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Broken Promises:

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Shot 4:
I don’t know why I’m a little worried, Aunty isn’t responding, she is sitting like a statue that has no life within it, I feel bad seeing her like that and more bad not being able to do anything. . . and Lakshya, where is he? He’s been gone for more than 4 hours.

The house phone started ringing, I was nervous but it wouldn’t stop so I answered it.


“Hi, is this Lakshya Maheshwari’s residence?”


“Well, we have called to inform that he has met with an accident and is now in the hospital, we have managed to find his license.”

I was stunned, the phone dropped out of my hand and I instantly turned to Aunty, looking at her. What is happening? First uncle and now Lakshya? What test is god giving Aunty? She would be totally broken after she hears about Lakshya. I sat down besides her and placed my hand on her shoulder, worried and upset, I can’t see her like this.

“Aunty. . .?” I trialled off, waiting her to respond.

I know it’s going to go vain if I talk to her like that because she won’t listen or respond.

I breathed to hold my tears back and I shook her by holding both of her shoulders. She turned her head towards me and stared at me with a blank expression.

“Aunty, come to conscious, your son needs you.” I uttered as I looked at her, hoping she would show a movement.

She simply blinked at me.

“Aunty!” I shook her again.

She started crying and hugged me, tears made their way through and escaped from my eyes, I couldn’t help but allow my Tera to travel down.

Her cries were on the verge to make me cry but I had to be slightly strong.

“Ji. . . Why had that happened to him?” She cried.

“Aunty, Daadimaa always says that what happens was meant to happen as it was written by god and none of us can change it even if we wanted to.” I repeated what my Daadimaa used to tell me whenever I used to be upset.

Aunty continued crying, just then Lakshya came in my mind.

“A…aunty, l…Lakshya had an accident.” I uttered, unwillingly as I knew this news would shatter her but she had rights to know, he’s her son.

Aunty moved away and looked at me in shock, I looked at her eyes and they were red.

“Lakshya?” Aunty whispered.

I nodded.

“Where is he?” Aunty worriedly asked.

“Hospital.” I replied.

She stood up.

“L…let’s go.” Aunty hurriedly said.

I stood up and we were about to leave but stopped upon hearing a cry. I nearly forgot about Leo and Aleah.

I rushed to them and so did aunty, she took Leo and I took Aleah and we ran out without wasting anymore time.
Killer: 123

Hahahahaha! Poor Lucky, he didn’t even know what is written in his fate. . . But I know, because he’s linked with the Maheshwari’s, it’s only Barbaadi! That lorry accident wasn’t an accident, it was an attack, planned by me! Naa rahega Lakshya aur naa moka jayega haath se! Now I will also see how he survives.

I’m good enough to spare his children, Leo and Aleah. I can’t wait to hear the good news of Lakshya’s death.

But I’m much happier to kill Durga Prasad Maheshwari, he didn’t do the right thing by deceiving us!

I smirked and looked at a photo frame.
Me and Aunty reached the hospital and now we are wating outside the OT. I left Leo and Aleah with Maa and Daadimaa, I thought it won’t be right bringing them with us.

The doctor came out of the OT, Aunty rushed to him and I simply looked at him, he took his mask off and looked disappointed.

“I’m sorry, we couldn’t save him.” The doctor uttered.

My eyes widened in shock and the doctor walked away, Aunty fell onto the floor and started crying, seeing her cry, I also started crying. We lost Lakshya, Aunty lost her son and Leo and Aleah lost their father! What is happening?! First uncle and now Lakshya? Something seems fishy, this all seems like a conspiracy but by who? It feels like someone is wiping out the lineage of Maheshwaris, if this is the actual case then Leo and Aleah are also in danger.

I walked up to Aunty and wiped my tears, they were murdered and we can’t let the culprit escape, we have to give justice to Uncle and Lakshya.

“Aunty. . .” I uttered as I bent down in front of her, she looked at me with teary eyes.

“Why Ragini? Why did this happen? Why Lakshya?” Aunty cries.

I placed my hand on her shoulder to calm her.

“We can’t fall weak aunty, we need to fight for uncle and for Lakshya, we need to give them justice and we need to catch the culprit.” I uttered.

Aunty looked at me again and this time was thinking.

“Aunty, it’s not a natural death, it has to be planned, someone murdered them Aunty and we need to stay strong to catch the culprit.”

“She is right Mrs Maheshwari, your husband and son were murdered.” A voice agreed with me.

