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Hello friends I’m new there… Actually I was a silent reader for the past 6 months .. I hv read many ffs… So thought to write one.. I am a big fan of raglak…
Plss.. Drop ur valuable comments….

A beautiful room is shown. Its fully decorated with beautiful things…. And we could see a girl sleeping peacefully….
Then we hear a voice..
Voice: ladoo wake up fast….

Hearing this the girl covers the blanket over her face and sleeps again….

The voice: shona go and wake up your sleeping beauty…
Shona(swara) runs to the room sees our sleeping beauty sleeping peacefully …

Swara: ladoo wake up… Its ur first day free college….

But there was no response from that girl. Swara thinks something and smirks..

Swara: arey laksh u here…
Hearing this the girl wakes up with a jerk. Her eyes r searching for someone in the room . seeing this swara burst out of laughter…
The girl understood that she has been fooled

The girl: di… What is this …
Swara(hiding her laughter): what what di.. Go and get ready ragini….
Yes it is our cute princess ragini. Saying swara goes from there smiling. Ragini rolled her eyes remembering her past…

Fb startsstarts(both r small children)
Ragini: why are u going….?
Boy: don’t worry ragu I will come soon…
Ragini(cryingly): no u r telling lies… U r going forever…. U r leaving me laksh….
Laksh: no.. Ragini I will come for sure…..
Ragini(wiping her tears): pakka
Laksh(smiling): pakka
Then laksh takes a ring and puts it on ragini’s hand and says
Laksh: if u get my memory then look at this ring… If u see the ring means u see me
Ragini(looking at the ring): sachi
Laksh(smilingly): muchi

Fb ends

Ragini looks at the ring and smiles. And she goes to the washroom and comes and get ready . she comes down had her breakfast and college.

At college
Ragini runs to the class. While going she dashes with a boy. And the boy’s books fall down. Both ragini and the boys at down and started collecting the books. After collecting they both stood up.
Ragini: oh I am really sorry, I waa …….(she stops seeing his hazel but colored eyes).
The boy: its ok!! Saying he took the books from her hand. While taking he notices her ring. A unknown happiness filled in his heart. Butbhe composed himself.
Ragini(still staring… Whispered): lucky!
The boy: what
Ragini: you are laksh right…..!
The boy: sorry I think u misunderstood me…
Saying this the boy left.

Ragini POV:
I don’t know why , but my heart says that he is my laksh, my childhood friend… But he didn’t recognize me… Or he is not my laksh. No, he can’t be…. If he is my laksh..he would have recognized me…. But those eyes…..
End of POV

Ragini brushed those thought and rushed to class and sat in first bench. The boy who collided with ragini was also in the same class. But both didn’t see each other. Soon the proffesor vame .

Proffesor: good morning students.
All the students: good morning sir….
Proffesor: ok!! My name is malik.. I am ur proffesor…. Now everyone come forward and introduce yourself… Ok!! First u come(pointing towards the boy who collided with ragini). The boy comes forward and speaks.

The boy: gud morning friends….
Hearing the voice Ragini looked up.
The boy: my name is laksh maheshwari.. I landed on India today only… And u know what today is my happiest day…. Not because its my first day in college… But because I met my childhood friend today……

All clapped hands for him.
Proffesor: ok!! Now who is next…
Ragini stands up. Laksh saw her and gets shocked and bites his tongue…. Ragini glares him… Ragini comes forward and began to speah …while laksh stands there itself…..

Ragini: hello friends… I am ragini gadodia. Even I met my childhood friend today… For whom I was waiting for the past 10 years(looking at laksh) but he ignored me…. And so.. Today is my worst day…..

Like this the intro of everyone goes on..
The proffesor: ok!! Students sine today is ur first day… There will be no class…so enjoy….
Saying this the proffesor gors .

Ragini takes her bag and goes to canteen. Laksh follows her…

In canteen.
Ragini went and sits in a chair . laksh comes and sits opposite to her.
Laksh: ragu listen yaar… Plsss… I am really sorry….
Ragini: sorry who r u???
Laksh: come on ragu I am really sorry……( holding his hears and making a cute pout face)
Ragini(smilingly): if u ask sorry in such a cute way means how can I deny it…
Saying she hugs him. He too hugged her back..
Ragini: I missed u laksh…
Laksh: I missed u too ragu…

After college ragini goes to her home and tells about the whole incident. Even did the same.
They both used to hangout together and became too close..

One day:
Laksh POV.
I think I have fallen in love with ragini.. Whenever I see her I get a unknown happiness… And when she is not near I feel like I am all alone in this world…. When she smiles, my heart skipes for a moment… And when she cries I can’t bear it…… Omg……. Shall I propose her…. But if she says no means…… I can’t loose her friendship……. But if she yes means………. No… I can’t control my feelings more……… I am coming ragini…..

POV ends

Thinking this he goes near ragini with a rose in his hand.
Ragini: laksh r u ok!!….. U r looking tensed…….
Soon laksh kneels down and takes the rose in his hands and begins..
Laksh: ragini… U know what, the day I met u first in college…. It was my happiest day ever… Ragini u are my heart beat…… U r my reason for my smile…… At first I thought we were just friends…… But now I realized it ragini…… Its not just friendship between us ragini… Its more than that… Its love ragini…….. Yes I love ragu…… I love u more than myself…… Will u be mine forever……..

