter comes their
Docter: we have done all arrangements of operation so tommarrow is your operation be ready
And docter goes raglak talks
Next day ragini is taken to ot and lakash holds her hand you have to fight ragini for your love for me and for your mom dad we have to live together you have to come alive promise me
ragini: promise

And she is taken and lakash goes near god and folds his hand
lakash: please god in child wood you have sanatch love of my mom dad from me I didn’t complain but please don’t take her she is my life please give my life back to me
Here operation is done and docter come out
shekar: how is she
Docter: she is fine now its her will power that she is fine
Sumi and shekar gets happy
Sumi: its power of lakash love that today our daughter is safe go and inform him
shekar goes and put hand on lakash shoulder lakash turn towards him
shekar: your love saved her she is fine
lakash gets happy and hugged shekar
And after sometime ragini come in consciousness and see lakash and her mom dad and smile
lakash: you come my love win and cry
Pragya: don’t cry my cuite see nothing happen to me and a teary face don’t suit my cuite
lakash: ok but don’t call me cuite ok
ragini: no I will call you cuite my sweety cuitey love you
lakash: ok then I call u kiddo sweety little kiddo
ragini: mom see he is calling me kiddo

Sumi: I am with my son in law
ragini: ok go in your son in law team I am with my dad right dad
shekar: offcourse my princess and they all smile

Lakash take care of ragini and in some days she get fine and raglak get married and live happily

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  1. Dear the story was nice. But Ragini’s name was replaced by Pragya in many places. Was it an Abhigya OS before? I hope you don’t mind. Just a lil curious

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    But nevertheless I loved this craziness ??

    1. Yeah you are right i write this ff on abhigya you can read but i thought to write on raglak also so some mistakes left

  2. Awesome plot loved it

  3. Awesome

  4. Awesome and really beautiful story… That too laksh referred as cutie.. Amazing thought

  5. Awesome

  6. nice i like it. and especialy i love the bonding between ragini and shekar. i love iit

  7. Awesome dear and I loved it

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