I looked up and saw the inspector approaching us. Aunty also turned to see.

“And we would like you to co-operate with us to catch the culprits.” The inspector says and looks at us.

I stood up and helped Aunty up.

“Inspector, I want you to punish the murderer of my husband and son.” Aunty sobbed.

I understand how hard it must be for her as she had lost her loved ones.

“Doctor! Doctor!” A nurse shouted as she rushed out from the OT.

Me and Aunty turned to see, the doctor rushed there in few seconds.

“Doctor, the patient made a movement, he started breathing.” The nurse revealed.

Is she talking about Lakshya, aunty looked at me and I looked at her, we both released a faint smile.

The doctor rushed inside with the nurse.

“My Lakshya, I knew he would never leave his mother.” Aunty happily sighed a relief.
– – – –
The inspector had left to talk to the person who brought Lakshya to the hospital, me and Aunty waited impatiently for the doctor to come out, nearly for 20 minutes and at last, the doctor walks out.

Aunty and me rushed to him.

“This is absolutely a miracle, he died but survived, we lost his heart beats but now we’re able to feel them, the patient is alive and out of danger.” The doctor said.

A smile crept up on my face and Aunty was glad that her son survived.

“You can meet him shortly.” The doctor said and walked away.

Lakshya survived, thank god he did, he had to, for his mom and his children. Aunty closed her eyes with slight happiness. This happiness is understandable for Aunty but why me? Why am I getting so happy? Why am I feeling relaxed? Why does it feel like as if something heavy has been removed from my head?
Shortly, we entered a bay after he had been shifted there, the doctor also told us to be careful while we speak to him as his condition is slightly critical and he won’t be able to adapt much energy.

Lakshya was linked with machines and actually looks like an patient, I never thought to witness this in real, I sometimes feel nervous when I’m around hospitals, I don’t get good vibes.

Aunty sat besides him on to the chair and held his hand and stroking his hair with her other hand.

Lakshya slowly opens his eyes and looks at Aunty, the oxygen was slowly being inhaled by Lakshya via the oxygen mask that he has.

His fingers flinched and he slowly blinked.

“K. . . Kaun h. . . Hai. . . Aap?” Few words Lakshya managed pronounced after a struggle.

I was confused as soon as those words reached my ears, Aunty’s expressions also changed. What does he mean by ‘Kaun Hai Aap’, has he. . .

“Lakshya?” Aunty uttered and I could sense the confusion in her tone.

“Wh. . . Who?” Lakshya responded.

Now this is confusing, what does he mean by ‘who’, has he forgotten who he is?
Wait! I sliently gasped as a thought overtook my thinking. . . Has he suffered from memory loss? No, maybe I’m just dreaming, it’s not real, it can’t be, I actually need to call the doctor.

The check up was done by the doctor, he blinked at me in confusion, I blinked back at him, unknown to my identity, who am I? And why am I here? What happened?
This oxygen mask is getting annoying, it’s disturbing me each time I breath, I sometimes can’t even move my head because of it.

“Ma’am, your son has suffered from a memory loss.” The doctor told the woman who was sitting on the stool besides me.

Am I her son and is she my mother? But. . . She looks too young and s*xy to be my mother, but since she’s saying I’m her son, I must be, why wouldn’t be? Now that I think about it, I feel lucky to have such a beautiful mother like her and why would a woman lie about me being her son?

The only way to confirm is ask the people who knew who I am, maybe they could tell if I’m Lakshya or not. Why did I forget my memory and how? What must’ve happened to me? What part of my life have I missed? Urghhh! This stupid memory loss.

I felt pain in my head, I feel like my head is about to explode ton of memories that I don’t even remember and my vessels are going to leak the ability of me thinking. The doctor noticed as soon as I made a face and touched my head.

“Relax Mr Maheshwari.” The doctor calmly suggested.

That surname, it seems familiar. Maheshwari. . .

“I would recommend you to just calm down and not to think over who you are and what happened, you can gradually and slowly start remembering.” The doctor advised.

I blinked and tried to relax from all the questions that were running in my head.

“Mrs Maheshwari, could you please kindly come out and you two, let Mr Maheshwari rest.” The Doctor looked at another person.

Wait, is there another person in my room? I slightly turned my head to the side and right down to see but it was too late, that person had already walked out and now she was going too. Soon the doctor and my Maa left too. It sounds weird saying the word Maa as I’m unsure of the fact.