Tears of happiness where rolling down her eyes…. She sat down and hugged him tightly…. She broke the hug. Laksh stands up… Laksh’s hands were on her waist and ragini cupped his face.. And says…
Ragini: I love u laksh….. I love u…… Plsss don’t leave me as u did in childhood…. Plsss laksh…….
Laksh wipes her tears and hugs her.
Laksh: I will never leave u ragini…

Both hugged each other tightly… And felt peace in each other embrace…….

The end

Ok guys I tried my best …. Plss do comment as it encourages me ……. Whether it is positive and negative….. Ok friends bye….. See u all…..

CREADIT TO: Devihaa and all who supports me..

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  1. Sreevijayan

    Very sweet os dear..lovved it….

    1. Devihaa

      Thank u vvvv much ….. I’m glad that u liked…..

  2. Fats

    Awww nice OS. RagLak’s meet after many years was so sweet, I loved how Ragini could recognise Laksh from just his eyes. That’s pure friendship/ love. And I also loved the confession, it was really cute. Thank you for writing this OS ?

    1. Devihaa

      Thank u dr…. Yeah its true what u said abt friendship…….. And actually I shud thank u for commenting…….

  3. Ragz_teju

    awesome simple and cute os… keep writing…

    1. Devihaa

      Thank u vvvv much….. And I’ll try to come with another is…..

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      Thank u vvv much… Saaaaara…..

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      Thank u saaaara….. For commenting

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  5. good and sweet

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  6. Cute os, nice work, waiting more raglak stories sis

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      Thank u vv much love for ur lovable comment… And I’ll try to come again with another raglak os…

  7. Amazing and beautiful os

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  8. Awesome os and loved it

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      Thank u vv much ammu…. I’m glad that u loved it…

  9. SPP

    Awesome Superb Fantastic Amazing Fabulous
    Simple but elegant
    The way the part was Outstanding
    Loved it to the core
    Continue giving OS or ff DEAR
    Will be waiting for the next one of urs

    1. Devihaa

      Thank u vvv much dr… I’m really happy that u liked it…. I’ll try to come up with another os…. Thanks for commenting…

      1. SPP

        U r always welcome dear

  10. awesome amazing try for os and raglak fan plzz trend today at7 for raglak love hate relationship trac

    1. Devihaa

      Thanks for commenting nikky… I’ll try to write another os…

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      Thank u sindhura..

  11. Loved it

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      Thank u Arjuna… I’m happy that u loved it…

  12. Radhika..

    awesome os the proposal ragini accepting laksh proposal, ragini knowing at starting that he is laksh but when he say no than also she feel sheart to heart connection and laksh bitting his tongue for his mistake and asking sorry how cute and ragini forgiveness it is just amazing when i read it crept a smile on my face loved it and u know what u write so well if i know this before i will ask u write before only but no worries now also we are not late so now start thinking about the next one u r gonna write loved it an dplease come back soon with a new one i miss u very much loved i???

    1. Devihaa

      Thank u vvvv much rads..dr..yeah ragini felt some heart connection with laksh…..I’m happy that u had a smile in ur face will reading it dr…and well I don’t know whether I’m good at writing or not dr…..and I’ll try my best to write another story….and dr u asked me something in ur last reply ” where u from men’s state” well I couldn’t understand what u said… I really missed u too dr…and plss update the next part of ur ff soon dr…. Love u…

      1. Radhika..

        ur welcome dear and u r r, eally a good writter i asked about ur hometown like i am from punjab india where are u from? and about ff by tomorrow morning aas i started writting love u too????

    2. Devihaa

      Am from Tamil nadu dr…

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      Thank u malu…

  13. Asra

    awesome…. sweet os…loved it soooo much

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  14. so sweet

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  15. amazing dear it is sweet and simple

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  16. Mahavir

    awesome os dear it was out of the world.keep smiling

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      Thank u vvv much maha016 I’m glad that u like it….dr..”it was out of the world” lol… Well I guess its true??…and I’ll always remain smiling… And u too keep smiling always

      1. and its maha for u not maha016 and ya i ll always keep smiling

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      Oops sorry dr…

  17. sweet os
    keep continuing

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      Thank u vvv much saranya

  18. Such a cute OS…….plzzz write another looooooooooooooongggggggg os or a ff……V can’t get anything from d serial…..as it is fully biased….. So only hope is Ff and OS hope u understand……

    1. Devihaa

      Thank u vvv much anonymous..I’ll try to write another os…. And abt the serial… Now its little bit boring… But hope soon everything get sorted out

    1. Devihaa

      Thank u vvv much anju…

  19. Akshata

    that was so sweet story. loved it

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      Thank u vvv much… Akshata…for ur sweet comment… I’m glad that u liked it…

  20. Joyful Jessica


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  21. Beautiful

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    excellent os yaar.reaaly simple love story but it amazing dear.please write more ff.

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