I closed my eyes to relax and soon dark unclear images flash through in my mind. This memory loss is so frustrating, I don’t wanna remember anything at the moment, I want to sleep first.

“I would recommend you not to force any memory on him, if he puts pressure onto his brain then this could cause brain damage which would make him mentally disabled, I would say let him get comfortable for 2 days and then start reminding him slowly, I would look more into this case and would personally refer him to Doctor Bela D’souza, the brain specialist and she would study his case and would tell us what would be right regarding his matter and how we should take action.” The doctor explained.

Aunty nodded and he looked at me, I also shook my head in agreement. The doctor then walked away and Aunty looked at me.
I blinked at her with a small smile.

“Aunty, I’m ready to help.” I smiled faintly.

Aunty returned a smile at me. Now we need to think what we should do and why.

“Mrs Maheshwari.” A familiar voice called.

I turned around and it was the inspector walking towards us.

“Yes?” Aunty responded and walked forth.

“We had spoken to the person that brought your son here, the way he described it, it seemed like a purpose and plotted action in order to harm him. We’re much glad to hear that Mr Lakshya Maheshwari survived, I’m sure the attacker would attack again.” The inspector said whispered the last part.

Aunty and me looked at each other surprisingly

.”So we have planned something.” The inspector uttered.

I looked at him and so did Aunty, what plan could it be? And why did the inspector make the plan?

“I would say the plan after Mr Maheshwari gets discharged but till then I will give you security.” The inspector says.

Aunty nodded but I find something fishy.
The inspector walked away and I looked at Aunty.

“Beta, you go home to Leo and Aleah, I’ll stay here with Lakshya.” Aunty said.

I nodded and I turned to leave but Aunty stopped me by holding my hand, I turned back at her.

“Beta, stay here, I’ll go to Leo and Aleah.” Aunty changed her mind.

I don’t know how to respond, something is surely cooking in her mind, but what could it be? Aunty slowly walked away from here and is heading towards the exit. But the inspector seems fishier than this situation, he. . . He looks familiar.

I heard something break inside the room, I wasted no more time and rushed inside.

Shoot! Did the glass have to break now? Oh gosh, I can’t even sit up peacefully. I was struggling until I felt two hands on my shoulders, pushing me back, I looked up at her.

“Lakshya, what are you doing? You should be resting!” Her voice tingled into my ears, was she scolding or telling?

Her hair touched my face and I closed my eyes.

“Lakshya, why did you take the oxygen mask off?” I could hear the disappointment in her tone of voice.

She had an strong scent, all I could inhale is her, she moved back, standing straight and I slowly opened my eyes, looking at her. Who is she? And she’s so beautiful, I feel like I’m visualising a Greek-Goddess before me. But it’s not, its reality, she’s standing in front of me and seemed to have trapped me with her magical scent and heavenly beauty.

“Lakshya?!” She snapped me out of my desire land, full of her.

“Um. . . Who are you?” The only few words that came out of my mouth. I know it’s awkward but if she knows me then I should know her too, I can’t wait to hear her name from her beddable lips.

“Rag. . .” She uttered but stopped.


“Ragini.” She completed.

Ragini. . . It sounds beautiful as she softly said it. It sounds familiar. But how stupid am I? It’s obvious it would sound familiar if we knew each other and I forgot, she even called me Lakshya, so that means I am Lakshya.

“Nice to meet you Ragini.” I uttered with a faint smile.

This girl has something in her which draws me towards her but I’m not sure what exactly it is, she blinked at me with her chocolate brown eyes which turned moist. I was surprised with that sudden move, is she happy or sad?

“Ragini? What happened?” I asked concernedly.

She shook her head negatively and turned to leave but I grabbed her hand to stop her. She turned with a smile. What is happening? She was upset and now happy. But upon seeing her smile, all the questions vanished.
Killer: 123

“You killed my husband, didn’t you?!” She shouted.

I looked away, seeming uninterested, yes I killed him, so what?

“And you even tried killing Lakshya?!” Mrs Annapurna Maheshwari queried in her high pitch tone.

“Yes! I killed your husband and did Lakshya’s accident!” I revealed as I did.

“How could you?! Don’t you have any shame?!” She shouted.

Oh gosh, she started her lectures again! I’m not fond on hearing her. She would obviously side Durga Prasad Maheshwari and her son Lakshya.

“You know what! End me as well and kissa khatam but please spare Lakshya!” She uttered as she picked the gun up from the table and placed the end on to the side of her head.

I was shocked, she can’t kill her-self, no ways I would let her kill her-self.

She was about to pull the trigger, “Maa!” I shouted and she stopped. The gun fell out of her hand and I instantly picked it up.

“Maa?” She chuckled through her pain.

Yes, this woman is my mother and unfortunately, Durga Prasad Maheshwari is my father and Lakshya is my brother.

“Why did you do that? Why?! Have you forgotten the love he gave you?!”

“Oh please! Don’t you even dare! Have you forgotten who he showered his love on the most? Have you forgotten who he disowned? Have you forgotten how he cheated me?! Have you forgotten how he killed my love?! Have you forgotten how he destroyed my life?! Have you forgotten how he got me arrested?! Where’s the love in all this? All I received is deception and betrayal!” I shouted, venting all my anger out that I had hidden for all those years.

This is true, Durga Prasad Maheshwari ruined my life. He is a black spot on the name of a father, which father breaks all the duties and discriminates? He merely hurt me through most of my times, each time I would need a hand to hold me, he would always leave it, each time I need someone to guide me, he would leave me on my own, each time I do something worth being appreciated, he would taunt me and which father would get one of his son arrested to save the other one?! Which father would force his son’s life to commit suicide? Which father would label his son’s child illegitimate and distance it away from him. It’s disgustingly true how he accepted Lakshyas children! They’re also illegitimate! Why did he always show unfairness with me?!

I felt my cheek sting as Maa had slapped me. That’s what she would do, after all she fully belongs to him! I lost my cool and glared at her.

“Every time this happens to me! You all see I’m in wrong shoes but no one sees what that man does! I respected him but he lost that respect after promising me and then breaking it! He promised me that he wouldn’t let me get sold but guess what! He sent me to jail for something I didn’t even do and 4 years Maa! 4 years I had to suffer because of him and the reason is absolutely low! He sent me jail so that he could get his property back! I begged and cried for my innocence but it went to vain because that heartless man didn’t even bother caring! After getting released I met a girl and fell in love with her, we also decided to marry but no, again he had a problem with her, he killed her Maa he killed her! He forced her to commit suicide by insulting her lineage, he separated me from her forever! Then he sent me to the mental asylum after I started quarrelling with him for my love and then he sent me to the asylum saying I’m gone mental and I need treatment! 6 years Maa! 6 years I suffered and now, what made you think I would spare him?! I disowned myself to be a Maheshwari! I don’t belong to that lineage anymore and I don’t want this type of cruel lineage, I’m happy by my first name itself! He made me for that property, didn’t he? Now I will distribute the property to beggars!”

I left as soon as I said that.

I could see a glimpse of Lakshya, the same Lakshya I used to know 9 years ago, after talking to him, I’m somewhat glad he forgot his memory, I was sad because I broke my promise but was happy that he broke it too. I know it’s weird but it’s cool. He seems much more carefree rather than an angry Lucky. Talking to him now is more worth it, last time it was like talking to a rotten rock. He is much kind and different.
The way he looks at me and talks to me makes me feel happy. His flirting behaviour makes me laugh too.

“So Ragini, have you ever had your first kiss?” He asked.

“No.” I replied.

“I must’ve had a lot, after all I look hot.”

I chuckled and he smiled.

“What? It has to be true.” He confidently said.

“Maybe.” I responded as I didn’t know much about that, god knows what he has been doing in these 9 years.

“Well Ragini, how do we know each other?” He asked and this time seems curious to know.

I don’t know if I should tell him the truth, if I tell him the truth then would he start hating me again?

“Ragini?” He snapped me out of my thoughts.

“We. . . We were friends.” I uttered.

“Were?” He questioned.

I might as well tell him the truth.

“Well, we were friends since childhood, then we speedster after promising one another that we would stay together and never go against each other, after that I left all of a sudden without telling you and when I came back after 9 years, you vowed to be hate me.” I revealed.

He looked at me in surprise.

“Did that happen?” He asked.

I nodded.

“Did I do that?” He disbelievingly asked and looked down to think.

“But why would I do that? How can I say I hate you to you? Was I blind?” He asked and sighed.

I was slightly confused with what he was trying to say.

“I’m glad I suffered from a memory loss, or I would’ve been rude with you right?” He looked at me and I looked at him.

His dark brown eyes captured my eyes and locked it with his. I could see tenderness and something else glimpsing from his eyes.
Killer: 123

I walked inside a chamber and there he was, tied on the chair. I walked inside with a proud smile and stood in front of him, splashing the water onto his face.

“A. . . Adarsh?” He uttered.

Yes me, I’m Adarsh! The unfortunate and ill treated son of Durga Prasad Maheshwari.

“Now you will see the destruction with your own eyes!” I shouted sternly.

That person was none other than him, Durga Prasad Maheshwari. I had shot him that day but I’m not that heartless to actually murder him, I want him to see his destruction and that will murder him from the inside, I can’t forget that he’s somewhat the reason why I’m in this world because without him, I wouldn’t make my way here, so due to that, my values didn’t allow me to kill him. As soon as he went blank, I felt guilty so I rushed him to the hospital and got him treated. That dead body wasn’t his, it was another man who I dressed up as Durga Prasad Maheshwari and adorned the mask of his. I just found that man on the streets so I decided to do that and the reason was property. I’m not also heartless to kill my brother, Lakshya did nothing wrong with me, at first I was adamant on destroying their lineage but someone reminded me that I also belong from the same lineage. That person was Parineeta, my love and my life, one day, she came into my dreams, telling me about peace, family and blood. She said these lot are my family and I should forgive them for her, she gave me the sake of her. So I decided to save Durga Prasad the day I shot him. But I had to kidnap him and hide him, I had to get Lakshya’s accident done so that the property would transfer into my name and I could donate it away but I also sent a man to help him two minutes after the accident. This property separated me from everyone and now I will separate this property from him and that would be my revenge completed.

“Watch how you will lose your property!” I smirked and waved the papers in front of him.

“No! You can’t do that!” He said.

“I”ve already done that auspicious work!”

He was stunned and I was happy, I had already transferred the property on my name and now gave it away to the beggars on the street, what could he more humiliating and heartbreaking thing for him other than this?

“How could you Adarsh!” He shouted with full anger.

“With the help of you! Thank you for getting shot and being kidnapped! My revenge is complete! Let the mansion get auctioned and then you will be free from here!” I fiercely pronounced and walked away.

“You don’t know how hard I had to work for this!” He shouted but as usual, I ignored his nonsense.

I signalled one of my men to look out for him, he nodded and I walked out of our old factory that is located into the jungle. I saw and know how ‘hard’ he worked for the property, by sending me jail?! It was his partner who got caught while bringing drugs to Kolkata but who got framed? Me! Who would stoop so low? Just for a property paper that his partner had got signed in Singapore from our late Dadaji, he sent me jail!

I sighed and started driving towards the orphanage as I already transferred half of the property to the beggars that live outside the temple. After this work, I will be gone, out of their lives, I don’t want the money or property. I just want to leave to Ooty and settle there, alone and with memories.

I can’t believe I hated Ragini for leaving me, but I can’t can I? Maybe the situation that time was against her, that’s why I started hating her but now, I’m happy I suffered from a memory loss. She’s too kind and beautiful, talking to her is simply what makes me happy, I feel happier than before. I would want to listen to her talk without any objection, but she talks a little less. The doctor walks inside with her.

The doctor approached me and started examining me.

“Hmm, he seemed to have a lot of energy in him but I would recommend him to stay here for 2 days.” The doctor says.

What? 2 days in the hospital?! May god bless me. Ragini agreed and the doctor walked out with a pleasant smile.

I don’t know what is happening to me, she has bind me into her beauty and wrapped me within her chocolate brown eyes. My eyes just don’t seem to get off her face, she turned to me.

“Do you want anything to eat or drink?” I nodded.

She raised her eye brows to ask what, she looked cute when she did that.

I signed her to come forward, she walked forward and I softly said “Vodka”
She widened her eyes at me and then narrowed them confusingly, I chuckled at her expression.

“Sorry, you can’t get Vodka here.” She uttered and looked away.

“Just one Shot.” I responded.

She nodded in disagreement.

“You’re not in the condition to drink it.”

“Why not? One small shot won’t harm anything.”

“No! And don’t repeat it because I’m not going to listen!” She uttered and faked a smile.

I sighed a smile.

“Then what was the point of asking?”

“Made a mistake, won’t repeat it.” She said and turned to leave but I held her hand and pulled her towards me.

She seems to get annoyed easily, her chest hit mine and her cheek touched mine, I could feel her warm breath on my right ear while her hair was covering my face. Her jawline was a inch beneath my nostrils. I could sense another feeling in me. I placed my hand on her back and the other on her waist, making it seem like we’re hugging but I could feel her shivers that she perceived when I touched her.
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